Mid-Century Modern Dressers For Delightful Interior Decor

Mid-century modern dressers are simple and natural. As for decor items, they’re straightforward and no-nonsense.

With mid-century furniture, their clean lines make them ideal for makeovers. For example, you can take a mid-century modern dresser and transform it according to your needs. 

A wooden dresser adheres to the mid century aesthetic.

“The bright colors, the textures, the fun designs. I love the optimism and forward thinking that “modern” or “space age” furnishings signified at the time. The lines are clean, simple, and uncluttered. Some call it utilitarian, I call it timeless. The woods used, mostly walnut and teak, are naturally beautiful and durable,”

said professional designer Bob Kennedy.

Stylish DIY Mid Century Modern Dressers For 2022

The following examples illustrate the power of DIY decor. Each piece represents the best mid century modern dresser designs.

Bedroom Dresser

Mid-Century Modern Dressers

In this example, the wood dresser was given a bold geometric makeover. The top drawers were transformed using tape and three different colors of paint. The result is a simple but eye-catching look.

Mid Century Dressers

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Create free form lines to achieve a unique design. You can draw anything you want on your mid-century modern dresser so it matches your interior décor.

Bedroom Dresser

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This is a perfect example of how engineered wood is applied to mid century furniture design. A solid pine wood dresser is the epitome of mid century design.

Engineered Wood Decor

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Paint and color can truly transform a dresser. For example, this one went from having a stained wood finish to being chic with its mantis green front and white frame. The hardware and the feet were painted with metallic copper spray paint.  (visualheart).

Solid Pine Wood Dresser

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White is often the color of choice for a dresser makeover. Despite a simple and neutral color, the dresser makes a commanding statement. 

For example, only one portion of this dresser was painted white, and the bottom drawer and a portion of the one above it were left untouched.  {theweathereddoor}.

Natural Finish Dresser

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Here we have an example of a dresser with three drawers in a three vertical row system. With a natural finish, you’ll get a lighter wood hue. 

Stained Finish

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This is what a stained finish can do for a dresser. The design, with three drawers stretching from one side to the other, is a common mid-century style.

You’ll notice the white paint trim frames the dresser white most of it was kept untouched. The contrast and the lines are chic and the white trim gives the dresser a modern vibe without necessarily influencing its overall aspect. {theweathereddoor}.

Traditional Deep Drawers

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An easier option would be to paint the dresser white. You can also choose to make other changes to its design. For example, you can add some stylish wooden feet to the dresser to lift it off the floor. 

Ample Storage 

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A mid century chest of drawers, like this example, would not be a stylish bedroom addition and provide ample storage for a bedroom. With bedroom furniture, the mid century aesthetic keeps it simple. 

DIY Bedroom Dresser

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A dresser like this example would be ideal in a child’s room. Experiment with tape and colored paint and give the dresser a cute new look. 

Mid-Century Modern Console

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If you want elegant and classy decor, consider staining the dresser instead of painting it. You can give the dresser a finish without hiding the wood grain and texture.

Reverse Makeover

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Consider the situation in reverse. When we say the reverse, what we mean is your dresser should have a mid century vibe. If you can’t find a mid-century dresser that adheres to your living space design, then it will be time to roll up your sleeves, break out the elbow grease, and get your DIY skills warmed up. 

Your first priority will be to give your dresser the look it deserves. Remember, once you’ve reached this stage in the interior decor process, it’s just you and your instincts. Treat the experience as if it was a test. It will be up to you to create a mid-century dresser, so you’ll need the proper tools and finishes.

You’ll find a dresser at Ikea. After you’ve taken it home and prepared your work area, apply your DIY creative skills. Sand the dresser and stain it. If you prefer, give your new mid-century dresser a rustic paint job. Before you begin, decide on the direction you need to take and stay on course. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Best DIY Cleaner For Wood Dressers?

Mineral spirits will clean your wood dresser better than any solution. Before you start, wipe your dresser with a clean, dry towel. Next, dampen a cloth with mineral spirits and wipe your entire dresser clean. For the last step, wipe your dresser again with a clean, dry towel. Do not leave your wooden dresser exposed to natural sunlight. 

How Much Does A Mid Century Walnut Dresser Cost?

Walnut dressers can cost as little as $50 or as much as $5,000 or more. For example, a mid-century walnut sculptural dresser made with solid hand-crafted walnut veneer would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500.

Why Is Engineered Wood So Popular With Mid Century Dressers?

Engineered wood veneer offers the best mid-century look. It’s stylish, light, and water-resistant. If you have children, the wood will not become damaged as it’s long lasting.

Mid-Century Modern Dresser Conclusion

Do not underestimate bedroom dressers. Among mid century decor, the chest of drawers is the most common bedroom furniture. If you want a retro look or a modern take on a style, start with a dresser.

One thing about a dresser is not only can it be the perfect piece, but often it’s an excellent addition to an empty room. Start your interior decor plan with a solid pine wood piece and watch what happens.