How To Make A Macrame Plant Hanger

Bohemian fiber art is undergoing a huge resurgence. This includes tapestries, macrame wall hangings and yes, macrame. As someone who experienced the 1970s first-hand, my mother shudders to think about those once-ubiquitous knotted rope hangings becoming fashionable again. But my mother is also the same crafty lady who taught my younger self how to make beaded necklaces and friendship bracelets, so.

Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame is a simple, satisfying craft, and the results are strong and long-lasting. Bring a touch of 1973 into your life with this macrame plant hanger tutorial.

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - Supply List

Materials you’ll need to hang a macrame planter:

  • Jute twine — I had a roll of 75m twine that was 4mm thick, or just over ⅛”
  • Assortment of wooden beads that will fit over 2 strands of twine
  • 4” rattan cane ring
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

How to make a macrame hang planter:

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - Knot Steps

And before we start, these diagrams are your reference for making square knots and half-knots (spiral knots). Half-knots, or spiral knots, are achieved by doing step 1 repeatedly.The knots are incredibly easy once you get the feel for it!

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - Spiral knots

The hanger loop:

1. Cut eight strands of twine, each one 6 metres long. (It’s a lot of string! But once it gets folded and knotted, the volume of string will reduce significantly.) Fold the eight strands in half and tie into a knot, leaving a loop. Tug each strand individually to make sure the knot is nice and tight.

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - Hanger Loop

2. Divide the strands into four sections with four strands each. Loosely tie three of the sections into bundles; it helps to keep them out of the way while you focus on individual strands.

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - Individual Stands

The diamond-shaped neck

1. Mark the cane ring in quarters, then into eighths. This will help with spacing. Take a strand, wrap it around the wicker ring one full time, and then tie in a knot on the inside of the ring, 4” from the base of the big central knot. Repeat with the other four strands, and then all of the others.

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger -diamond shaped neck

2. Take a section of 4 strands and mark a 4” gap on each strand from the rattan ring. Divide the strands into two inner strands and two outer. Make two square knots (refer to the diagram at the start) and set aside. Repeat these steps for the other three sections.

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - Straps

3. Bring two of the square-knotted sections together. Mark two square knots with the center four strands. These are your new sections, which will make up the main straps of the hanger.

Hanger straps

Time to make some knots! It’s easy enough to arrange the pattern of knots and beads however you like, but if you’d like to follow along, this is what I’ve done for each strap:

  • 6 inches of square knots
  • 2 inches unknotted; bead (held in place with a square knot above and below); 2 inches unknotted
  • 6 inches of spiral half-knots
  • 2 inches unknotted; bead (held in place with a square knot above and below); 2 inches unknotted
  • Two square knots to finish off the strap
DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - hanger straps

Repeat for all four straps. While progressing, regularly hold each one up to the others to make sure they’re all lining up with one another. Tip: tape down the loop or the threads to hold them in place while you pull the knots taut.

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - four starps


I made three tiers for the basket, which curve to fit the vessel it holds.

  • 1st tier: Bring two straps together, mark a 5” gap on all the strands. Tie the center four strands in a square knot, thread a bead and hold it in place with another square knot below. Join all four straps in this manner.
  • 2nd tier: Repeat the steps for the 1st tier, but with a 4” gap instead.
  • 3rd tier (the base!): Mark another 4” gap and fold all strands into one single large knot. That’s it!
DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - basket

Trim the hanging strands to your preferred length, throw in a potted plant that fits, and you’re all done!

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - closer basket
DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger - organic materials

Organic materials like fiber add a relaxed, contented vibe to a contemporary space. Your potted plants will love you in their stylish new hangers. (This bright green guy is an Easter cactus, which survives outdoors year-round in a temperate climate and proudly sports large pink flowers in late spring.)

DIY Bohemian Macrame Plant Hanger Project

Have fun and let me know how you go!