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Sliding Barn Door Kits Offer Charm for Interior Thresholds

Sliding barn door kits are popular among interior designers. Repurposed barn doors offer rustic charm and character. If you’re looking for a door style outside of traditional designs, a sliding barn door would be your best option. 

Barn Door Hardware Kits

They’re appreciated for their ability to make spaces look warm, cozy, and homely. What’s also great is that you can turn this into a DIY project. A barn door hardware kit plus the door are everything you need.

Best Sliding Barn Door Kits

Here are the best sliding barn door kits handpicked by our team of in-house designers. 

Winson Door Closet Kit

Winson Door Closet Kit

The WinSoon sliding barn door features high-quality carbon steel with a frosted black finish. It’s waterproof and rust-proof. The design is a 36-inch width with a thickness between 1 3/8 inches and 1 3/4 inches.

The single six-foot track is easy to install. Included in the sliding door kit are 5 track supports, 2 rollers, two-door stoppers, two anti-pads, one door guide, and a hex wrench,

SmartStandard Sliding Barn Door Kit

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

The SmartStandard sliding barn door hardware kit offers premium quality at a low price. It’s easy to install, being ideal for DIY projects and includes: (2) 3.3 foot rails, 5 rail spacers, 2 rollers, 2 door stops, 2 end caps, one-floor guide, and a hex key.

U-Max Sliding Door Kit

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

The U-Max sliding door kit is made of high-quality steel and can hold 200-pound doors. You can use the sliding door for 36-inch wide door panels and for doors that have a thickness between 1 3/8 inches and 1 3/4 inches. The kit includes (2) 3.3ft rails, 2 spacers, 2 rollers, 2 door stops, 2 end caps, 1-floor guide, and 1 hex key. 

Homlux Sliding Barn Door

Homlux Sliding Barn Door

The Homlux sliding barn door hardware kit can hold 350-pound loads. It features high-strength, industrial-grade tracks. The door thickness is between 1 3/8 and 1 3/4 inches. For a sliding barn door the design si sturdy, durable, and quiet.

SmartStandard Sliding Barn Door

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

The second Smartstandard sliding barn door hardware kit on our list, but this model features a monorail design instead of a dual rail sliding system. Included with the kit are 5 rail spacers, 2 rollers, 2 door stops, 2 end caps, a floor guide, and the hex key.

It’s good for door widths between 36-inches and 40 inches with 1 3/8 inch and 1 3/4 inch thickness.

Ideal Barn Door Stainless Mount

Stainless Steel Modern Barn Wood Sliding Door Hardware Track Kit

Ideal Barn Door offers a sliding door made of satin-brushed stainless steel. It includes two sliding tracks that measure 8 feet, 10 wall-mounted rail connectors and screws, four rollers with anti-jump, 4 stoppers, 2-floor guides, 2 end caps, and 1 track connector. It fits double door systems with thicknesses between 35 – 40 mm. 

How Do Sliding Barn Doors Save On Interior Space?

Traditional doors swing outward when they’re open, which requires space. A sliding barn door rolls to the side against a wall, which doesn’t require extra space to open it. A sliding barn door rolls out of the way, making room for you to carry large items in and out of the space.  

Are Sliding Plastic Barn Doors A Good Idea?

Plastic sliding barn doors are lighter than wood doors. The door style will never have a termite problem. Also, because of their lightness, plastic barn doors are easy to detach, making it easy to take them with you when you move to a new home. 

Barn Door vs. Pocket Door

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

The door styles are often confused with one another. Let’s explore the differences between a pocket door and a sliding barn door.

What Is A Barn Door?

A barn on a farm has a sliding door because the structure is too big to swing in and out.

What Is A Pocket Door?

A pocket door works in a similar fashion, but it doesn’t have a ‘barn style’ look about it. It’s usually a simple and standard interior door but set on a sliding mechanism that allows you to slide it right into the wall. 

When Do You Use Them?

Sliding barn doors are ideal for dividing large spaces, like a living room and dining room. The door style is popular in industrial loft settings. They also work for interior door locations and add a rustic flair to the decor.

A pocket door is for smaller spaces. A half-bathroom in a narrow hallway would be one example. Because no out-swing is needed, it doesn’t take away from the restricted traffic flow.

How To Build A Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits

A DIY sliding barn door project might seem daunting, but it’s simple. You could choose to make a barn door from scratch. However, before you start, you’ll need the right tools and materials. 

Materials you’ll need to build a barn door:

  • 1 piece of plywood 
  • x7 3×1 boards that are 7 feet long
  • x2 1×1 boards that are 7 feet long
  • Darn door hardware kit 
  • Table saw
  • Air nailer
  • Extra large piece of glass
  • Glass cutter
  • Jig saw
  • Power drill

How To Make And Install Barn Door And Hardware

How to Make and Install Barn Door and Hardware
  1. First, cut the plywood according to your door size. Next, trim the long pieces and attach them to the edges of the plywood strips in the front, and back. Use wood glue and the nail gun for this step. When you’re ready, cut smaller pieces from the scrap plywood to attach on the top and bottom.
  2. Cut the glass according to the size you need with a glass cutter. 
  3. Cut a hole for the glass in the door, but make sure it’s a little smaller. Use the jig saw for this step.
  4. With the one-inch plywood pieces, make a frame for the glass insert. Then run them through the table saw to create a slot for the glass.
  5. Drill all the holes you need to install the sliding door hardware.
  6. Paint or stain the wood material.
  7. Attach the sliding door hardware to the door and wall. 

Sliding Barn Door Design Ideas

Sliding Door For Small Space

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

If you live in an apartment, a sliding barn door will help you divide your open living spaces. In this example, the barn door hardware is for a door that’s 12 feet tall. The kit comes with four small casters to reduce the weight off the slider. Check out kleinworthco to find out more about this project.

Double Sliding Door Style

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

Before you begin building a barn door, choose a style. You can find the plans on jennasuedesign.

Guest Bedroom Sliding Barn Door

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

For example, this door featured on Remodelaholic has a chevron pattern. Also, the sliding door hardware blends into the wall. Check out remodelaholic for details.

Master Bedroom Sliding Barn Door

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding barn doors are ideal for tiny rooms and non-traditional layouts. To learn more, check out Deeplysouthernhome.

Sliding Barn Entryway Door

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

When you need a door to separate your foyer and living room, a sliding barn door will do the trick. Check out beneathmyheart to find out how this door was made.

Sliding Kitchen Barn Door

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

When you need to separate your kitchen and laundry room, a sliding barn door offers easy access to both spaces while keeping them separated. With this example, a yellow sliding barn door offer a color accent. To learn more, check out beneathmyheart.

Sliding Barn Door: Wrap Up

Agricultural architecture is popular with contemporary interior decorators. The sliding barn door fits with this aesthetic. The goal is to bring the outdoors indoors, which has remained a consistent theme.

For a rustic farmhouse look, panels set on sliding barn door hinges have also remained popular among industrial loft settings.