DIY Hanging Air Plants – Geometric Style

Air plants are easy to care for, don’t require soil, and can become a great addition to any low maintenance household. This DIY geometric planter looks elegant and simple hanging in clusters, and is easy to make variations just by changing the lengths of the brass tubes. I used ⅛” diameter hollow brass rods and 28 gauge galvanized wire to thread the rods together.

DIY Hanging Air Plants

The first few were made using a simple pentagonal shape but with different lengths for the top half to create a variety of heights and sizes which allows for different sizes of air plants to fit in them as well. For the last one I made a chandelier shape by wiring more tubes that came out the bottom of the same original shape as the others.


DIY Geometric Planters Closer
DIY Geometric Planters Dim

Supplies you’ll need for hanging air plants:

  • ⅛” diameter hollow brass rods
  • 28 gauge galvanized wire
  • tubing cutter (optional)
  • air plant

Step by step building proces:

Step 1: Measure & Cut the Rods

Since we’re using a pentagonal shape, measure 5 of each length you want to use. For example, I measured five 3” rods for the base shape, then five more 3” for the downwards point, and five 5.5” for the top point. You can use a small saw to cut the tubes, but a tubing cutter is much easier. Avoid using wire cutters or pliers for these tubes, because they can pinch the hole shut.

DIY Geometric Planters Measure and cut

Step 2: Thread the Rods with Wire

I threaded the wire through the five 3” rods first to make the base shape of the pentagon. From there I starting making the points in either direction using the corresponding length. By using a thin wire, I was able to thread through the rods multiple times so all the points stay together.

DIY Geometric Planters Rods with wire

Step 3: Add the Air Plant!

Make sure to get one that can fit between the rods. You can spread out the leaves through the different rods as you see fit.

DIY Geometric Planters Add

Optional Step: Make an Air Plant Chandelier

DIY Geometric Planters Chandelier

After making a larger version of the original planter, I added more rods to make pyramid-like shapes from the bottom of the planter.

DIY Geometric Planters Collage
DIY Geometric Planters Hanging
DIY Geometric Planters Big

Good luck making your own geometric planter and please email, tweet or hashtag photos to us!