Modern Bar Cart Designs That Impress With Their Understated Luxury

Bar carts are very practical and overall useful yet a small percentage of households have one. We’d like to use this opportunity to encourage you to give them a chance. A modern bar cart can be a functional and also quite fancy addition to any home, even a small one. It could even double as a small kitchen island and you can also use it outdoors for serving drinks on the patio or terrace. In addition, there’s also the option of a DIY bar cart which increases the uniqueness and customization possibilities for this versatile accessory.

Wooden Carlota Bar cart on WheelsView in gallery

If you enjoy drinking tea you could turn that into a special and enjoyable experience. The Carlota bar cart can help you achieve that goal. It has a practical serving tray as a top, storage inside and even a small shelf on the side where you can put a flower vase, towels or other accessories.

Modern Glass bar cartView in gallery

Called simply Kart, this trolley is a Karim Rashid creation that, like all the other creations that go out this studio’s doors, impresses with its exquisite simplicity and beauty of forms. This is a trolley cart that reinvents the wheel. By that we mean that it actually has some eye-catching wheels. They’re oversized and made of glass, like the rest of the cart.

Casamania Chariot Modern Bar CartView in gallery

Chariot is another interesting bar cart. It too has big wheels which give the entire cart an extreme look by becoming the focal point of its design. Two trays offer serving and storage surfaces. This is a modern bar cart that’s stylish enough to be kept in the living room.

Mai tai modern bar cartView in gallery

In contrast with the previous two carts, the Mai Tai trolley has four small and cute wheels. It also has two trays which be used as storage shelves but can also be removed for easy serving. This chic cart is a creation of Odosdesign and its trays come in three beautiful colors: aqua, white and wood.

Roda Round Trolley DesignView in gallery

If it weren’t for the tiny wheels and the handle, this could easily go as a side table. Its name is Caddy and it’s a very cute and practical little bar cart. Like most modern bar carts, it has two trays. The one at the bottom is perfect for storing things while the one at the top can be used for serving. They’re both made of stainless steel and removable.

James Bar Cart by Stellar WorksView in gallery

Meet James, a beautiful but most of all practical trolley cart designed by Yabu Pushelberg. It’s made of laminate veneer panels attached to a steel frame and it has a solid wood handle and two intriguing wheels that are both decorative and functional.


Touch Tea Cart by TalentiView in gallery

The Touch tea cart is part of a collection characterized by simplicity, elegance and versatility. The cart, like all the other products in the series, is designed with weather-resistant materials and that makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces including living rooms, lounge area, patios and terraces. It’s small and compact but at the same time it’s quite efficient.

USM Haller Serving Cart by USM Chrome materialView in gallery

Simplicity is also a characteristic of the USM Haller bar cart. Its design is defined by a thin metal frame supported by four casters. The shelf at the bottom is pretty big and ideal for storage. The rim prevents the items from tipping over the side. You can get this cart in six different colors.Modern bar cart with a leather wine storageView in gallery

If you’d like a trolley cart with a distinct personality, check out the Valet. It’s a cart with a lot of style. It has a powder-coated steel frame and brass plated stainless steel accents. The top and bottom shelves are made of laminate veneer boards. The elements that have the biggest impact on the design are made of leather (the bottle storage pockets and the side compartment

More then a trolley in stainless steelView in gallery

The element that separates the AR1 bar cart from other similar models is its built-in ice box. This is a feature some carts lack. To access the box, you just side the top to the side. the cart’s frame is made of tubular chromed steel and the ice box is made of inox steel. The compartment that holds the bottles is framed by perforated aluminum sheets.

BRANDY Cattelan Italia Bar CartView in gallery

Featuring a frame in graphite embossed lacquered steel and a top, bottom shelf and wheels in Canaletto walnut or burned oak, the Brady trolley cart is both practical and elegant, being suitable for a variety of spaces, styles and decors. It’s equipped with useful storage for bottles and a tray for small accessories.

Chrome bar cart with glass shelvesView in gallery

Picking a bar cart is a matter or personal taste and preference. It needs to be practical and in some cases size also matters so figure out what your priorities are so you can come up with a list of must-have features.

Black bar cart with mirrored trayView in gallery

If you plan on also using the cart outdoors, look for a model that’s made of weather-resistant materials and that also has a solid construction which can withstand the conditions outside.

Go Home bar cart in brass finishView in gallery

Trolley carts and serving trays are hybrids because they’re accent pieces which combine practicality with beautiful aesthetics. That’s why some versions put a lot of emphasis on the finishes used as well as the forms, colors and materials.

Wooden bar cart unfinishedView in gallery

Most modern bar carts are simple and lack unnecessary details and embellishments. Even so, they don’t lack charm and character and they manage to impress with their understated sophistication.