Quick and Easy DIY Cubist Photo Holders

Framing photos can be a bit tough when you are looking for pretty, ready-made picture frames. I must confess — I have a big stockpile of prints in my studio waiting to be framed and finding the right size, style and look all in one frame often seems impossible. But you don’t necessarily need a traditional picture frame. There are plenty of alternative ways to display small images, and one of my favorites is to use a variety of picture holders.

DIY Geometric Photo Holders
Wood DIY Geometric Photo Holders

If you know me at all, you know that my mantra is “the simpler, the better.” With that in mind, I visited my local hardware store to look for materials and decided to use nothing more than raw wood, cut into geometric cubes. The final look of the holders is entirely up to you. Get creative and make them suit your personal style!

DIY Geometric Photo Holders Materials

Here’s what you will need to complete this project:

  • A wooden plank, such as a 1″ x 4″, cut into rectangular cubes
  • Clothes pins
  • Very strong hardware glue (super glue or gorilla glue, for example)
  • Sandpaper


Cut the wood into blocks. You can ask your local hardware store to cut it for you or do it yourself at home. Just make sure that you are comfortable using a saw!

DIY Geometric Photo Holders Sand

Sand each cube to ensure all sides have a smooth surface.

DIY Geometric Photo Holders Washi tape
DIY Geometric Photo Holders Project

Decorate your wooden picture holders any way you like. I have chosen to use my favorite granite effect paint to add a bit of ‘texture’ to the finish. First, I taped paper on the part of the cube I did not want to paint.  Then, I sprayed the exposed section with granite effect paint.  I let it dry and then removed the paper and tape.

DIY Geometric Photo Holders Glue

Determine which side of the cube is the back of the picture holder. Then, glue a small clothes pin on the back side, with the clip end upward so that you can insert the photo. Allow it to dry.

DIY Geometric Photo Holders Display

Now you can display your favorite prints and photos using the new picture holders. I enjoyed making them very much, probably because there are endless possibilities for decorating the cube and lots of room for adding a personal touch. What do you think? Are you going to make them? What finish are you going to use?

DIY Geometric Photo Holders for Desk

Enjoy your new photo holders and have a great day!