50 Ways To Use Interior Sliding Barn Doors In Your Home

Sliding barn doors have gradually become an important trend in the interior design world. Their popularity is due to the fact that they have that rustic spark which we love so much because it adds warmth and texture to a room. Today we’ll review a series of interior design and décor options that include interior sliding barn doors and we’ll take a look at a few inspiring ideas.

Add coziness to the bedroom with a barn door

Bedroom sliding barn door and birch tree wallpaper

When thinking about barn doors and how they can be used inside the house, the first thing that comes to mind is the bedroom. This is the perfect place for such a feature, considering how much cozier and inviting the room feels like with it.{found on ksaarch}.

Master bathroom with sliding barn doors for bathroom

The great thing about interior barn doors is that they can adapt to a variety of styles. So if your bedroom is rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary, there should be enough room for customization in this sense.{found on connieandersonphotography}.

Minimalist bedroom featuring a siding barn door

Take advantage of the warmth that a wooden barn door can add to the room and use the texture and color to your advantage, keeping the rest of the bedroom décor simple, neutral and bright.{found on damcquillan}.

Eclectic interior design with barn door

Eclectic interior designs are the best because they allow you to put together your favorite elements even if they belong to different styles. In other words, a sliding barn door can share the space with a modern chandelier, a traditional rug or a vintage nightstand.

Make an interior barn door look natural

There are ways to make an interior barn door look natural in a bedroom. One example can be an interior design where the door shares similarities with the ceiling beams or the flooring.{found on buckenmeyerllc}.

White washed barn door for bedroom

The barn door in the bedroom can also match smaller things like the nightstands, the bench at the foot of the bed or the window frames. The important thing is to maintain a cohesive look throughout.

Exposed barn door hardware

Most of the times, people want to show off the sliding barn door they added to their bedroom so they make sure that it stands out. However, if this is not your wish, you can make the door blend in.{found on nwks}.

barn door separating your bedroom from its en-suite bathroom

One way to draw less attention to the fact that there’s a barn door separating your bedroom from its en-suite bathroom or the room next to it is by painting white or the same color as the wall.{found on alvarezhomes}.

Bedroom for two witth eye cathing barn doors

If you really want to draw attention to the bedroom door, consider getting a pair of sliding barn doors instead of a single one. They would definitely stand out not only thanks to their size but also because they would maximize the rustic charm added to the room.

Sliding barn doors are perfect for small spaces

You may think that interior barn doors are only suitable for large and spacious bedroom but that’s not the case. Even a tiny bedroom can use a dose of farmhouse beauty.{found on ourtownplans}.

sliding barn door would be a space-efficient option

In fact, a sliding barn door would be a space-efficient option for a small room, regardless of its use or function. And there a lot of ways in which you can use to your advantage or adapt to the style you prefer.{found on rusticahardware}.

Reclaimed wood sliding barn door

Turn the bar door into a feature for the bedroom. It can function similarly to a piece of artwork, becoming a focal point for this space and making a statement.

Old door turned into a sliding barn door

And if you’re set of making your interior barn door a focal point for the bedroom, play with contrasts of color, texture and style in order to achieve that look.{found on theplatformexperiment}.

Mountain ski lodge barn door

An alternative would be to use the barn door as inspiration, as a starting point for a bedroom décor that uses reclaimed wood and rustic finishes to establish a cozy and relaxing ambiance.{found on faurehalvorsen}.

Cozy basement sliding barn door

Basements can be really cozy and inviting, despite the fact that they can feel dark and gloomy. It’s up to you to turn this area into a pleasant living environment. Consider using one portion as a bedroom and the other as a playroom or recreational area. Put a barn door between them and the problem is solved.

Whole sliding barn door concept

Of course, there’s also the option to find the whole sliding barn door concept interesting but not quite suitable for your own bedroom. Feel free to adapt it and transform it.{found on matthewniemann}.

Introduce rustic charm into the playrooms and kids’ bedrooms

Playroom area with sliding barn door

You may now find interior sliding barn doors charming and stylish but you didn’t have the same opinion as a kid. First of all, they weren’t this trendy back then and you didn’t have a well-developed sense of style. But that’s not a reason to deny your own kids the chance to enjoy a barn door in their bedroom.{found on lucycall}.

