50 Spring And Easter Wreaths With Fresh Designs

Spring is finally here and, with Easter coming soon as well, it’s the perfect moment to celebrate them both with some beautiful home decorations. What immediately comes to mind is the always popular and versatile wreath. But how should this spring’s wreath look like? You have a multitude of designs and ideas to choose from for both spring and Easter wreaths so let’s have a look at some.

Easter-themed wreaths decorated with eggs and bunnies

Pink and gold easter wreath

Easter-themed wreaths can take many different forms and a very popular decoration for them are the colorful eggs that define this holiday. A simple grapevine wreath can be turned into a festive one by simply gluing painted eggs on it. You can choose to paint the faux eggs yourself or use the one you find in stores. Also, the wreath itself can be painted as well. {found on thehomesteady}.

grapevine wreath with eggs for front door easter

On Meatloafandmelodrama you can find a simple tutorial for making an Easter egg wreath. The supplies needed for it include a grapevine wreath, some faux speckled eggs, faux flowers, a burlap ribbon for hanging, a hot glue gun for attaching the eggs, thin craft wire for the flowers and wire cutters.

Colorful easter eggs wreath

If you want, you can cover the entire wreath in cute little colorful eggs. As usual, the project starts with a simple grapevine wreath. Before adding the eggs, you can decorative the wreath with a flower garland to make it look fuller and more colorful. Then you glue the eggs all around the wreath with a hot glue gun. Leave some space for the ribbon so you can hang the wreath in the desired spot. Find the tutorial for this project on Onecrazyride.

Googly Eyes Easter Egg Wreath

The Easter wreath featured on number-2-pencil is pretty special. I guess we could call it a creepy-cute wreath. As you can see, it’s entirely covered in plastic eggs and they each has googly eyes on it. The eggs resemble cute little alien creatures. Check out the full tutorial to learn how to make this wreath and to find out what you’ll need for the project.

Fabric easter egg wreath

If you’re not entirely happy with the way plastic Easter eggs look like or if you’d like something different and special for your wreath, you can wrap them in fabric as shown on nap-timecreations. In addition to the plastic eggs and fabric scraps, you’ll also need some yarn, hot glue, ribbon and a wire wreath.

Spring Easter Egg Wreath

Similarly, you can wrap the eggs in colored yarn. We found such a design on wherethesmileshavebeen. To make a similar one you’ll need a Styrofoam wreath form, plastic eggs (regular and large), yarn in different colors, some floral grass, a hot glue gun, ribbon and a butterfly clip or some other decoration.

Felt easter egg in three colors

Another unusual option is to make felt eggs. In fact, you can make your entire wreath look like one giant Easter egg. Find out how to make it by following the tutorial provided on takesofthescotts. It all starts with a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of an egg. You then cut a bunch of felt circles and you fold them and glue them onto the cardboard. You can use different colors to give the egg a certain design and pattern. At the end, attach ribbon to the top of the wreath and hang it somewhere.

Blue and gold easter eggs on wreath

If you decide to paint the egg decorations yourself, you can give them all sorts of interesting looks. For example, you can mix two colors such as blue and gold. Paint some of the eggs blue and give the others a golden look. Then, once the blue eggs are dry, apply a little bit of gold spray paint on them in random spots. {found on kleinworthco}.

DIY easter egg wreath

An alternative to painting the eggs can be to decorate them with confetti. The idea is quite simple and described in detail on craftsncoffee. It would be easier to make the wreath if you could find eggs with a confetti design already available in stores. However, if not, you can always just customize the eggs yourself.

Minimalist Easter Wreath

Instead of attaching faux eggs to a wreath to give it a festive look, you can actually use the eggs to build the wreath. The idea comes from nalleshouse where you’ll also find a detailed description of this whole project. The main idea is that you make two holes in each egg, at the top and bottom and then you thread them onto thin wire, separating them with beads.

Framed Happy Easter Decoration

Not all wreaths are circular and not all of them have to include an actual wreath form. If you want to try something different this Easter, check out the design featured on consumercrafts. This is a wreath made using a picture frame, some wooden eggs, small screw eye hooks, alphabet stickers, ribbon and acrylic craft paint. After attaching the hooks to each egg, they were painted and threaded onto the ribbon which was in turn attached to the frame. At the end the stickers were added.

