Creating A Bohemian Bedroom: Ideas & Inspiration

Eclecticism, different, mixing and matching, romance, whimsy, worldly, cultures. These are all worlds that describe the bohemian lifestyle. Dressing your home to fit these measurements is anything but boring. It’s  fashion-forward, relaxed, cozy and very, very stylish genre of decorating.

CasaConsuelo bohemian bedroom

And we’re here to provide you some ideas and inspiration to get you started on your journey to a bohemian-flavored bedroom, just like we did when we gave you some hints to start sprinkle that boho essence around your entire house. Have fun with beads, scarves, patterns and prints, colorful palettes mixed with soft tones and lots of nature-inspired accessories.

1. Out-of-the-Box Wall Prints.

CasaConsuelo bohemian bedroom

During your thrifting adventures or as you browse the sale aisle of your favorite department stores, check out the artwork. A quick way to add some eclecticism to your  bedroom is to create a wall collage of unique wall prints that don’t necessarily go together. It’s funky, it’s different and it adds a bunch of interest and personality to the space.

2. Mixing up Decor Genres.

CasaConsuelo bohemian bedroom

One of my favorite parts of the boho vibes is the mixture of everything you like from every genre of decor. You can have a headboard that scream Victorian times, a chandelier for a luxurious feel and nightstands that are as sleek and posh as a hotel in NYC all in one room with just as much style and thrill as a bedroom designed specifically with one vision in mind.

3. Free Bedding.

CasaConsuelo bohemian bedroom

You don’t necessarily have to have a typical bed with a headboard, boxspring and mattress. Instead you can create your own bedding from mattresses, pillows and palettes. Make your bed in the corner of the room and allow it to breathe that free-spirit feel into the room. Pile on fun blankets and pillows with no rhyme or reason, just have comfort in mind.

4. Use all colors.

CasaConsuelo bohemian bedroom

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors that aren’t classic combos. But don’t be afraid to use the absence of colors either. Bohemian style works no matter the palette. Instead bohemian style comes from the mixing, matching, pairing and combining of different textures and ideas.

5. Warm Lighting.

CasaConsuelo bohemian bedroom

Bohemian flair is all about warmth and invitation. It’s free flowing and welcoming, so you need lighting that makes you feel comfortable every morning and every night. Make sure your able to open your curtains to let the natural light in, add a chandelier for softer shine or even some dimmers to add to the romance of a boho room.

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