Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas Focused Around Simplicity

Christmas is just around the corner so there’s not really that much time left to get everything ready. When you put everything on a list, there’s a lot to be done so it’s best to start a bit earlier and to gradually find new ideas and add to your lovely farmhouse Christmas decor which, by the way, is a wonderful theme.

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Farmhouse decor in general is cozy and welcoming and the focus on simplicity, natural materials, colors and finishes makes it very approachable.

How to decorate the Christmas tree farmhouse-style

How to decorate the Christmas tree farmhouse-styleView in gallery

There aren’t any specific rules that you should follow if you want to have a farmhouse Christmas tree this year. As a general idea just follow the guidelines of farmhouse style in general which say you should use light colors and neutrals, simple and natural materials and to put an emphasis on texture.

There’s a few other things you can do to make your farmhouse Christmas tree special such as swapping the usual star at the top with something a bit more rustic and natural-looking. Also, pick string lights that give off a warm glow instead of the multi-colored and very flashy kind.

Another cool idea is to give the tree a full and fluffed-up look by including all sorts of decorations like faux flowers, garlands and so on. Of course, the tree itself should fit the style in the first place. For more cool and inspiring ideas, check out this tutorial shared by Laura Beverlin.

What colors to use in a farmhouse Christmas décor?

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Before you actually start picking out the decorations and ornaments for this Christmas you should settle on a style. Assuming you want a farmhouse Christmas this year given that you’re reading this, let’s talk a bit about color.

The farmhouse style in general is defined by simple colors that are found in nature, predominantly the earthy tones like beige, taupe, brown, some greys and whites and a bit of terracotta too. You can mix and match these easily as they complement each other really well.

Since it’s Christmas you probably also want your décor to look fun and festive and that basically asks for an accent color or two. In this case focus on warm nuances like reds to bring out the beauty in your décor and to emphasize a few focal points without them looking out of place.

How do you make farmhouse ornaments?

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The farmhouse style goes hand in hand with anything handcrafted and with DIY projects in general, especially when it comes to decorations. Also, just like the lovely tutorial created by the Designed to the Nines channel shows, farmhouse Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive.

You can make these beautiful ornaments using inexpensive items and supplies from the Dollar Tree store. They’re such a lovely way to personalize and to customize your Christmas décor and to truly make it your own.

Is farmhouse going out of style?

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The farmhouse style is based on a solid foundation of timeless elements such as natural materials, soft neutral colors and a cozy and homely vibe. These never really go out of style although they may slightly change appearance next year and in the future.

The soft and earthy neutrals that are such a staple of the farmhouse style are still going to be around but in a slightly different form. For example, the basic whitewashed wood and gray hues are being replaced by honey hues which are still very much farmhouse.

The modern farmhouse style is already popular. Its popularity is increasing even more as more and more designers and home owners are transitioning towards new and contemporary materials and finishes but keeping the overall farmhouse vibe in mind.

Another staple of the farmhouse style is the presence of metallic accents. Right now however we’re seeing a preference for stylish gold and silver finishes instead of the more traditional black or bronze ones. At the same time, the emphasis on texture remains there and that’s one of the most important aspects of a great farmhouse décor.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Christmas table centerpiece

Farmhouse Christmas table centerpieceView in gallery

Still in need of a centerpiece for your dining table this Christmas? How about a farmhouse-inspired one that makes use of recycled and inexpensive items? You can make this snowy tree centerpiece from a recycled tin can, some fresh foliage (perhaps clippings from your Christmas tree), a few pinecones and some burlap. Check out the tutorial on apieceofrainbow for more details.

Mini burlap ribbon trees

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You can make these miniature ribbon trees in addition to your regular-sized Christmas tree or as an alternative to it. Either way, they’re really cute and easy to make. All you need is some green burlap ribbon with wire, a dowel, a piece of cardboard, glue and styrofoam blocks for the bases. You can decorate the bases with more ribbon or using something else. There’s a complete tutorial on thegirlcreative.

Cinnamon-wrapped candles

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What’s Christmas without the lovely scent of cinnamon? In that spirit, you might like to put a few of these candles around the house and make it smell absolutely delicious. They’re really easy to make and the whole idea is to wrap a bunch of cinnamon sticks around a pillar candle, holding them in place with some twine or ribbon or anything else you can find. Add a bit of greenery too for contrast. Check out the original post about this by @100affections for more details.

A post for hanging stockings

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Don’t have a fireplace with a mantel to hang stockings from on Christmas Eve? That’s ok because you don’t really need one. If you have a wooden fence post you can actually make a really cute farmhouse-style stocking post. There’s a tutorial for it on shadesofblueinteriors if you’re interested.

