Charming and Easy DIY Jewelry Wall Display

Decorating your home — even making custom pieces for your space — can be fun and simple. Adding functional pieces to your home decor is a must, but finding a way to mesh function and style into one piece is a dream come true. I made this creative jewelry wall display. It is a simple way to store some of my favorite necklaces, and add a little flair to my home. If you want to make one for yourself, read on to learn how I made this DIY jewelry wall display!

Creative jewelry wall display

Items Needed to Make a DIY Jewelry Wall Display 

  • Old drawer knobs (or new)
  • Old board (pallets work great!)
  • Drill
Antique Drawer Knobs

Step One: Acquire Some Knobs 

I purchased these drawer knobs that look like antiques.  I immediately fell in love with them because they are rustic but have bold colors!

Sanded wood pallet

Step Two: Get a Rustic Board

I chose to use a really rough looking wood pallet piece for the base. I marked where I wanted the knobs to be placed on the board and drilled a hole for each knob. It was really simple and quick to do. While I love that the wood pallet is rough, I needed to soften it up a little bit.

Reclaimed wood for jewelry display

Step Three: Prep the Board

I achieved a softer look by sanding the board down just enough to take off the scruffiness. Now it has more of a rustic-chic look. Because the antique knobs have a vintage look, they pair perfect with the sanded board.  I was planning to stain this, but decided against it because I like the original color of the sanded pallet. Combined with the polished look of the knobs, it makes for a fun contrast.

Putting in door knob into wood

Step Four: Insert Knobs in the Jewelry Wall Display

The knobs went right into the holes, but left me with a problem:  Standard knobs are made with a long screw so that they can be secured onto a drawer or thicker surface. If I leave the knobs as is, the board cannot rest flush against the wall. I had to trim them.

Snapping drawer knobs

Step Five: Finish Ends

No special tools are required for this, just something like a wrench to snap off the excess part of the screws.

Making door knob jewelry display

It did the trick wonderfully!

Step Six: Hang Your DIY Jewelry Wall Display on the Wall

Attaching the board to the wall with standard screws was all I needed to do to hang it. Having this on the wall brightens up the space — it is both functional and beautiful!

DIY necklace holder
Jewelry wall display

Using two predominant colors — pink and blue —  makes this feel fresh and fun. The pieces work together because all of the knobs have a soft, antique look and feel. Things do not always have to match perfectly in order to work well in home decor.

Creative and feminine jewelry wall holder
DIY jewelry storage project
Door knob jewelry holder

I didn’t need this particular hanger to hold a lot of jewelry — just a few of my favorites. If you need a hanger to hold more jewelry, you could make the board longer or wider, allowing you enough room for more knobs. You can customize it to your specific needs. That is my favorite part of home decor DIY style — making something that fits my home perfectly!