Egg and feather goes together - jewel toned Easter door wreath

Not all Easter-themed wreaths have to be completely covered in colored eggs either. In fact, three or four eggs should be enough to make the wreath look festive without overwhelming it. If you work with a grapevine wreath, you can paint it first and then add a few decorations such as faux fruits, flowers and the eggs. {found on shiftstrlart}

Twigs and leafs spring wreath

If you already have a spring wreath and you simply want to make it more suitable for Easter, an idea could be to glue on a few colorful plastic eggs. You can form a circle at the center of the wreath, leaving the rest as it is. If you want, you can also decorate the eggs prior to adding them to the wreath. Check out designimprovised for more details about this project.

Easter bunny wreath design

Isn’t the wreath featured on thehappyhousie just adorable? The bunny sits on grass, guarding all those tiny colorful eggs. You can make a similar Easter-themed wreath by using burlap ribbon, green  and write chevron ribbon, pink ribbon, green yarn, mini foam eggs, a small white bunny, a grapevine wreath and a glue gun.{found on thehappyhousie}.

Bunny framed wreath

Bunnies are always cut but we use Easter as a pretext to enjoy them even more. O let’s see how to make bunny-themed wreaths. One simple option is offered on simplicityinthesouth. To make this wreath you’ll need some greenery, a couple of wire hangers, floral wire, wire cutters and pliers as well as a frame to attach the bunny to.

bunny shaped from moss

However, if you actually want a wreath that’s shaped like a bunny or, more likely, like the head of a bunny, check out dreamalittlebigger. The supplies needed for such a project include a floral wreath form, gauge wire, moss, pliers, a hot glue gun and scissors. Draw out the bunny ears on paper, using the wreath form as a guide. Then bend some wire into that shape and attach moss to both bunny ears. Then cover the wreath in moss as well. At the end, put the pieces together.

Burlap and moss easter bunny wreath

Two wreaths can be put together to form the basic shape for a bunny. Actually, it will look more like a snowman but the decorations make all the difference. Cover the two wreath forms in moss. The larger one will be the body and the smaller one the head of the bunny. Then use burlap to make a large bow for the bunny’s neck. Also, make to burlap ears. You can find out more about the project on housebyhoff.

Colorful fabric and tinny bunny

Another bunny wreath design can be found on lifeloveliz. This time you’ll need a cardboard wreath, ribbon, three bunny decorations, glue and scissors. Cover the wreath with ribbon and make a loop to hang it by. Then glue the three little bunnies to the bottom portion of the wreath.

Spring-themed wreaths featuring fruits, flowers and tiny nests

How to make a spring wreath

A wreath can be decorated with small faux eggs without necessarily being Easter-themed. So let’s also have a look at a few such designs that celebrate spring. One of them can be found on hobbycraft. It uses a simple rattan wreath which is decorated with moss, paper flowers and which also featured a mini nest with two cute little pink eggs in it.

How to make a tulip wreath

A tutorial for a DIY tulip wreath can also be found on polkadotchair. To make one that looks just like it you’ll need a grapevine wreath, a bunch of tulip stems, wire cutters, burlap ribbon, floral wire and a hot glue gun. You can start with the burlap bow. Give it shape with floral wire. Then cut down some tulip steps and place them on the wreath. Glue them down when you’re happy with how they’re organized. The bow should cover come of the tulip stems. You can then loosely wrap some burlap ribbon around the rest of the wreath.

Muslin burlap wreah for spring

Similarly, the wreath design featured on myblessedlife also uses a tiny nest with eggs in it to welcome spring. In this case, a straw wreath was used. It was covered with muslin fabric and it has a ruffled look. As decorations, some moss and fabric flowers were used. Of course, there’s also the nest and eggs that send a lovely message.

Spring - Easter wreath from burlap

A very similar design is also featured on jonesdesigncompany. The wreath form was covered with ruffles of linen fabric. The tiny nest has four golden glittered eggs in it, a detail that adds some sparkle to the wreath.

