DIY Walnut Veneer Chargers

Thanksgiving (and one of the busiest holiday entertaining seasons) is fast approaching. Create these fun and colorful DIY chargers to embellish your holiday table setting. Both modern and rustic these chargers can be customized with color to fit just about any Thanksgiving table!

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  • Thin balsa wood or plywood
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Walnut wood veneer
  • Sand paper
  • Adhesive (spray adhesive or wood glue)
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Spray lacquer or shellac


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1. Start by drawing a circle on your balsa or plywood and cutting it out on the bandsaw or jigsaw for the best results. It’s okay if it isn’t perfect, you will sand around the edges in a later step.

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2. Place the wood circle on the walnut veneer (veneer face down) and trace around the circle with a pencil. Cut out the veneer circle with scissors.

3. Use adhesive to attach the walnut veneer circle to the plywood circle. You can use wood glue (but will need to use books or something on top of the veneer to weight it down to get a nice seal) or spray adhesive for a quick dry and finish.

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4. Once your glue is dry and the walnut veneer has adhered to the plywood, use sand paper to smooth out the edges and even out the circle. Use a paper towel or cloth to dust off excess sawdust.

5. Use a bold fun color or a bright gold to finish off the edges. Apply with a thin paint brush and let dry.

6. To finish off the whole project, spray the charger with shellac or polyurethane finish. Let dry according to the instructions on the back of the bottle. This will bring out the color of the veneer and make them shine. Make a whole batch for each place setting at your holiday table!

Once finished, set your table with an eclectic mix of colorful dishes, linens, succulents and florals and enjoy a lovely get together with friends and family.

Please note- chargers are not typically food safe and not intended to hold food. Do not place food directly on your chargers!

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