20 DIYs to Get Your House Ready for Valentines Day

During these long cold months, when the days seem like weeks and the pale white blur outside your window feels unending, it’s uplifting to make a big deal out of even the little holidays. Although I’m not sure anyone would call Valentines Day a little holiday anymore. The February celebration of love bombards the stores with chocolate and sparkly hearts as soon as the New Years Eve hats are put away. So, even though February 14th is still a few weeks away, you have permission to begin your Valentines celebrations, starting with decking out your home. There are so many simple and beautiful DIYs to make your house feel like a love nest this season. Check out these 20 projects to get your house ready for Valentines Day.

Paint chip garlandsView in gallery

In my opinion, the best DIYs are very simple and practically free. Head to your local hardware store and snatch up some paint chips in various shades of pink and red. Punch them into shapes or freehand your hearts and stitch them together for a lovely ombre garland that will spruce up any wall. (via Brit + Co)

DIY love signView in gallery

L is for the way you look at me and G is for the gold letters I see. Gold confetti is an easy find at the craft store. Then you have the option to buy wooden letters or make them from cardboard. Either way, you’ll get a gilded word for your bookshelf or mantle. (via Popcosmo)

Valentine tea towelView in gallery

Kitchens are difficult places to change up for the holidays. But stamping some plain white tea towels in pink dots and gold hearts will definitely take things up a notch for your Valentine celebration. (via Handmaker of Things)

Pink dyed wall hangingView in gallery

Wall hangings have been on trend for quite a while so you can probably think of one on your wall at home. Consider dip dying the ends pink for February. Plus, you’ll be on par with Pantone’s color of the year. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

Large lipstick pinataView in gallery

I could think of no better time to craft yourself a lipstick piñata than a Valentines Day party for the girls. Even if you don’t fill it with candy, just having a giant tube of lipstick in your living room is a rockin’ decoration, don’t you think? (via Studio DIY)

Rosy paper lanternsView in gallery

Let’s take the eyes up for a minute. Paper lanterns are a dime a dozen, right? Grab a few plain ol’ white ones and then deck them out with paint and large rose stickers. You can light them for a rosy glowing effect or just let the pink do the decorating work. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

Geo heart wall artView in gallery

No time. No decorating budget. You might think that makes for a Valentines Day decor dud. However with some pink paper, you can cut your way to the prettiest geo heart on your wall. I recommend sticking it above your dining room table for the greatest effect. (via Oleander and Palm)

Pink valentine vaseView in gallery

The best part about vases is that they can go literally anywhere. So once you give yours a little pink paint job, you’ll just have to decide whether you’re going to put it in the office or the bedroom or on the dining room table. (via The Crafted Life)

Glitter heart pillowView in gallery

Living room pillow covers are so easy to find for any occasion and season. But instead of buying some for V-day, use some glitter to create your own unique pillow cover. I promise you won’t find a sparklier one. (via High On DIY)

XO marquee signView in gallery

Marquee letters are so much fun. If you’re worried about putting all the effort into these to display them once a year, you can totally put them in your bedroom when Valentines Day is over. (via Kristi Murphy)

Wood heart bannerView in gallery

MDF is everywhere. You’ve probably done past projects with the fibreboard.  So take your scrapes and cut them into heart shapes. Then cover with modge podge and tissue paper to achieve the final patterned heart product. I can think of so many places to string these. (via By Wilma)

Silk flower wreathsView in gallery

I love how a simple wreath of greenery can be easily romancified with a few pink silk flowers. Suddenly you’re Valentines Day decor becomes a versatile permanent piece on your wall. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

Painted plant potView in gallery

Let’s not forget about our houseplants shall we. With a little paint and an afternoon, you can bring all your pots up to the pink February standard with stripes and hearts and dots and whatever else you decided to paint. (via A Night Owl)

Valentine embroidery artView in gallery

So I’m kinda in love with these embroidered Valentine art pieces. It’s definitely a project that will take up some of those dark snowy evenings at home. (via The Pink Samurai)

Conversation heart postersView in gallery

Conversation hearts are so much fun to decorate with and replicate. These large heart posters are simple to make and they’ll provide a big effect on whatever wall you hang them on. Win win for everyone. (via Allison Celestia)

Valentine heart treeView in gallery

Isn’t this Valentine heart tree just adorable? Who knew that sticks from the backyard and pink paper could produce such a creative and lovely decor piece. You can use it as the centerpiece on your table or place it by the entryway door so everyone will be sure to see how creative you are. (via The House That Lars Built)

Valentine heart bannerView in gallery

The tutorial options for banners are endless. So whether you bust out your sewing machine or use the iron on tape for this heart banner, you’ll still get a bright quote to hang on your wall. Like mistletoe! (via Say Yes)

Crotchet heart door hangerView in gallery

Crotchet much? It’s a great hobby to encourage during the winter. Use the template to make these little heart hangers for all your doorknobs this year. I’ll bet you could even sell them on your Etsy shop. (via Dwell Beautiful)

Floral wall artView in gallery

Valentines Day always includes hearts and flowers. So why not combine to two by creating your own wall flower art piece just for the occasion. Bonus points if you use real blooms. (via Homedit)

Eucalyptus heart wreathView in gallery

So maybe you aren’t into the pink and red and sparkly this year. That’s okay. Put your own simple style into this eucalyptus heart wreath and you’ll have the perfect Scandinavian valentine. (via Earnest Home Co)