Stylish Shower Wall Tile Ideas For The Modern Home

Tiles are almost always the go-to choice of material for bathrooms and showers in particular. They’re practical, long-lasting, and easy to clean and they come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, textures, sizes, styles, and even materials.

Shower Wall Tile

Tiled shower walls have never looked so beautiful, so let’s see how you too could take advantage of all the different options to make your bathroom’s shower wall tile look extra stylish.

Transform Your Bathroom With These Contemporary Shower Wall Tile Ideas

1. An Ornate Gray Shower Wall Tile Design

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The shower tiles here form a beautiful design and stand out from typical repetitive patterns and while bringing an old-school vibe to the bathroom. At the same time, the gray nuance on the rest of the walls combined with the dark wooden flooring looks amazing. This is a design created by studio Louise Walsh.

2. Green Mosaic Shower Tiles to Add a Splash of Color

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It’s quite interesting the way this shower nook is not fully enclosed and remains open to the rest of the bathroom yet looks like its own little space with individuality and character. The green mosaic shower tiles contrast with the wooden flooring the gray walls around it. This is a design by MR Architecture + Decor.

3. Patchwork Tile Design for Your Shower

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There’s something wonderful about this patchwork tile design. It gives the bathroom walls a stone-like vibe and the colors are simple yet not without character. The shower partition is part solid wall and part glass which gives some privacy without making the space seem tiny. Check out the rest of this house on Shootfactory.

4. Timeless Subway Shower Wall Tiles

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Subway tiles are forever stylish and look exquisite in the kitchen as well as in bathrooms. Whether you put tiles on all the walls of the bathroom or just the shower walls it will most definitely look elegant and classy, as exemplified here by Espacio en Blanco.

5. Classic White Subway Tile Pattern With Golden Accents

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Subway tiles can be arranged in a variety of patterns. The one featured on these shower walls still has some of the simple and timeless charms of the classic subway tile pattern but with a bit of a twist. The golden accents really bring out the elegance in the space. This was created by studio moss Design.

6. Classy Marble Tiles for Your Shower

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Marble is forever classy and looks beautiful on backsplashes, countertops, and tiled shower walls. In this bathroom designed by Michael Habachy the marble and glass shower enclosure complements the wooden floor, black and white vanity, and textured brick wall.

7. Shower Wall Tiles to Match Your Floor Tiles

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Showers with wall tiles that match the floor have a nice simplistic look. The uniform design is nice if you want to maintain a minimalist appearance and to only use a single color or pattern. This is a design completed by Jonathan Lake Architects and the color of choice is a dark shade of brown.

8. Square Wall Tiles

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A double-height warehouse space was converted into an apartment by designer Paola Navone and, as you can imagine, the space is pretty unique. This shower area is spacious and we love the square wall tiles and the different patterns on the floor tiles. It’s a cool combo with lots of charm.

9. A Nature-Inspired Design With A Green Ceiling

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With so many different options to choose from you can even a pick for your shower area and go with it. How about a nature-inspired design with a green ceiling, wooden flooring, and textured walls that look like these? This right here is a very cool design created by Andrea Castrignano.

10. A Warm and Welcoming Wooden Shower

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This is a case where the house and implicitly this wonderful shower area was designed from the outside in, meaning the materials and colors featured inside are chosen to complement the exterior and are inspired by the surroundings. The wood-like pattern gives the shower and bathroom, in general, a very warm and welcoming feel. This was a project by Jamie Bush & Co.

11. Light Colored Shower Wall Tiles

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A light color palette often suits the shower wall tiles, especially in combination with glass enclosures. This way the whole space can look airy and open and the transition is seamless. If you like the simple look, perhaps a Scandinavian-style interior design is for you.

12. Match Your Shower Tiles with the Rest of the Bathroom

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This is a rather stark look for a bathroom, with colors and finishes which don’t really inspire a very warm look yet manage to create a welcoming decor. The shower tiles and floor match the rest of the bathroom which in combination with the glass dividers allows them to blend in seamlessly. This is just a section of the beautiful design created by design studio Workroom.

