Gable Roof Style: Updating A Timeless Classic In The Modern Era

The gable roof style is a timeless classic among home architecture and a worldwide favorite in the Modern Era. Today, the gable roof is as popular as it ever was, and has since received more than a few modern updates.

Gable Roof Style

You may not be familiar with how popular roof style is worldwide, but with the following examples we’ll share with you here, you’ll see how the gable roof is an international home design favorite.

Gable roofs are the most popular feature of modern architecture. Architects have found ways to turn certain disadvantages of the gable roof into positive attributes.

The following examples capture the essence of where the gable roof stands in contemporary architecture.

What Is A Gable Roof?

A gable roof includes two sloping sides and at least one gable. A parapet made of a series of curves or horizontal steps may hide the diagonal lines of the roof. Gable roofs became popular thanks to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s bestselling classic “Anne of Green Gables.”

Hip Roof vs Gable Roof

A gable roof has two sides that slope downward toward the walls, while the other sides include walls that extend from the bottom of the eaves to the top of the ridge.

A hip roof has sides that slope downward toward the walls. Also, the walls sit under the eaves on both sides of the roof. You should know that a hip roof does not have vertical ends as it’s sloped on every side. The slopes meet in a peaked roof.

Also, hip roofs are more expensive to build than gable roofs.

Mansard Roof

A mansard roof is a hip roof style where each side includes different sloping angles with the lower angle steeper than the upper angle.

Modern Gable Roofs From Around The World

Let’s explore the world of contemporary home design and see how the gable roof is impacting international homes. The following examples showcase the latest gable roof designs.

Minimalist Gable Roof House

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

This is a cottage that stands in a forest clearing on the edge of a lake in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, Canada. The structure was designed by YH2 in 2017. With a focus on minimalism and elegance, the gable roof style feels like a natural fit with the environment.

The symmetrical gable roof ends just where the walls begin and the transition is seamless. This stylish vacation cottage makes the most of its simple architecture by focusing on the views.

Metal Roof Gable Trim

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The metal roof design is from Omar Gandhi, and who named this project Black Gables. Located in Louisdale, Canada, one structure is a home and the additional space is a studio as both feature with eye-catching gable roofs and jet black exteriors.

Gable Roof Framing

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

When designing this single-family home in Hejnice, in the Czech Republic, the architects at Prodesi found inspiration in the immediate surroundings of the structure and the local vernacular.

That’s how they chose to shape the house like a traditional cottage with a gable roof, similar to the structures found throughout the region. The house stands on a stone plinth, partially cantilevered on one side, looking as if it had been moved by an avalanche.

Sloping Roof Section

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The Fallahogey House is from McGarry-Moon Architects and resembles the small agricultural metal sheds in the area. The corten-clad exterior makes it look as if the gable roof is dripping over the sides.

Gable Roof Type

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The design direction showcased here by Jager Janssen architecten is actually a very popular one these days. The gable roof serves as a shell, connecting with corrugated metal sheets that contrast with the wood cladding.

Instead of classic windows, roof skylights provide natural light without exposing the interior.

Pyramid Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

Here’s another take on the classic gable roof style in Carinthia, Austria. This project is from Spado Architects. Structurally, the house is organized on two levels, with the upper floor featuring a pitched roof that slopes to the sides to form an overlying timber frame, serving as a shell for the volume. Inside, the vaulted ceilings and concrete ground floor gives it a modern feel.

Gabled Roof Shape

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The Gable House was designed by Sheri Gaby Architects and is located in Sandringham, Australia. The wooden frame and vaulted ceilings take on the Dutch gable roof style while appearing to be unfinished. The outdoor desk comes in the continuation of the living space and the frame extends beyond the zone, outlining the gable roof construction.

Cross Gable Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

Starting from the classical and simple lines of the gable roof, Maas Architecten managed to create a unique hybrid between a cottage and a greenhouse in the Dutch countryside. The Modern Countryside Villa has a design that combines elements inspired by the local vernacular with details of contemporary architecture.

The H-shaped plan divides the structure into two wings with contrasting looks. One is a dark, timber-clad volume and the other is a transparent glass volume. The features reveal why gable roof styles have difficulty adhering to building codes. The roof designs are complicated and even more so when creating end walls.

Sloping Gable Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

As displayed here, gable roof advantages include protection from wind pressures and offer wind resistance. This structure, in Jutland, Denmark, and is the headquarters for the Danish Hunter Association. Unlike the other designs, this features a gable roof that extends outward, forming two shade canopies on either side of the two long roof sections.

The structures were designed by Arkitema Architects and house the association’s administration area, lab, education facilities, restaurant, and hunting lodge.

Gable Metal Roofing

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

Returning to the modern and minimalist version of the classic gable roof style, we’ll have a look at a lovely mountain cabin designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter for a family of five. The cabin is situated above the village called Ål in Norway. The designers were forced to choose between an attic or vaulted ceilings and chose the latter.

