DIY Floral Spring Door Wreath With Crepe Paper

Create a gorgeous floral door wreath for Spring that will last forever with beautiful and natural-looking crepe paper flowers and a simple painted embroidery hoop. A great spring project that will surely add a great pop of color to any room!

DIY Spring Door Wreath
Supplies for DIY Crepe Paper Floral Spring Wreath

Supplies you’ll need for a gorgeous door Spring wreath:

  • Crepe paper in different weights and colors including green for leaves
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Paper scissors
  • Fringe scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Insert of wooden embroidery hoop
  • Spray paint

Instructions to DIY the Spring Wreath:

Step 1: Spray paint the hoop

Start by spray painting your embroidery hoop and setting it aside to let dry (allow for drying time as indicated on the back of the bottle of paint).

DIY Crepe Paper Floral Spring Wreath Instructions

Step 2: Prepare the crepe paper

Cut a strip of yellow or gold crepe paper (we used a thinner weight here). Fold in half and fringe about half way down the strip going horizontally to create a long strip of fringe.

Step 3: Small floral pieces

Cut a small piece of floral wire and use floral tape to wrap the fringe around the wire and secure in place which will create the inside of your flower.

Step 4: Different colors

Cut 5-7 petals of at least two different colors and weights of crepe paper. Cut the petals in slightly different shapes for each color. Keep in mind when cutting that your heavy weight crepe paper will allow for stretching and looks more organic when stretched out (which also helps with a natural petal shape).

Step 5: Floral tape

Use floral tape to secure the first set of petals around the inside of the flower. Add petals to the wire stem and tape continuing around the flower until all the petals are added.

Step 6: Repeating step

Repeat step #5 with the next set of petals to finish off your flower.

Step 7: Making more flowers

Continue making more flowers using steps #2-6 to add to your wreath. Use different color combinations and sizes to make a multitude of florals.

DIY Crepe Paper Floral Spring Wreath Instructions1

Step 8: Leaves

Make green leaves by cutting leaf shapes and wrapping around a cut piece of floral wire. Secure with floral tape. Make a few more of these for your wreath.

Step 9: Attaching

Attach the flowers around the embroidery hoop by wrapping the end of the floral wire stems around the wood hoop. Add in the stems on the sides. Push them all together towards the bottom to create a robust floral wreath.

Spring DIY Crepe Paper Floral Spring Wreath
DIY Crepe Paper Floral Spring Wreath Project

Display your colorful wreath around the house on an open wall or interior door to view beautiful blooms as nature works to grow them outdoors!