Divide a playroom from living with a sliding barn door

Actually, kids enjoy using sliding doors and they find them fun so here’s another plus to add to the list. Just make sure the door slides smoothly to avoid injuries or damage to the floor.{found on feldmanarchitecture}.

Kids room sliding barn door with clear glass and chalkpaint

Considering how colorful most playrooms and children bedrooms are in general, you might want to customize the barn door so that they match the rest of the room’s décor, color palette and style.{found on jschwartzconstruction}.

How to add a sliding barn door to a social area

Modern Sliding Barn Door for Bookshelf

What good could a sliding barn door bring to a living room, right? This is definitely not the right approach. If you keep an open mind, you’ll find that there are a lot of interesting ways to use a barn door in such a space. For example, use it to hide your book collection.{found on breathe}.

multifunctional room featuring bunk beds behind the barn door

Or, if the room is a multifunctional space, use sliding barn doors to make the distinction between functions, such as to hide the sleeping area or to keep the workspace private.{found on vanderhornarchitects}.

Hide TV easy with some sliding barn doors

Another very interesting way to use a sliding barn door is for hiding the TV. The door would have to be small and customized for this particular purpose. Such a décor option can look wonderful in a rustic living room for example.

TV above the fireplace with miniature small barn doors

For a better integration into the room’s decor, the small sliding barn doors can be painted prior to being installed. They’ll still have a bit of rusticity embedded in their look but they’ll also coordinate well with the rest of the room a well.

Playboards room divided by sliding doors

A social area can have a variety of functions. For example, it can serve as a recreation space where family members can read, play board games together or simply relax. Now imagine how cozy such a space would be if you were to add an interior barn door to it.{found on artisticdesignsforliving}.

Sliding barn door living room accent

A space doesn’t need to be rustic to proudly feature a sliding barn door. The door can be an accent feature designed to contrast with the rest of the décor and to stand out in a subtle way.{found on synthesisdesign}.

Make your home office or craft room more inviting

Traditional office divided by a large sliding door

As mentioned previously, barn doors can be used for separating a small area from a much larger open floor plan. For example, a work area can be a part of a spacious living room and a private space at the same time.{found on djarchitects}.

Orange modern sliding barn doors for office space

In cases like these, it’s sometimes useful to highlight element separating the spaces which would be the sliding barn door. Painting it an eye-catching color is a simple and versatile solution.{found on cathyschwabearchitecture}.

Option to use large sliding doors

There’s also the option to use a large sliding barn door as a space divider between two rooms. It would eliminate a wall, bringing the two spaces closer together and allowing them to function as one whenever desired.{found on nnarchitecture}.

Old Door Turned Into a Sliding Barn Door For Office

An office, even if it’s at home where your family is, doesn’t feel very cozy and inviting. You can attenuate the problem by using features such as a reclaimed barn door, personalized wall décor or an interesting wallpaper pattern on the walls.{found on olsenstudios}.

Pipes work table and sliding barn door create an indutrial design

For a cohesive look, you could also opt for a desk or a worktable made of reclaimed wood that looks similar to the barn door. The flooring can also coordinate the door and the same thing goes for the ceiling beams if they exist.{found on shelbywood}.

Modern bungalow featuring a large white sliding door

An alternative can be to disguise the barn doors and hide their strong rustic features. They can coordinate with the office furniture and they can share a traditional style.{found on greatneighborhoodhomes}.

Sliding barn doors used for kitchens and pantries

Grey painted sliding barn doors

Integrating a barn door into a kitchen is tricky because, on one hand, you need space for sliding barn door kit and this means sacrificing a piece of the wall you could otherwise use for storage and, on the other hand, you’d actually be saving space by making the kitchen more accessible.{found on dkarc}.

Impact of sliding doors

The impact created by a pair of interior barn doors when entering a kitchen helps a lot with the whole comfort and cozyness issue generated by the fact that this is a utilitarian space but also a social area by modern standards.{found on cashmereinterior}.