Its design reflects the desire to integrate into nature by mimicking its surroundings. The pitched gable roof helps as its similar to the peaks of the mountains that surround it.

Cross Gable Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The VH6 House has two gable roof sections. The team at Idee Architects designed this modern family home with an attic and vaulted ceilings. The architects created a design that blends indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wood Gable Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The Hunter’s Hall in Duved, Sweden, is a structure that serves as a gathering space for dinners and parties. The hall was designed by Bergersen Arkitekter AS and has a space where game cooked.

The gable roof seamlessly transitions into walls, framing the glazed facade. The banquet hall features wood frame construction and is clad in heartwood pine.

Gable Vents

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The entire structure resembles gable vents. Located in Egg, Austria, the design is from  Innauer-Matt Architekten. The site is sloped and that caused the entrance to the house to be situated on the first floor.

The house is tall and designed to fit on the small plot between the two trees and the pitch of the roof makes it look even taller.

Two Gable Roof Sections

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

In 2010, Cadaval & Solà-Morales completed this transformation known as House at the Pyrenees. Located in Aran Valley. Spain, the home is compact and has small openings and dark interior spaces.

By transforming the upper part with vaulted ceilings into an open and bright space, the designers took advantage of with surrounding views. The asymmetrical gable roof extends to the ground on one side. The black roofing materials match the outdoors.

Boxed Gable Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The Mirror House introduces a whole new way of making the most of the gable roof design. This playground pavilion is in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was designed by MLRP and it engages the visitors with its roofing materials.

Funhouse mirrors are mounted on the gabled ends. They reflect the surroundings in a carnival-style, making even the exterior walls of the pavilion a circus attraction.

Front Gable Roofs

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The structure is one of the six detached houses from The MiniCO2 Houses. Each home illustrates aspects of CO2 emissions. The focus is on how to reduce carbon emissions by addressing the overall maintenance of a house.

The structure has a perpendicular entrance and a 40-degree pitched roof with gabled ends that incorporate small decks. The project is from Arkitema Architects.

Dutch Gable Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

The pitch of a gable roof can vary greatly as you’ve probably noticed by now. The Anzac Bay House, for instance, is unique.

The house was designed by Vaughn McQuarrie and the main idea was to create a large central space surrounded by several smaller spaces.

Barn Roof Slope

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

This Irish barn conversion is from McGarry-Moon Architects, is located in Broughshane, United Kingdom. The home’s odd look is a result of balancing natural light and spaces. The most notable feature is the gable roof. One wall and the floor of the cantilevered upper section form a fluid glass shell.

High Gable Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

It’s the location and the topography of the site that determines a home’s complex designs. In this case, for example, the house sits on the side of a rolling hill. It opens up to the bay on one side and is buried into the hill on the other.

High gables extend towards the street creating a. covered patio and a parking deck for cars. The back of the property is more dramatic and imposing. This project is from architect James Russell.

Single Peaked Gable Roof

Personal Architecture Gable Roof House

Standing high like a tower and with a single peak pitched roof like an arrow, this house in Rotterdam offers sweeping views. From a distance, the gable roof looks old and outdated. At a closer angle, you’ll see it’s a sleek, contemporary structure.

The gable looks like a continuation of the exterior walls, giving the structure a smooth and minimalist appearance. This design is from Personal Architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Do I Know If My Roof Is Gable?

A gable roof is a type of roof design where two sides slope downward toward the walls and the other two sides include walls that extend from the bottom of the eaves to the peak of the ridge.

Where Are Gable Roofs Most Common Geographically?

Gable roofs are most common in cold climates. They are the traditional roof style of New England and eastern Canada.

What Are Gable Ends?

Gable ends are vertical triangular walls between the sloping ends of a gable roof.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Gable Roof?

Though this roof style is ideal for areas with heavy rain and snowfall, contractors do not recommend gable roofs for areas that experience high winds or hurricanes. Gable roofs tend to have a slight overhang from the face of the house that, in areas with high wind, may cause the roof to peel away.

Gable roof designs have problems in high wind environments. Areas prone to hurricanes or tornadoes. Frames must be constructed with proper supports, or the roof can collapse. High winds will peel roof materials away from a gable top and can get underneath roofs with deep overhangs.

How Long Do Gable Roofs Last?

Although there are factors that help determine the lifespan of a gable will be, when the roof is properly installed, it will last 40 years on average. Sometimes the roofs will last longer if they have a supporting framework.

Gable Roof Conclusion

There are many options to choose from when considering a gable roof. The reason why they have remained popular is due to functionality and style. Whether you’re designing a triangular extension or crossed gable roof, or you want less attic space or more attic space, you’ll find the gable roof style can meet your needs.

We have the gable roof thanks to Dutch building traditions. Of all the roof types, the gable offers the most aesthetic appeal. With its better ventilation system, wind tunnel features, and diagonal bracing, it’s hard to find a better roofing option.

The gable roof is recognized worldwide as a common roof shape. This is saying a lot when you consider how the roof design first became popular on America’s East Coast a few centuries ago.