Yarn Wall Hanging – DIY Fringe Art

Fibre art has taken over our homes. It’s no longer good enough to keep our warm woolen pieces in our wardrobes, we must now feature them as throws, cushion and very 70’s inspired wall hangings. Weaving is a trend that is not going anywhere fast, but if you don’t have the patience for warp and weft then this tutorial is for you. Get the aesthetic of a woven wall hanging with none of the fuss.

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The large ring for this wall hanging has been upcycled from a second-hand lamp shade but you can buy them from many online craft shops. You just need a hoop that will hold it’s shape and you can choose one in and colour to compliment on contrast with your yarn.

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Materials you’ll need for yarn wall hanging:

  • Metal ring
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Wall hook

Instructions to craft step by step the wall ganging:

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Step 1: Elbow wrap

Wrap the yarn from your hand around your elbow and back up to your hand again to make a loop. Continue to loop this way until you have a thick loop of yarn.

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Step 2: Cut

Cut through all the strings in one. You will now many pieces of yarn all the same length.

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Step 3: Separate lengths

Separate these into lengths of 15 – 20 depending on how thick your yarn is. You can experiment with the process but if you have too many strands in one the tails will be too far apart once you have secured them to the ring. Too few and you’ll have to make too many knots!

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Step 4: Groups

Fold the groups of yarn in half and pull them under the metal loop. Bring both ends together up over the metal loop and through the yarn loop.

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Step 5: Tight

Pull the ends of the yarn to tighten the yarn against the metal ring and adjust them so that they are hanging down from the loop.

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Continue to do this with the rest of the yarn.

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Step 6: Brush

Once all the yarn is secured to the metal hoop, brush down with your fingers and cut into a V shape.

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Step 7: Hanging on the wall

Hang on the wall and your done!

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