Mason jar luminaries

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Candles on their own make pretty nice decorations but they look even better as luminaries. Making these farmhouse luminaries is very easy and you only need a few simple materials like some empty glass jars, a few pine cones, salt and snowy paint plus of course a pillar candle for each one. You can also wrap some twine around the mouth of each jar if you want. Check out craftsbyamanda foe extra details.

Wine bottle centerpieces

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Turning empty wine bottles into table centerpieces is one of the most farmhouse Christmas décor projects you can make. It’s also one of the easiest ones. All you need is a few empty bottles, candle sticks and some greenery. It’s all explained in detail on lilyardor.

Dried orange garland

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Dried orange slices are really great if you want to make your own farmhouse-style Christmas ornaments or decorations. You can turn them into tree ornaments or add them to an evergreen garland, just like it was done on thegingerhome. The garland is such a nice detail for this farmhouse kitchen.

Wood slice ornaments

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These wood slice ornaments would look perfect in a farmhouse Christmas tree. You can make them in various different sizes and colors and give each one a unique look or a cute and festive message. Mix and match a few different ribbon types for the bows and that should give you enough diversity. Head over to firstdayofhome if you want the complete tutorial.

Jingle bell door hanger

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Wouldn’t it be cute if you would hear jingle bells every time some came to your home and you opened the front door? Or perhaps you could add a few to a bunch of other rooms throughout the house as well. This jingle bell door hanger is super cute and you can keep it even after Christmas is over. Check out scratchandstitch to see how it’s made.

Christmassy tin can centerpiece

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Want something festive and colorful to put in the middle of the dinner table? How about a Christmassy centerpiece that you’ve made yourself from scratch? Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to do. Like any farmhouse project, it’s a simple process. For this one you need things like a large can, holiday napkins, glue, floral foam, floral sprigs, berries or evergreen clippings, some moss and twine. More details can be found on crayonsandcravings.

Farmhouse Christmas tree with natural decorations

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Let’s start with the obvious, the centerpiece, the focal point of the whole Christmas home decor: the tree. You can expect a farmhouse Christmas tree to be decorated with simple ornaments made of wood or with globes made of rope. Another common way of making this style more prominent is by replacing the usual tree skirt with a more heavy-duty stand/ cover such as the one featured on simplydesigning made out of a galvanized tub.

Console table with a winter Christmas landscape

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In the spirit of a cozy farmhouse Christmas decor, focus on natural and simple-looking decorations, preferably made of wood. You could gather a bunch of these and display them on a console table, creating a lovely winter landscape setup.

Farmhouse Christmas decorations found in nature

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The best decorations for a farmhouse-style Christmas are the things that you can find in nature, such as greenery, pinecones, twigs and other things. Add some cinnamon sticks too for a lovely Christmassy scent.

Fireplace mantel decorated farmhouse-style

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Don’t forget to decorate the mantel. Perhaps you’d like to make a greenery garland and casually hang it and complement it with things like snowy pinecones, cozy knitted Christmas stockings, some candles and maybe also a lovely wooden sign with a themed message.

Something beautiful made from simple and basic items

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You can do a lot of great things with very basic stuff. For example, fill a bucket with a few big tree branches or thin trunks, some greenery and a string of battery-operated lights. You can display it at the entryway or in a room corner. Find more charming ideas such as the ones we just showed you on christmasadventures.

A cozy farmhouse Christmas dinner setup

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There’s plenty to plan for the Christmas dinner too. In the spirit of a farmhouse decor, use wood slice chargers and make a centerpiece using greens and candles. You can skip the tablecloth and runner and just let the lovely wooden table top stand out. You can check out laurenmcbride for more inspiring tablescape tips and ideas.

Christmas stockings and a faux mantel

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There’s plenty more you can do to make the dining room look festive apart from decorating the table. you can even put the Christmas tree in here if there’s enough room. You can also hang some Christmas stockings, even if there’s no fireplace in the room. Be inventive and improvise. You can always check out therusticpig if you need more inspiration with your farmhouse Christmas decor.

A festive front porch and a welcoming entryway

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The porch could use a festive makeover too. How about these lovely wood box planters that hold mini Christmas trees? They sure look charming and they’re just what a porch needs to look more welcoming around Christmas. Find out more about these planter boxes on lizmarieblog.

All the cute and cozy things you can put around the mantel

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Fireplaces and mantels have the cozy look that farmhouse Christmas decor needs in order to feel authentic. There’s a lot you can do to turn this particular area into a focal point for the entire home. You can find a bunch of lovely ideas on worthingcourt which include cute pom-pom garlands, mini wreaths, candle luminaries and other such things.

