15 Youthful Bedroom Color Schemes – What Works and Why

It may be hard to decorate your kids’ bedroom for any number of reasons. Perhaps they’re going through a Pepto Bismol Pink infatuation and want the room slathered in that sticky hue. Perhaps they drastically change their likes and interests every week. Perhaps they share a room with a sibling who has completely different interests.


There are innumerable reasons why decorating a child’s or teenager’s bedroom can be challenging…but it’s not impossible! In fact, when you hit upon the perfect color palette for the youth bedroom, one that BOTH of you can love, decorating your child’s space can be a fun bonding experience. Here are 15 great ideas for youthful bedroom color schemes to get your wheels spinning. Enjoy!

1. Jade Green & Fuchsia


When decorating a kids bedroom, it’s often a good idea to use the “color scheme” loosely. That is, while you (or your child) might have decided upon two or three main colors, it can be much more interesting and fun to decorate with an expansion of those colors. Go lighter and darker, cooler or warmer, with some of your accessories. Have fun with it! This flexibility improves the space’s richness, depth, and overall youthful vibe.

2. Aqua & Gold


A charming white youth bedroom, complete with matching twin poster beds, lays a sweet yet airy foundation. While the majority of the palette is soft – creamy whites mixed with pale earthy neutrals – friendly personality is infused with pops of soft aqua and gold. A child or teen of any age would feel happy in this cheerful bedroom.{found on jvwhome}.

3. Navy & Mint


This color combination is a gorgeous one for any space, particularly a child’s bedroom. Navy adds depth and stateliness (and, paired with lighter white tones, doesn’t feel heavy at all), while mint provides a fun, fresh zing. Because a spectrum of “color personalities” is represented with these two colors, the combination is perfect for kids young and old.

4. Grey & Red


Various hues of a warm grey help a youth bedroom to feel warm, welcoming, and visually interesting. It’s a perfect jumping-off point for an industrial feel in the bedroom, too. A few pops of muted red, such as we see on the mushroom poufs and teepee details, help the bedroom to feel “alive” without being jarring. We love the emphasis on nature, here – animals, natural textures, wood pieces.{found on robstuartinteriorsnyc}.

5. Brown & Orange


The way to make this traditionally dark and somber color combination excel in a youth bedroom is to utilize plenty of patterns and variations of the hues themselves. Keep things interesting with a variety of shapes, sizes, and heights, like this extra-tall headboard against a fabulous patterned wallpaper.

6. Peach & Gold


While the color peach might cause a slight knee-jerk reaction of 90s nostalgia, its softness is a lovely way to decorate a youth bedroom. Younger children will appreciate its soothing effects, and older children (mostly teenage girls) will enjoy its not-quite-pink subtle femininity. And snippets of gold just add glam. What kid doesn’t feel special and important with a bit of shiny metallic in her life, er, bedroom?{found on justdestinymag}.

7. Kelly Green & Grey


For the more modern child, a bedroom with plenty of contemporary pieces is just the thing. While medium-toned wood grounds the space, infusions of soft grey lend it a sleek, modern vibe without being harsh. And bold Kelly green in strategic doses, such as on a great geometric rug, provides plenty of personality “pop.”{found on swohlnerdesign}.

8. Pastels & Copper


A cotton candy pink wall and plenty of pastels in the bedding and bedroom accessories makes for a very sweet space. Throwing in grown-up copper details, such as the pendant chandelier and bed frame, allows the bedroom to be able to transition with the child as she (and her bed) grows. As-is, this space is geared toward a young child, but I can easily see the colors morphing into young adulthood with more mature pieces.

9. Navy & Neutrals


Navy is an interesting color because it’s so versatile. Its depth brings out sophistication, yet its proximity to primary blue exudes youthfulness. This makes it an excellent choice for a youth bedroom, specifically boys. Navy adds visual interest and color infusion to an otherwise wood-toned neutral space, and the pairing is quite friendly and functional.

10. Pink & Turquoise


For the eclectic-loving girl, this funky, fun space is a perfect refuge…and simultaneous creative laboratory. With plenty of varied-scale patterns going on, the color scheme is kept in check with loads of natural light and white space. Such a hip, independent vibe for 4- and 14-year-olds alike (and then some!).{found on matteobianchi}.

11. Grey & Yellow & Peony


Grey and yellow are a color pair that works in a variety of spaces, and a kids’ bedroom is no exception. The color combination is popular because it’s the perfect blend of cheerful & contemporary. Throw in some peony-toned accents, and you’ve got yourself a modern space that has all the warmth and feeling of a lived-in childhood dream. Perfection.

12. Orange, Chartreuse, & Sky Blue


A retro color combination that has stood the test of time, this palette is brightly serene. Incorporating the boldest colors in simple chunks helps to make the bedroom feel structured and orderly.

13. Green & Black (& White)


Black and white is a classic color combination that, really, can be pulled off in any style and any space. Are you surprised that this includes youth bedrooms? Blonde wood and more white than black helps the space feel lighter and more youthful, while black adds fun graphic detailing, and green brings in plenty of freshness and fun. This scheme would work for boys and girls alike.{found on spearmintbaby}.

14. Wood & Gold


While this may not be considered a “color palette” traditionally, wood and gold tones in an otherwise white space is extremely hot right now. The Scandinavian-inspired palette is fresh, simple, and completely charming, which is what many of us want for our kids. Modern black sconces add a great linear touch to this textile-rich bedroom, too.

15. Coral & Grey.


Pale grey makes such a perfect neutral partner to almost any bolder color in a kids bedroom color scheme, whether for boys or girls. Pairing it with coral is no exception. Neutral grey bedding with hints of the accent color (in this case, coral) keeps the space feeling serene yet youthful; and we love the large-print wallpaper to really carry the color palette home in this lovely grow-with-you youth bedroom.{found on amyvermillion}.