15 Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes. If you are lucky enough to have your own washer and dryer, they can be stored anywhere from a small closet to a whole room. No matter what size you have, there are lots of laundry room ideas to encourage you to make your even your laundry room a beautiful space. But no matter what color you paint it or what pattern of tile you choose, the laundry room will never be a pleasant space unless it is well organized. So once you’ve finished spring cleaning, take a break to scroll through these 15 ways to organize your laundry room and create a plan for how to tackle yours.

Blue wallpaper for laundry roomView in gallery

Floating shelves are a super simple and basically instant storage solution for any space. Install one above your appliances to hold all your laundry necessities within an easy reach that isn’t the top of your dryer. (via Pencil Shavings Studio)

Laundry room rolling cart for storageView in gallery

Are your washer and dryer stuffed into a closet or a small nook? Use the space in between the appliances for a rolling cart that will easily stash all your bottles and boxes out of sight. (via A Pumpkin And A Princess)

Launry room shelf basketsView in gallery

When you have ever growing kids, there is some debate about who’s socks are who’s and who that shirt belongs to. Solve the problem by creating shelves for their laundry baskets so their clothes no longer get mixed up. (via BHG)

Laundry room glass organizersView in gallery

Some laundry necessities are quite pretty to look at and usually smell like lavender or fresh cotton. Store them in glass jars that will create the happiest laundry display you’ve ever seen. (via Mountain Modern Life)

Laundry walkway cabinet storageView in gallery

Does your washer and dryer create an eyesore in your walkthrough mudroom? Surround them with laundry room cabinets so the appliances don’t stick out and you gain loads of hidden storage. (via HGTV)

Laundry room counter curtainView in gallery

There are just some things that need to be hidden away from view and heaping laundry baskets is one of them. Using a countertop curtain to create a hidden nook for those baskets will help keep them out of sight. (via BHG)

Launry room appliance countertopView in gallery

Speaking of countertops, installing one over the top of your front loading appliances can create a smooth and tidy look in your laundry room. Plus it makes folding easy as pie. (via Ideas At The House)

Laundry between cabinets rodView in gallery

Whether you mainly air dry your clothes or just need a place to hang up shirts right out of the dryer, it’s a good idea to have a rod available for hanging things. Mount yours in between two cabinets to use a wall of space for storage. (via Twelve On Main)

Laundry Room behind the door storageView in gallery

Trying to use your laundry room for cleaning storage as well as laundry needs? Hang a rack behind the door to use even the tiniest spaces to your advantage. (via I Heart Organizing)

Hidding laundry storage spaceView in gallery

Ironing boards are a whole new ball game when it comes to storage. But a slim cabinet on the wall of your laundry room can easily house all your ironing needs in one place and therefore save your ironing sanity. (via Batchelorsway)

Laundry room butlers pantryView in gallery

When your laundry room is a large space, it can be hard to decide what storage method will work the best. Try designing a butler’s pantry type style that will give your storage space fashion as well as function.

Launry room appliance doorsView in gallery

There are not many homeowner hardships greater than having hand-me-down appliances you dislike. But you can solve the issue in your laundry room by putting your washer and dryer in cabinets. Just shut the doors and you don’t have to look at the eyesores. (via BHG)

Frosted labeled laundry cabinetsView in gallery

Don’t we all wish we had cabinets as lovely as these? The frosted glass hides the clutter while still making the room seem open and airy.

Roll away laundry basketsView in gallery

If you’re the envy of all of us and have extra drawer space in your laundry room, why not turn them into laundry basket drawers like these? It will make sorting the whites, the darks and the colors all the easier for your family. (via Sunny Side Up)

Launry room labeled organizersView in gallery

Whether you have the funds for a major organization project or not, you can at least label. Use the chalkboard stickers to label your baskets and boxes and bins and you will instantly seem more organized. (via The Happy Housie)