DIY Hanging Fruit Basket

Wire and anything made out of it has been a popular material in the last few years and it seems like it’s here to stay, hence all the different types of wired DIYs, decorations and solutions are more than welcome. Some of the wire projects are meant to be interesting, the others are appreciated for its function. Today we will try to combine both features by making this cool, hanging fruit basket for a better, kitchen organisation.

DIY Hanging fruit basket

Most of you love clutter free, spotless homes so I thought I would show you something that can help make this dream come true. I’m not saying it’s a remedy for a total disorder, but it’s an item that is very useful. The hanging fruit basket will work particularly well in small spaces, where every inch counts, as the basket doesn’t take any surface. You can hang it on top of your kitchen table or between the counters, so that the fruits serve also as a decorative element, adding pop of color.

DIY Hanging fruit basket Closer

I have spotted this wire at the flea market last Saturday and thought it would be just perfect for what I had in mind, however feel free to experiment with different basket designs if you already have some at home.

Modern DIY Hanging fruit basket

A fruit basket is something that every home needs so, it’s nothing incredibly fancy, just a bit more quirky than what you might be used to.There is no complicated tutorial and I think you already figured out how to make it but I will explain what I did here in case you have a doubt. Have a look:

You will need:

  • a hook / rail or anything that you can hang your basket on
  • wire basket
  • thick string
Fruit baskets material

Here is what I did:

Tip: If you have a wire basket but don’t like it’s color, you can paint it to match your kitchen decor before.

DIY Hanging fruit basket String

1. Cut the string to the desired length (take into consideration the distance you want to keep between the table and the basket) Pass the string through your wire basket handles, making sure to keep the length the same on both sides.

DIY Hanging fruit basket install

2. Install your basket in a desired place by making a thick knot and securing at the right height – I would say 40 – 50 cm above the table seems to be a good distance.

DIY Hanging fruit basket hang

That’s it! It was very easy, right? Now it’s time to place the fruits inside and enjoy your new kitchen accessory.

DIY Hanging fruit basket empty

In fact, you can also use your hanging basket in many different ways, depending on what where you install it and what you place inside. For example it could also look great in a hallway, holding all the keys next to the main door.  I’m very happy with how functional it is in a kitchen but would definitely consider also other places for it.

DIY Hanging fruit basket for kitchen
DIY Hanging fruit basket above top

Where do you keep your fruits? Do you like the idea of hanging basket?