Turquoise burlap wreath

Burlap wreaths are extremely versatile. You can easily give them a themed look by simply adding a few small decorations. For example, for a spring burlap wreath, you can use a small decorative egg nest and some faux flower stems around it. If the burlap has an interesting color your wreath is sure to stand out. {found on dukemanofarm}

Spring mantel wreath from moss

You can make nests and cute colored eggs the center of attention by using them as main decorations on the wreath. Start with a straw wreath form. Cover it in moss and use floral pins to attach the sheets to it. Then take four tiny straw nests with eggs in them and secure them to the wreath with two floral pins. Find more details on worthpinning.

natural oval spring wreath

On the other hand, a large letter decoration can become the focal point, making any other decorations seem less impressive. Nevertheless, the bird’s nest and the moss used for the grapevine wreath on athomewiththebarkers are what makes this design perfect for welcoming spring.

Spring parrot tulip wreath

Tulips are the flowers that really ensure us spring is here to stay. Make these delicate flowers the center of attention by using them to decorate a grapevine wreath for your front door. Of course, since real tulips wither fast, you might want to use faux ones. Check out stonegableblog to see how such a wreath would look like.

Duck cloth spring wreath

Any flowers are great for a spring wreath, even if they’re not seasonal or particularly colorful. The design featured on madeinaday perfectly illustrates this idea. The styrofoam wreath featured here is covered with patterned fabric and this gives it a lot of character. It was decorated with two large faux flowers, spray painted white. A paper towel roll flower was also added as well as some rope and woven fabric flowers.

Easter and Spring Collage

A wreath that really says “spring” was featured on pattyschaffer-typepad. The soft green grass is too beautiful. Making the wreath is easier than you think. You need a foam wreath form, some fun fur yarn in lime green, daisy trim and some pink pins. Wrap the yarn around the wreath, keeping the strands close together. Then cut the daisy trim between flowers and add each one to the wreath using pins.

Simply spring wreath

Making a floral spring wreath is very simple, especially if you don’t insist on decorating it with all sorts of unusual things. The seasonal flowers and a bow should be all the wreath needs to look fresh and beautiful. So check out onsuttonplace for a design idea and a simple tutorial.

Spring wreah framed

Welcome spring with a framed wreath like the one we just found on zuhausathome. As you can see, the wreath is attached to a wood board panel which was framed and this allows it to be placed on the mantel or displayed on a wall. The cute spring banner and the wooden bird decoration reinforce the rustic charm of the design.

Fresh flowers on front door for spring

All you need for the cute and colorful wreath featured on chubbun is a very basic wreath form, some faux flowers, ribbon and hot glue. First you should make the bow. Secure it with a twist tie and set it aside. Then separate the flowers from the stems and hot glue them to the wreath, all the way around. Add the bow and that’s all.


Succulent moss wreath

Moss and succulents go hand in hand and they’re often used together in DIY projects. So let’s also have a look at a wreath which features the same successful combo. The idea behind the design suggested on mycraftyspot is quite simple. You need a wreath form which you cover with moss. After that, you attach a few succulents. These can be glued on or secured with yarn or something similar.

Cherry blossom wreath


What better way to welcome spring than with a cherry blossom wreath? The idea is cute and fresh and making such a wreath shouldn’t be very difficult. You can find a few tips and instructions on iheartnaptime. Basically you’ll need a plain wreath, some spray paint, cherry blossoms, a bird house, a small nest with eggs, ribbon and a hot glue gun.

Greens and burlap for wreath

Of course, faux flowers can look fresh and beautiful as well. Check out the lovely wreath featured on domestically-speaking for some inspiration. To make something similar you’ll need some faux flowers, a grapevine wreath, some teal blue burlap and some moss. You can make a few changes in order to get the desired look.



How to make a heart wreath

A wreath can take any form and shape and it all depends on the wreath form you decide to use. For example, a heart-shaped wire form will let you create a heart-shaped wreath which you can decorate with greenery for a fresh look. The project can be found on tatertotsandjello together with a short tutorial.

Classic spring wreath

The combination between a grapevine wreath and spring flowers is extremely beautiful and wonderfully emphasized by the design featured on livelovediy. Only the bottom portion of the wreath is covered with flowers, leaving the top half exposed and simple. Also, the flowers have delicate colors and this highlights the contrast with the wreath.

Easter Wreath- Spring Floral Wreath

On the other hand, a combination of various types of flowers featuring diverse colors, shapes and sizes can be refreshing as well. Use the flowers to cover most of the grapevine wreath except for one small portion. This way you’ll avoid making it look too mainstream. {found on etsy}

Floral hanging on front door

Let’s also have a look at a few more unusual spring wreaths which impress with their shapes, designs, colors or choice of materials. A good example is the wreath featured on funhomethings. It looks like a bouquet of flowers placed in a cone. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Three bouquets of flowers were put together and displayed in a metal cone basket.

