DIY Wool Candle Holder

The season of candles, warm blankets and evenings in front of the fireplace is upon us, so any accessories making your home more cozy, are very much welcome. Seems like, the weather is always an important factor creating an urge to change things up around living space. That of course, doesn’t necessarily mean, buying new sets of decorations each time, as there are quick and budget friendly ways to upgrade what you already have.

DIY Wool Candle Holder

This is yet another great project, showing a cool way to recycle small glass jars, wrapping wool around their surface  to transform them into pretty candle holders.

DIY Wool Candle Holder Decor

If you are like me always looking for an excuse to add something new – this is it.. Have a look at the quick tutorial below, to see how to make your home ready for the cold days ahead!

You will need:

  • scissors
  • empty small jars (big enough to place a tealight inside)
  • double sided tape
  • wool

I have used wool in a soft shades of grey and white, because it is my all time favorite Autumn/winter color palette, however I think warmer shades – like browns would work equally well. It is important that you choose colors that you like.

DIY Wool Candle Holder Materials


Start off by washing the jars well and removing all the labels from them, even though we will be covering them with wool and you might think it doesn’t matter.  If you don’t remove the labels, they will be visible when you lit the candles inside, so I recommend cleaning them well before.

A little tip: applying dish washing liquid combined with warm water helps to remove the labels faster.

DIY Wool Candle Holder Washing
DIY Wool Candle Holder Double Tape


Cover the jars surface with double sided tape. It depends on the size of your jar, how many rows you will need – in my case two were enough. Remove the protective layer from the tape, and start wrapping wool around it, at the bottom.

DIY Wool Candle Holder Covered
DIY Wool Candle Holder View
DIY Wool Candle Holder Wrap

Then wrap the wool around the entire jar. Depending on the wool you might want to  wrap two layers of it for a good effect.

DIY Wool Candle Holder Start Wrapping
DIY Wool Candle Holder Closer Look To Wool

DIY Wool Candle Holder Cut Wool Excess

DIY Wool Candle Holder Finished
DIY Wool Candle Holder Different Colors
DIY Wool Candle Holder Trio of Wool
DIY Wool Candle Holder Display

Then place the tea lights inside and enjoy the warm atmosphere.It already feels so much cozier, doesn’t it? Just by looking at these candle holders, I want to wrap myself in a blanket stay on the sofa and read a book for a whole evening. What are your plans for today?