DIY Floral Napkin Rings

Celebrate the summer season with these festive floral napkin rings! Using a few succulents, fresh florals from the garden, and a few other supplies you can create these pretty accents to upgrade your table scape! Perfect for the backyard get together formal or informal!

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  • thin flexible floral wire
  • thick gauge floral wire or metal ring
  • floral tape
  • wire cutters
  • succulent clippings
  • flowers in various colors and sizes
  • cloth napkins
  • fabric ribbon
  • floral scissors


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1. Start by measuring and bending a ring around your napkin with a thick gauge floral wire. This will be approximately 2-3 inches in diameter.

2. Start with a succulent or larger thick stem flower for the center of the ring. Cut a succulent head off the plant and cut a small piece of wire.

3. Insert the wire into the bottom of the succulent and cut off a piece of floral tape.

4. Wrap the floral tape around the base of the succulent down to the floral wire to secure the succulent in place on the wire.

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5. Wrap the wire from the succulent around the wire ring to secure the succulent in place. This will serve as the center of the mini bouquet you will create at the top of the napkin ring.

6. Cut off florals towards the center head of the flower. Bring in florals towards the base of the succulent and wrap them around the ring, securing with floral tape as you continue to add more to the your little bouquet.

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7. Continue adding florals away from the center until the mini bouquet at the top of the ring is full.

8. To finish off the napkin ring and to make it easier to fit the napkin through the ring, add ribbon to the finished ring. Start by wrapping at one side of the ring and continue wrapping around the ring until you reach the top/center again. Secure in place with a pin or tape if needed.

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Slide the napkin ring around your cloth napkins and use to add a little elegance to your next dinner party or soiree. Make these early in the day or a day ahead of time and store in the fridge to keep fresh!

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