Tiny Christmas tree for a cozy farmhouse vibe

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It’s enough a few inherently cozy elements with something Christmassy to get a perfect farmhouse-style decor. For instance, place a few knitted accent pillows next to a mini Christmas tree and you’ll instantly change the ambiance in the room. Find more inspiring ideas like this one on farmhouseonboone.

Mix and match decorations for a bit of eclectic charm

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There’s no need for big and eye-catching decorations to make a home look festive and welcoming. In fact, you’d have better chances with small individual decorations and ornaments because you can mix and match them however you want.

Wooden Noel featuring a Green wreath

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Use a Christmas wreath in a creative way to make a custom display using wood or cardboard letters. For example, you could make a charming NOEL sign. If you’re not particularly font of french terms, perhaps you’d prefer a JOY sign instead.

Put the tree inside a wooden planter for instant farmhouse charm

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An easy way to instantly give your Christmas tree a farmhouse or rustic allure is if you put it inside a big wooden planter. You’ll be able to conceal the stand and you’ll no longer need a tree skirt.

Set up a faux fireplace with a mantel

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You don’t really need an actual functioning fireplace to benefit from the warm and cozy ambiance it’s known to create. A faux fireplace can work just fine. You can decorate the mantel with Christmas stockings and garlands and you can use the gap as a shallow storage nook for neatly stacked wood logs.

Simple, light colors for a Scandinavian vibe

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Since you’re planning a farmhouse Christmas decor, perhaps you’d like to try something with a bit of Scandinavian inspiration. Focus on a light color theme with plenty of whites and neutrals as well as some wood accent.

A festive and inviting entryway with casual decorations

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The entryway could use your attention too. Make this space look festive and welcoming by casually hanging wreaths and other ornaments on the already existing hooks. A tiny tree could sit in the corner or by the bench, bringing the scent of Christmas into your home.

The power of a simple Christmas wreath

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Wreaths are perhaps the most versatile Christmas decoration of all. A simple green wreath like the one featured on blesserhouse could look beautiful just about anywhere. Hang it on the front door, a window, a wall or use it to decorate your entryway mail station.

Make the stairs look festive for Christmas

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It’s amazing how much you can do with greenery, especially when it’s a farmhouse Christmas decor that you have in mind. You can make garlands for the mantel, the front door and the staircase railings and wreaths which you can casually hang pretty much anywhere you want. This foyer featured n blesserhouse is a good source of inspiration in this sense.

Focus on simple and natural colors and materials

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Another possible strategy when decorating your home for Christmas is to stay away from all the colorful ornaments and to use a more neutral and simple chromatic palette instead. Sure, you can squeeze a little bit of color in, like this lovely rose gold Christmas wreath ornament from simplycozycharm but for the most part try to keep things neutral.

A farmhouse Christmas décor with a hint of color

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Apart from all the classy neutrals such as white, beige and gray, a farmhouse Christmas decor also needs an actual accent color, otherwise it risks being boring. Of course, you’ll have a green Christmas tree which will break the monotony but perhaps you’d like to add another less conventional color to the mix. This serene light blue featured on findinglovely seems like an exquisite option.

A cohesive farmhouse décor for the whole house

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It’s important to remember to look at the big picture and to focus not just on each individual Christmas decoration but also on the way in which they all interact with each other. This way you can better customize not just the decor but also the ambiance. Find inspiration and ideas on placeofmytaste.

Christmas lights for a bit of sparkle

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Battery-operated Christmas lights are very versatile and can be used in a lot of awesome ways, not just now but all year round. If you’d like some seasonal farmhouse decor ideas that include the use of Christmas lights, check out craftberrybush.

Vintage ladder as a farmhouse décor centerpiece

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One of the most inspiring farmhouse Christmas decors ideas we found this year comes from ribbonsandglue. The piece of resistance is a vintage ladder. It’s the perfect support for all these Christmas-themed ornaments.

A wood clock advent calendar above the mantel

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Another awesome idea comes from thriftyandchic. That’s where we first saw this wood clock Christmas advent calendar. Actually it’s not just this decoration that looks charming but the entire setup. There’s something very peaceful and classy about it.

Old window frame turned into farmhouse décor accent

Old window frame turned into farmhouse décor accentView in gallery

There’s a lot of inspiration to be found on lovegrowswild. Check out these mini Christmas tree centerpieces, the nutcrackers, the candlesticks and especially those wreaths on the wall in the background. It all adds up to a perfect farmhouse dinner table setup and a warm and welcoming overall ambiance.