Easy DIY Craft Tin Can Planters

It is always great to make something out of nothing. These little tin can planters recycle something you would normally discard. Make recycling fun by adding some color and some adorable succulents.

Craft tin cans

They make for great little outdoor planters for the front porch or kitchen window! Make them in any hue- go for an ombre look, monochromatic, or multicolored. Get extra zealous and go for a two-toned look on one tin. Endless possibilities and creativity make this simple DIY fun and exciting!


Supplies you’ll need to craft a tin can planter:

  • tin cans (make sure they have been well washed and dried)
  • hammer
  • nail
  • spray paint (outdoor water and rust resistant spray paint preferred for longevity of these planters)
  • succulents or other small plants
  • soil
  • rocks

Step by step instructions to recycle tin cans:

tin can planter supplies

Step 1: Prepare the cans

First start by prepping the can- make sure that it is free of any metal shards left over from opening it. Make sure that it has been well washed and dried before starting. Remove the labels of the cans using hot water and dish soap.

DIY painted tin can planters | farm fresh therapy

Step 2: Hammer drainage holes

Use the hammer and nail to place drainage holes in the bottom of each can. You can also use a drill with large drill bit if you prefer a large hole for drainage.

Step 3: Spray paint

Next spray the cans. Spray the outside and bottom of the can first with an evenly applied coat. Let dry thoroughly (approximately 20-30 minutes) before flipping to paint the inside and let dry again. You don’t need to spray the entire inside, just the top that will show in the interior of the planter.

Step 4: Fill with soil

Once the tins are dry, fill with rocks at the bottom for drainage. Top with soil and plant the plants in each planter. Dust off the sides of the planters (from the excess dirt of planting) and find the perfect place for your little plant. You may want to use a small plate under each planter for drainage of excess water if you are using inside.

succulents in tin can planters


These little planters lined up in a row would make a great centerpiece for your table, or use them sporadically around the house. They also make great little housewarming gifts, especially for the upcycle enthusiast!

tin can planter DIY instructions
colorful tin can planter DIY