Fresh lemon on wreath for spring

Instead of welcoming spring with fresh seasonal flowers, the wreath featured on howdoesshe does this with lemons. The lemon wreath is pretty easy to make. The supplies needed include a large grapevine wreath, green foliage picks, fake lemons, sticks and a glue gun. You can do something similar using faux oranges or other fruits as well.

Burlap Moss Spring Wreath

Just like flowers, moss can be a pretty great option for a spring wreath. Consider combining moss and burlap to get a simple but stylish design similar to the one we found on thescrapshoppeblog. The idea is quite simple. Take a roll of faux moss and wrap ir around a wreath form. Leave out two empty spaces at the top and bottom and cover those with burlap. Add a bow at the top.

Easter and Spring Collage

There are plenty of things that can symbolize spring besides flowers. Butterflies are a cute example. To make a butterfly wreath, check out project featured on uptodateinteriors. You can print out the butterflies on colored paper, cut them out and them glue them to a grapevine wreath one by one.

Basket on front door for Spring

And if you insist on using flowers and other basic things, try using something else instead of the usual grapevine wreath. One idea is to use a basket. Basically you just hang the basket on your front door and then you glue layers of moss inside the basket. Add some flowers and a small bird’s nest with eggs in it and that’s about it. You can find more details about the project on yourcozyhome.

Moss DIY spring wreath

Moss-covered rocks are too beautiful not to stop and admire them so why not make them a part of the design for your new spring wreath? Not sure how to make such a wreath? Check out the description provided on craftsncoffee. The tricky part is finding faux moss rocks but, if that’s not possible, you can just make them yourself. Once you attach these to a wreath form, you can add some felt mushrooms and a few cute flowers.

Wallpaper floral wreath

Ever made a wallpaper wreath? That sounds quite weird but wait till you see how delicate and lovely it looks like. On Thehousethatlarsbuilt you can find a nice tutorial about the project. You’ll need floral wallpaper, scissors, a craft knife, a cutting board, a paintbrush, wire cutters, wire and a glue gun.

Garden hose spring wreath

Since we’re checking out wreaths made of unusual materials, let’s also have a look at the project featured on createcraftlove. As you can easily guess, this wreath is basically just a decorated garden hose. For the project you’ll need a twist tie, some silk flowers, a butterfly clip and ribbon.

Pompom Spring wreath

The pom-pom wreath featured on thecraftedsparrow looks very chic and doesn’t seem that difficult to make either. The supplies needed for the project are: a foam or straw wreath form, yarn in spring colors, fabric cut into strips, some fabric for a bow and small pins or a glue gun. You’ll be using the yarn to make pom-poms and the fabric to cover the wreath form.

Spring banner wreath

As long as you have a wreath, there are plenty of things you can improvise at home if you want to make it look cute or to give it a themed design. The cute spring banner featured on iheartnaptime can pretty much solve the whole problem. First you have to print and cut out the pieces and then glue them to ribbon to make the banner. Using paper or cardstock, make decorative roses.

Wreath colorful paper

The paper wreath featured on mommity is not only interesting but also eye-catching and quite versatile. You could use it as a wall decoration throughout the year, not only for spring. To make this wreath you’ll need yellow, white and gray construction paper, a hot glue gun, a piece of cardboard, scissors and a compass. You can change the colors if you prefer a different combination.

Super easy spring wreath

Another stylish type of paper wreath is featured on myanythingandeverything. This time the paper was used to make cute little flower decorations. The materials needed for this particular project include a twig wreath, tissue paper, scissors, moss, floral wire and glue. You can feel free to make the flowers look however you want.

Coffee filter wreath

Ever wondered what coffee filters could be used for besides, well, making coffee? On lilluna you can find a very interesting answer to this question. This is a coffee filter wreath and to make it you’ll need a foam wreath, a lot of coffee filters, a hot glue gun, a pen and some fishing wire for hanging. To attach the filters to the wreath, just wrap them around the end of a pen, add a dab of glue and press it onto the foam wreath.

Easter and Spring Collage