What are the Parts of a Bed? (Labeled Diagram)

Knowing the parts of a bed can help you with assembly and repairs. There are fifteen basic components of a bed, which comprise the headboard, footboard, and bed frame.

Parts of a bed

15 Main Parts of a Bed and Bed Frame


A large piece that attaches to the bed frame where a person’s head goes when sleeping. Headboards are optional and come in many designs and materials.

Headboard Slat

A vertical grid or set of slats that attach to the back of the bed and form the base for the headboard.

Headboard Top Rail

A horizontal piece on top of the headboard that goes over the headboard slats.

Headboard Cross Rail

The horizontal piece below the headboard slats.

Bottom Side Rail

The lower part of the bed frame that runs from the headboard to the footboard, often metal or wood.

Bedside Rail

Also known as safety rails, these pieces sit at the top of the bed for support or to prevent sleepers from rolling out.


Decorative vertical piece that attaches to the end of the bed, opposite the headboard.

Footboard Top Rail

Horizontal piece at the top of the footboard that goes over the footboard slats.

Footboard Slat

Large piece of the footboard that goes between the top rail and bottom front rail.

Bottom Front Rail 

A horizontal piece at the bottom of the footboard.


Wooden or metal pieces at the bottom of the bed extending from the headboard or footboard and lifting the bed off the ground.


Base of bed that supports the slats.

Cut Slats

Cut pieces that attach to the cleat, creating a base for a box spring or mattress.

Box Spring

A fabric-covered frame with springs that act as a base for the mattress. Box springs go over the cut slats. Not all bed frames require box springs.


A large rectangular pad for sleeping that goes on the box spring or the slats, depending on the bed type.