10 More Things You Can Create Using Rope

A few months ago we gathered a series of great DIY projects into an article about how you can use rope to create new looks with a vintage touch (25 diy ways of using rope for a vintage look). Now we continue on the same note and we present to you 10 more wonderful DIY projects featuring rope.

Rope shelves.

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These lovely little shelves are great for displaying small decorations. To make them you only need some lumber, dowel rods and rope. First drill holes into the shelves so the rope can go through and then start painting them. You can use a mini roller brush to keep it neat. Then feed the rope through the shelves and make knots at the bottom. Hang them on a towel hook and enjoy.{found on recreatehome}.

Rope basket.

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We’ve already shown you several projects featuring baskets, containers and vases wrapped in rope. But this one is different. This is a basket made of rope and nothing else. To make it you just need some glue, a needle and a glue gun. First glue the tip of the rope so that the ends don’t fray. Then begin coiling the rope. Add a line of glue and continue wrapping until you make a circle that will be the base of the basket. Then start making the sides using the same technique. You can also create interesting patterns if you want.{found on designsponge}.

Rope coasters.

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These coasters are extremely easy to make. The materials needed are some lids, thin nautical rope, glue and scissors. Clean the lids and remove the paper from them. Then put a big bead of hot glue in the center of the lid. Wind the rope around the lid gluing as you go. Then glue down the end of the rope and cut off the excess. You can use other types of rope as well.{found on valleyandcolifestyle}.

Nesting rope bowls.

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This is a very nice project that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. The supplies needed are rope, hot glue, scissors and a hot glue gun. At first, put a drop of glue gun on the rope and spiral it so it attaches to itself. Continue the process and angle the rope upwards to create a bowl shape. You can use different types of rope to create nice patterns. Each bowl can be made in 10 minutes and you can have as many as you want.{found on brit}.

Rope bookend.

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Here’s another very creative project: a bookend made of rope. It’s basically just a complex knot. It’s called a monkey fist knot. Start by coiling the rope in your left hand until you have four loops and then pull it straight down to the bottom of the loops. Wrap it around the bottom of the three loops and then bring it up and wrap it around the top. Take the end of the rope and stick it in the space between the two sets of loops and pull it all the way through. Wrap the rope around the outside of the three loops on the side facing away from you. Then pull the rope through the hole on the bottom and repeat.Then insert the ball and tighten the knot.{found on heartmainehome}.

Nautical rope railing.

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Give your starts a distinct look by choosing a handmade type of railing. For example, you could use rope. The idea is to make a nice knot at the ends and to use simple hooks to guide the rope. At the top and bottom of the stairs the rope should be held in place will wall brackets and shackles which can also be used along the wall. The rope finishes in a coil.{found on houseandhome}.

Rope lamp.

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There are lots of great things you can make using rope. The idea is to be creative. For example, you could make a rope lamp to display above your dining room table or in your bedroom or kitchen. The idea is quite simple. It’s all about draping rope around a hanging light fixture.{found on homerejuvenation}.

Vertical garden.

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This lovely vertical garden is quite charming. Making something similar is not difficult at all. You need three sturdy, woven baskets, braided polyester rope, potting soil, herbs and flowers. Cut the rope so that it’s long enough to double up on each side and add another 3 feet. Thread one end of the tope through the front corner of the top basket and pull through. Tie a double knot and then thread it through the second basket. Keep the baskets evenly spaced. Do the same thing for the back corners of each basket. Add the soil and the plants and you’re done.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Rope vase/utensil crock.

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You know those giant soda cups you get at movies or in other places? There’s not much you can do with them after that. So here’s how you can transform them into lovely vases or utensil crocks, whichever you like best. All you need is some rope and glue. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Add glue as you advance and maintain straight lines.{found on balancinghome}.

Rope tree swing.

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Of course there’s another great project that includes rope you can try, one that’s actually very popular: a swing. To make a tree swing you’ll need a piece of wood for the seat, another piece of wood for the top, rope, wood glue, clamps, wood screws, sandpaper, paint and a drill bit. First cut the wood to size. Place the longer pieces side by side and glue the sides together. Then glue the two shorter pieces to the ends. Clamp immediately. Let it dry and then pre-drill screw holes in each of the 4 corners. Add the screws and drill 2 more holes in the outer corners of each end. Sand the wood and paint it.

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Then take the rope and tie a double overhand know at one end. Push the tope up through the bottom and back down on the other side. Tie a knot here as well. Do the same thing on the other side. Cut the excess rope. Hold the rope up, fold it together and then tie a knot to make a loop. Attach the loop on the swing with a chain quick link and repeat with the other side. Drill a hole in each end and tie a knot in each rope. Then slip the loose end of each rope through the board and tie the ends to the tree branch with a taut line knot.{found on abeautifulmess}.