White painted barn sliding door

If your kitchen has a traditional, rustic or farmhouse design then adding a barn door to it could be the next step you take towards turning it into one of the most welcoming rooms in the house.{found on sarahsteinbergcustomdesigns}.

White Barn Doors For A Modern Kitchen

Barn doors are also ideal for pantries. That’s because they’re easy to operate and space-efficient, considering the fact that they’re sliding to the side, not occupying the space in front of them.

Barn Doors For Kitchen Pantry

An interesting option is to use a single sliding barn door for a pantry that’s wider than the door. This way only a portion of the pantry would be covered at any given time.{found on kitchenlabdesign}.

Small pantry room featuring a barn door

A sliding barn door is also a really great option when the pantry is small and positioned in an area that could potentially be obstructed by a traditional type of door.{found on rudloffcustombuilders}.

Hide a wine cellar with sliding barn doors

Consider using a large barn door to hide a certain portion of the kitchen, such as the wine racks, the storage area or pantry or some of your coffee station. There’s no need to leave everything exposed where’s enough room for compartmentalization.{found on everythinghomedesigns}.

Other uses for interior barn doors

Entryway design idea

Entryway Sliding Barn Door

We also came across a really clever way of using a sliding barn door on the entryway hall to hide the hooks and show storage boxes. You can adopt a similar design for your home if the layout and the architecture allow it.

Dining room decor

Mountain dining room area with a cozy decor

The dining room is another cozy area where a barn door could look really beautiful and natural. To better integrate it into the décor, use it in combination with a rustic or traditional wooden table and other elements that can coordinate with the door.{found on glennwoodcustombuildersnc}.

Laundry room separator

Barn doors for laundry room

I can’t really pinpoint the exact element that suggests this, but there’s something about laundry rooms and sliding barn doors that feels right when the two are put together. It could be the size and function of the space.{found on jc-design}.

Terrace/ deck divider

French barn doors for porch

A pair of sliding barn doors can be exactly what your living space needs for easy access on the adjacent deck or terrace. Actually this is generally how sliding doors are used and this only a variation.


Modern Green Barn Door DIY

So you like barn doors and you find the idea of using one for your home’s interior design very attractive. The next step is finding it. But there’s also an alternative: to make the door yourself. Lifewithfingerprints offers a beautiful description of how to make a stylish barn door for a home office.

Shutter Windows into Barn Door

When tackling such a project, you have to analyze all the details from the start. For example, what type of wood will you be using and what type of hardware you need? The sliding barn door kit is an important element in the overall design and structure of the whole project. Brightgreendoor offers more info on the subject.

DIY reclaimed wood sliding barn door

The beautiful thing is that you can make a lovely barn door for your home without spending a lot of money. If you use reclaimed wood you can save quite a bit and there’s also the option to save on hardware the same way. Find out more about this on akadesign.

How to build a barn door

You can find out how you can build a sliding barn door for your closet or some other space for under $20 by visiting farmfreshvintagefinds. The project doesn’t need to be expensive if you don’t want it to be so there are always solutions you can find and adapt.

Steps for creating a barn door

The hardware needed for such a project is also the focus on shabbylisaw where you can find detailed instructions on how to build a barn door from scratch and how to install it where you need it. The project is not difficult although some degree of skill and attention to detail is required.

Sliding Door Under 40 dollars

Apartmenttherapy also offers a pretty nice tutorial on how to build an affordable and good-looking sliding barn door. You’d have to visit your local hardware store for all the pieces and to also acquire a few basic tools. Once everything it prepared, follow the instructions and enjoy.

Sliding Door How To Stencil Wall

Not all sliding barn doors are the same and, as you’ve noticed by now, each one has a unique and different design. The building process also differs. But if you want a simple barn door with no unusual elements or fancy features, check out the instructions described on vintagerevivals.

DIY industrial barn door with pipes to hide a tv

You can also build barn door TV covers similar to the ones described in this article. You can use industrial pipes for the mounting mechanism and the sliding door kit and if you want the TV cover to stand out thanks to its rustic beauty, give it a distressed look. {found on lizmarieblog}