Apartment Gets Industrialized After A Modern Remodel

When the young couple went to SHED Architecture and Design for help with their remodel, the team was happy to be given such an unusual and inventive project. The Seattle-based firm is always looking for new design challenges and this project was just what they’re good at.


The clients request was to transform this 1,702 square foot loft into a one-of-a-kind home by taking advantage of the existing defining elements and incorporating some new ones as well. They wanted this space to have an original layout, unlike the usual kind.


The couple wanted an exposed entryway and an oversized hallway and didn’t want a lot of storage throughout. They also wanted the original industrial elements to be preserved and used in the design.


This is why features such as concrete floors, a zinc-plated ceiling and blackened steel beams are allowed to give the apartment a strong industrial vibe. New additions emphasize the unique character of the home and include elements such as concrete bricks, stainless steel and blackened steel surfaces.


The kitchen lacks the usual amount of storage. It’s mostly defined by a brick backsplash that coordinates with the dividing wall and the island. The thin stainless steel countertop coordinates with the appliances.The kitchen island doubles as a bar and includes a built-in microwave which gets its power from the curly cord attached to the ceiling. The island also includes valuable storage for the kitchen.The geometric wallpaper softens the look a little bit but keeps the décor cohesive.


The metal staircase has a niche underneath which offers storage for bikes and a wooden shelf for displaying and storing books and other objects.


The upper volume is completely exposed to the social area beneath and the large windows. It gets its natural light from that portion of the apartment and, because of the ceiling, has a more pronounced industrial look.


The staircase is the defining feature for the hallway which, as mentioned, has an open design. There’s no wall to separate the hallway from the bedroom and this creates a very casual ambiance, although it sacrifices privacy.An exposed walk-in closet gives the bedroom a more intimate feel. Other elements such as the area rug or the wooden furniture were included in the design in an attempt to warm up the ambiance and to make the space feel comfortable and cozy.


The design is really interesting overall and the most interesting portions are those where different materials intersect, such as wood and concrete in the case of this shoe storage space or metal and wood.