The Art Of Recycling Old Doors Into Stylish Tables

Each time you get a new door for your home you end up with an old one that just seems to take up space, waiting to be thrown away. But, as always, there are alternatives. You can choose to re-use that old door. One of the things you can do with it is a table. It can be a coffee table or even a dining table, depending on the type of door and its dimensions, style and everything else.


If you want to make a coffee table, you’ll most likely have to cut the door into pieces. You’ll need a circular saw for this part. Other supplies you’ll need include a drill, wood glue, polyurethane sealer, screws, casters and some wood boards. You can check out thissortaoldlife for detailed instructions related to the project and this whole transformation. The door has to be cut into three pieces which will become the top and the sides of the table. The wood boards will be used for the bottom, to which you attach four casters.

new coffee table from old door

You could also use the entire door to make a larger top for the coffee table, if its proportions are good for your living space. You can see such a transformation on imperfecthomemaking. To do something similar, you’re going to need a frame for the table or to make one using four legs cut to size and some wood boards. You can have the top and the bottom painted different colors for a nice contrast.

coffee table with storage from an old door

If you prefer a smaller coffee table, you can always just cut the door and make the top as big as you want. A nice idea can be to also give the table some storage in the form of some built-in drawers, like shown on rogueengineer. The project requires a saw, a drill, some plywood, base cap moulding, drawer slides, drawer pulls, unfinished furniture feet, screws, nails and some paint or stain.

barn coffee table

Instead of attaching furniture legs or casters to the table, you can adopt a different strategy. For example, you can only use an old table and some large metal wheels. You can put these together to make a shabby chic coffee table which you can then customize however you want with paint.

green old door turned into a coffee table

Coffee tables aren’t your only option. You can also use an old door as a top for a new dining table or even for a desk or console table, depending what your home needs at the moment. In any case, the project is equally simple. You can have the door painted a fresh and vibrant color such as green and then attach four legs to it. You can either choose to leave the hardware on or remove it. Find out more about this idea on joysofhome.

barn door table with glass on top

Each type of door asks for a different strategy if and when you decide to turn it into a table. For example, a barn door will require a glass top in order to get a straight surface to work on. Use this strategy if you want to turn the door into a top for a dining table or for a desk. You can add all sorts of other features to its design, such as storage drawers or casters. {found on cleverlyinspired}.

glass repurposee door into a table

A glass panel door can really stand out as a table top. You should definitely check out the idea suggested on morenascorner. Basically what you need to do is find such an old door and paint the glass panels using glass stain in different colors. You can create any combination of colors you want. After that, just attach the legs. This can be your new focal point for the dining room or for the outdoor deck.

reclaimed wood coffee table

The same type of door can be adjusted and made smaller so it can be used as a top for a square coffee table. You can make a simple frame for the table with a bottom shelf for storage. Leave the glass transparent or paint it.