DIY Crepe Paper Flowers And Leaf Branches

Black thumb? No problem! These green crepe paper flower leafy branches will never die and add that special touch of greenery to any space. This simple project will take you just a few steps and is perfect for the novice DIYer!

Crepe Paper Flowers
DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches Supplies

Supplies you’ll need for Crepe Paper Flowers:

  • Green crepe paper (in a variety of colors)
  • Scissors
  • Branches
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Instructions to craft the Crepe Paper Flowers:

DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches Cut Paper

Step 1: Prepare the materials

After sourcing some branches (you backyard is a great place to start, search for branches that are naturally fallen and dried out, that way they won’t change any over time), cut your leaves. You can use a variety of thicknesses of crepe paper as well as a variety of shades of green. For this project, we had some crepe paper that had been exposed to light and faded somewhat. This led to a slight gradient in the leaves which looked very natural. If you don’t have any faded crepe paper, another way to achieve this gradient is to use a little bit of clear water to bleed out the crepe paper or water color paint to add in a darker hue. As you cut your leaves, cut them with the fold in the crepe paper going vertically. Cut the leaves in a variety of shapes, all slightly different. Cutting the fold vertically will allow you to spread apart the leaf and manipulate it when attaching it to your branches to make the leaves look more organic.

DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches Glue

Step 2: Glue process

Heat up your hot glue gun while you are cutting your leaves. Then use the glue gun to attach the leaves to the branches. Use just a tiny tab of glue at the base of each leaf, pinch together the bottom of the leaf and attach to the branch. Hold in place until dry and remove any glue strands. Attach as few or as many leaves as desired, varying sizes, colors, and thicknesses of the leaves to create an organic and natural look.

DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches Display

Step 3: Display 

Arrange your finished branches in a vase and display on a shelf or on a table as a centerpiece. They make a great addition to any vignette and can be as tall, full, or sparse as needed. Enjoy your leaves for many months or years to come!

DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches Fresh
DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches Top
Modern DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches