How To Make Tassels And Upgrade A Pillow Case

Upgrade a simple pillow case with DIY tassels for this easy and budget-friendly project. Pick a fun and bold yarn color (or colors if you want to get really creative) for your pillow design and get spinning to create your tassels!

How To Make Tassels
How To Make Tassels Materials

Supplies you’ll need to make tassels for a pillow case:

  • Pillowcase
  • Pillow
  • Yarn in coordinating color
  • Book
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread in color that matches yarn

Instructions Of How To Make Tassels:

Instructions Of How To Make Tassels

Step 1: Wrapping the yarn

To make your tassels, start by wrapping yarn around a book or other flat surface many times (here we wrapped approximately 15 times for a medium fullness tassel).

Step 2: Cuttin process

Slip the yarn off the book, keeping the yarn in place as much as possible. Cut 2 pieces of extra yarn for completing the tassel in the next few steps.

Step 3: Bend half over

Bend the yarn in half over a piece of yarn, keeping the sides even. Tie up the piece of yarn tightly (leaving equal distance on each side of the pieces of yarn). Use another piece of yarn to wrap around the top of the yarn folds to create a ball at the top of the tassel. Tie and let the ends fall down towards the loops.

Step 4: Loops

Place your scissors through the loops on the ends of the tassel. Cut the loops to create the fringed bottom of the tassel. Then trim up the tassel to an even tapered shape.

Step 5: Repeating steps

Repeat steps 1-4 to make as many tassels as you need for your pillow. Here we used a 16×16″ pillow case. We created 12 tassels (each spaced approximately 5″ apart).

Step 6: Threading

Attach each tassel by threading a large needle with thread (here we used pearl thread), in a coordinating color, through the the pillow case. Sew right through the head of the tassel trying to incorporate as much of the bulk of the head as you can. Thread up and tie each of the tassels (this is the advantage of using a pillow case as you can sew on the tassel through the outside and tie up the ends on the inside).

Step 7: Excess

Cut off the excess thread and excess yarn at the end of each tassel.

DIY Tassel Pillow Cross

Step 8: Attach

Repeat steps 6-7 all around your pillow with evenly spaced tassels. Start in all the corners and then mark out where your tassels will be all around the pillow. Sew them all in to finish the case.

Insert your pillow into the case once you’re all done and display!

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