DIY Water Pattern Inspired Coasters

Hello everyone! Here I am again, with a new DIY coaster idea for you. But before we get into the details I have a confession to make – I’ve always been madly obsessed with watercolors and any pattern or designs created using this technique, so the recent ‘water trend’ very much fits my style and aesthetics.

DIY Water patterns inspired coasters
DIY Water patterns COASTERS

Many artists derive their inspiration from nature and you can find some great examples of products representing it online. Water, in particular, brings a sense of harmony and peace to the room, similar to the one found outdoors. I have already showed you – how to create your own piece of blue, blurry, Wall Art so today we can get a bit more creative and design DIY Water-inspired wooden coasters. Are you ready?

Materials for Water pattern coasters

Have a look at the list of supplies needed to complete this project:

  • thin wooden plank – cut into 10 x 10 pieces (you can ask at your local hardware store to cut the wood for you if you are not feeling comfortable with using a saw)
  • paints – white (for the base) and dark blue for water patterns
  • painters tape (or normal masking tape)
  • paint brushes, paint sponge ear stick
  • sand paper (optional)
  • sealer spray


1. Make sure that your square wooden pieces have smooth edges and are well polished with a sand paper before you start the project.

2. Mark each for the squares with a painters tape at the 2/3 length.

Square wooden for coasters

3. Paint the bigger area using white paint and let them dry. Gently remove the tape from the squares.

Paint the bigger part first
Coasters painted

4. This is a creative part when you can come out with your patterns! I decided to paint:

  • simple lines – using small paint brush
  • blurry look – using paint sponge
  • dots – using ear stick
  • crossed lines – using thin brush again
Striped paintrs
Dots on coasters

Tip: If your design goes wrong, you can flip the wooden square and start again on the ther side!

5. When your patterns are dry, gently spray paint them with a sealer spray to prevent from water demage.

This is it! How do you like this idea?

Minimalist coasters

This is a super easy tutorial with a great result, in fact you might want to hang your coasters as a little wall decoration when they are not in use.

DIY Water coasters
DIY Water coasters closer look