You’ll Definitely Want to Jump on These Home Decor Trends for 2022

It’s that time of year again and we don’t mean holiday season — we’re talking about the end of the year and a time to look ahead to what home decor trends for 2022 will dominate the design world.

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You’ll want to take note because come January, as the holiday decorations and accessories are being packed away, living spaces may seem a little tired and in need of an update.

We’ve got all the home decor trends for 2022 that designers predict will dominate the scene.

Get a Jump on These Home Decor Trends for 2022

Go Green

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Image from Abitare Design Studio, LLC

Designers are showing a lot of green for interiors and the paint companies are making shades of green their picks for 2022 as well. Green can be an easy color to incorporate because there are so many shades to choose from. Of course, you don’t need to completely redo everything in a room to add green, especially if it’s in a largely neutral palette. Just painting the walls or swapping out bedding can make a real transformation.

Neutral Shades Endure

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And speaking of neutral palettes, they are definitely not going away. In fact, neutrals have become a classic choice for any room of the home. Part of their beauty is that they can easily be update and pops of color — seasonal or otherwise — are a cinch to incorporate. Besides, as we all look for a more relaxing mood at home, neutrals check all the boxes.

Minimalism is now Classic

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Image from Cornerstone Architects

Minimalism has now taken a seat at the top of the list of classic looks. Our desires for a pared-down, organized and easy existence can be fulfilled with a minimalist interior. The lack of clutter and focus on function promote relaxation and less stress, so it’s no wonder this trend endures.

Focus on Nature

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There’s nothing like spending an extended amount of time indoors to increasingly draw people toward nature. One of the main home decor trends for 2022 is to bring more nature into the home and this entryway is a fabulous example. Not only is it in shades of green — another 2022 decor trend — but it incorporates live plants as well as stylized ones, along with a variety of other natural elements.

Opt for Sustainable Materials

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Sustainability is permeating every business sector so it’s no wonder it’s destined to be one of the home decor trends for 2022. From reclaimed materials to non-toxic paints and sustainable grown wood, elements that are friendly to the environment and even help fight climate change and pollution are in great demand.

Painted Doors and Trim

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Image from Martha O’Hara Interiors

Painting the front door in the perfect color can really ramp up curb appeal, but the same tactic can elevate indoor spaces too. Think about it: the back of your exterior doors is likely white as are the interior doors. Painting the door — and maybe the trim– in a color that complements the room can add dimension and a color detail that makes a huge design difference.

Curves Are in Demand

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Most recent trends have featured clean lines with an angular silhouette for furniture, but one of the biggest home decor trends for 2022 is all about the curves. Softer lines, rounded corners and elegant curves are the defining features for furnishings. The Turner chaise lounge from Arteriors is a great example because it not only has a rounded back but also a gentle curve to the seat.

Look for Textured Textiles

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Varied textures add not only visual appeal — they make us feel cozy and comfortable. Home decor trends for 2022 have us adding textures in textiles wherever we can. Try adding nubby or sculpted rugs, textured throws and throw pillows that incorporate dimension and textural accents.

Glam up With Velvet

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Velvet projects luxury and soft comfort, no matter where you use it. The opulent —  even decadent — feeling that velvet creates is one of the reasons it’s on the list of home decor trends for 2022.  Even one piece like this chair by Kenneth Cobanpue elevates the whole room. (And it’s green!)

Highlight Vintage Pieces

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What’s old is new again — that most certainly holds true for the home decor trends in 2022 because vintage is big! Antiques of all varieties and even some of the heirlooms that grandma has been trying to foist on you can be a trendy addition to a living space. Classic vintage pieces have not only value but great style that blends easily with many styles you may already have in your home.

Light-Colored Flooring

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Light flooring has become super popular in the recent past and for good reason: Lighter colors of flooring or wood can brighten up a dim space or help reflect abundant natural light in a room with lots of windows. Regardless, it is a fresh look that can anchor the decor you create in a room.

