Pretty and Easy Face Dustpan DIY

A 2016 New Year goal of mine is to be more consistent with my deep cleaning habits. I’m all about a straightened, put together home, but the dusting, scrubbing, and especially sweeping chores are not exactly my prized way to spend a Saturday morning. In an effort to follow through on my (maybe overly optimistic) goal-setting though, I came to realize that since there’s no getting around cleaning (short of hiring a cleaning service–ha!), I’d just need to find a way to make it more fun. Enter the Pretty Face Dustpan. I’ve always thought the location where the dustpan handle attaches to the pan looked like a pair of eyes. So with a bit of permanent adhesive vinyl, I added a mouth silhouette just below the handle to form a face. It’s silly, but that’s the point! Now pulling out the broom and dustpan is a bit more enjoyable, and that’s a huge feat at our home! Print out the template to make one for yours too!

Pretty Face Dustpan DIY
Pretty Face Dustpan DIY Door Hang
Pretty Face Dustpan DIY Behind Door Hang
Pretty Face Dustpan DIY Metalic
Pretty Face Dustpan
Pretty Face Dustpan DIY Gif
Materials Pretty Face Dustpan DIY


Pretty Face Dustpan DIY Template

1 . To begin, print out the Mustache & Mouth Printable Template on your inkjet printer, and choose the silhouette you’d like to use. Carefully cut out around the silhouette using a crafter’s knife/self-healing mat or scissors.

Pretty Face Dustpan DIY - Vinyl

2. Place your cut out template on the backside of the permanent adhesive vinyl and trace the silhouette.

Pretty Face Dustpan DIY adhesive silhouette

3.  Now carefully cut out the vinyl adhesive silhouette, so you essentially have a mustache or lips sticker.

Pretty Face Dustpan DIY - peel and stick

4. Thoroughly clean the surface of the dustpan removing the original label and any surface debris. Peel back the white backing on the vinyl sticker and place on the middle center of the dustpan’s flat portion, just below the two “eyes” formed by the metal handles. Press down firmly, working from the center of the sticker out to the edges. If any bubbles appear, just keep working them out to the edges.  The vinyl is permanent, so it’ll withstand light wiping with water as necessary.

With this little guy by your side, hopefully the pesky task of sweeping won’t be such a bother!

Cool Pretty Face Dustpan DIY