13. Stylish Hexagon-Shaped Shower Tiles

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Hexagon-shaped shower tiles – now that’s interesting. Of course, it’s not just the shape of the tiles and the honeycomb pattern on the walls that make this design look beautiful but the entire setup, with the glass, the wood, the golden accents, and crisp white details. This is a design created by Lenka Míková.

14. Herringbone Pattern Tiles

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Speaking of unusual tile shapes and patterns, there are plenty of options to choose from. The herringbone pattern definitely has a nice look, with a certain rustic vibe to it but there’s also the scalloped tile design that actually suits the shower walls really well. You can mix and match different designs and patterns to ultimately create an original look that suits your space.

15. Painted Ombre Shower Tiles

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There’s no reason to stick to a neutral color scheme in your bathroom if you feel like adding a splash of color to your shower. House Mix shares this fun ombre shower tile makeover that uses a pretty coral color that would be ideal for a beach house bathroom. If you are redecorating your bathroom on a budget, this is a great way to redo the tiles without spending a fortune. When you get bored of your current white tiles, simply paint over them to create this bold and fun look. Of course, feel free to get creative with any color. We think turquoise or green would also look great in this style.

16. Brilliant Bright White Tiles

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For anyone who just wants a more traditional bathroom design, check out these bright white tiles from Farmhouse Living. This is a great option for a farmhouse-style home, and you can easily transform your current tiles into a brilliant white masterpiece. If you have old tiles in your bathroom, but you don’t want to replace them currently, this is a simple project which will give your bathroom a new lease of life without spending a fortune. For best results, don’t rush the preparation stage, as it’s crucial to give yourself a good surface to work on when painting the tiles.

17. Add Texture With White Subway Tiles

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We’ve already showcased subway tiles earlier, but we absolutely love this design from The DIY Playbook. These white subway tiles would look great in any modern home and add a sleek and stylish element to any room. You can either just stick with adding these subway tiles to your shower or also place them elsewhere on the walls in your bathroom. We love the way they’ve created a small little ledge to add your toiletries, so you’ll always have easy access to your shampoo and shower gel while you’re in the shower. Bathroom tiles are a project that you could tackle yourself if you are feeling adventurous and would easily be installed over a day or two.

18. Pastel Colored Shower Wall Tiles

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You can add color to your shower without having to add a bright or dark shade. This green pastel shower makeover from Sugar & Cloth would look great in any apartment or home and adds a minimalistic and modern touch to your bathroom. When you see the before and after pictures of this apartment, you’ll be shocked by how much the splash of color transforms the bathroom. Add any pastel shade to enjoy the same effect, such as light blue or pale pink. For even more color, add matching accessories around your vanity to continue the theme throughout the room.

19. Marble Monochrome Shower Wall Tiles

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This beautiful bathroom from House Updated has a monochrome theme which continues with the marble shower tiles. Marble is one of the most luxurious materials you could use in a bathroom and would look great in any contemporary home or apartment. They are set in a herringbone pattern, which adds even more style to the space. Thanks to the glass on the walk-in shower, you’ll be able to admire these beautiful tiles even when you are just using the other bathroom features. We also love the gold accents in the bathroom, which go well with the color scheme.

20. Gray and White Shower Wall Tiles

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Gray and white are two of the most popular shower wall tile colors for a modern bathroom. The great thing about this color scheme is that you can vary the shade of gray to add more texture and interest to your shower, just as we see here on the Unexpected Elegance. The unique pattern on each of the marble tiles means that no two shower designs would ever be the same. To finish off the shower, we love how they added small tiles to the floor in a matching color scheme.

Which one of these shower wall tile ideas do you like the most? All of these wall tiles would look great in a modern bathroom and will completely transform a feature of your home that you use every day. Shower wall tiles come in all colors and sizes today, so they can be purchased to fit any space. You’ll find that you create a welcoming and warm environment that you’ll appreciate every morning when you wake up and head to your bathroom.