Moody, Dark Walls

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Image from Painting Monkey

It’s no wonder that light flooring has become so popular considering that dark and moody colored walls have also gained favor. Dark grays, moody blues and soft black are gaining ground because they can create a cocoon-like atmosphere, especially if you pain the ceiling too. These hues can also look very sophisticated in a living room, dining room or bedroom.

Upgrade the Bar

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A home bars arise an entertaining essential, even if you’re only hosting a few family members. Moreover, bars are starting to figure prominently in the living room now that more entertaining happens at home. If you don’t have a permanent place to feature a bar, there’s always the option of a stylish bar cart or even a small side table like this one that can stand in as a home base for your bar.


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Kitchen surface materials have cycled in popularity but for home decor trends in 2022, marble reigns. Dramatic varieties of this luxe stone are the next wave because it adds stylish drama to the kitchen, bathroom or even living room. Be prepared to see more marble in the coming year.

No More All-White Kitchens

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Designers have been done with the all-white kitchen for a while now and finally, the market is catching up. Not only are colorful kitchens like this blue one among the home decor trends for 2022, but kitchens with plenty of warm wood are also trending. It makes sense because the kitchen is the hub of every home and these days a warm and cozy vibe is most desirable.

Black Accents

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Image from Tyner Construction Co Inc

Even in a bright and airy — or colorful — space, the judicious use of black can make a big impact and let the other colors really pop. This is why black accents are huge among the home decor trends for 2022, no matter what the style of your home. In a contemporary space like this, the black columns and throw pillows are just enough to make the turquoise elements really stand out.

Multifunctional Spaces

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Image from California Closets

Working from home is destined to remain at least a part-time thing for many people, but not everyone has room for a separate home office. This is why multifunctional spaces make the list of 2022 home decor trends. This space-saving bedroom design with a Murphy bed is ideal for a guest room that also needs to function as an office. 

Zen Interiors

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The desire for spa-like interiors that promote a Zen mindset are another one of the home decor trends for 2022, and nowhere is this more prominent than in bathroom design. Anything that you can do to freshen your bathroom and make it feel like a relaxing spa is a good investment. This also holds true for other spaces like the master bedroom.

Upgraded Outdoor Rooms

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In 2020, many people started to upgrade their outdoor spaces and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, if you have an outdoor room, making upgrades with regard to comfort as well as style are big trends for 2022. Adding stylish decor including art and accessories brings these spaces to a whole new level of chic.

More Formality

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Image from WUNDERGROUND architecture + design

While fashion may have shifted to a more casual norm, it seems that home decor trends are going the opposite way. In fact, home decor trends for 2022 are focusing on more formality, such as separate dining rooms and formal living rooms. The extended pandemic period at home has heightened the value of separate spaces for privacy and entertainment and slowed down the clamor for open-plan living spaces.

Plenty of Color and Pattern

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After years of neutral minimalist interiors, some people have had enough and are looking for a more maximalist vibe. This is why more energetic prints and patterns are also trending for 2002. Think mixed patterns and vivid hues mixed together. It’s much like the pattern mixing that’s been dominating the fashion scene in the past couple of years. 

DIY Accents

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Image from Janna Makaeva/Cutting Edge Stencils

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that DIY has been big for quite some time. Now, however, DIY accents have made the list of home decor trends for 2022. Your handiwork not only saves money and indulges your creativity, but it also adds a personal and very special touch to a room, like these painted yellow wall frames.


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Image from Featured Edits Furniture

It’s a totally new kind of fusion: The functional aesthetics of Japanese design and the modern lines typical of Scandinavian style. Japandi brings together the best features of both styles in a home decor trend for 2022 that really fits the vibe of the times. This style also hits on a number of other trends we’ve listed, such as nature, neutral palette, sustainability and minimalism.

Global Elements

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Travel has been limited which may be why we are embracing global elements as one of the home decor trends for 2022. Adding accents and furnishings that bring with them the exotic flair of another culture is a great way to incorporate fresh design features in your home. Including some global pieces in your decor can also evoke memories of former travels or fuel dreams of future trips.

So there you have them —  a couple dozen of the home decor trends for 2022 that we’ll all be seeing. Maybe you already have some of these in your home or maybe a few are the ideal things to incorporate next year to make your home even more stylish.