Simple Cord Management Solutions That Can Make Life Easier

All the gadgets and electronics we use these days can definitely simplify our lives but all the cords and cables that come with them don’t really do much to help with that. This raises a problem for which, as always, there’s a solution. In this case the solution is simple: cord management. All the cords and cables from chargers and other things can be easily organized using a variety of simple methods.

Cable holders

MOS Magnetic Organization System

There are cables that you keep plugged in at all times but which you only use at certain times, when you need them. To avoid having them spread on the floor or tangled up, you can use the MOS Magnetic Organization System which magnetically holds the cable in place till you’ll need it again.Available for $14.95.

CableDrop by Bluelounge

These simple Cable Drops by Bluelounge can be attached to the side of a desk and they’ll keep your cords in place, ready to be used when needed. They come in regular and mini sizes and a pack is usually sufficient.

Finger Jack Holder Cable Organizer

The Finger Jack Holder lets you keep up to five cables organized and close at hand so you can use them whenever needed. This accessory is ideal for desks and you can make good use of it both at home and at the workplace.

CableStrip Desk Cable Organizer

Similarly, the CableStrip system mounts on the side of the desk or table and keeps up to five cables untangled and ready to be used. It’s a really simple and practical accessory that, even though small, has a big impact overall.

Cable Clip

Computer and power cables are easy to manage and organize when you have the ISI clip. It’s a simple-looking and flexible steel clamp that can be placed on the edge of any standard-size desk or table. It keeps the cords in order and out of the way but right where you want them to be.


itchen Cable Organizer Plug Tags

When all the cables look approximately the same, it’s hard to tell which one is which and mistakes can be made when you want to unplug something. Make things easier by using tags. These Cable Organizer Plug Tags are color-coded and designed to help you deal with cable management.Available on Amazon.

Leafs clips for cords

Cable tags also provide you with a different and really cute option. The solution in this case would be to attach the cables to the wall or furniture and, instead of hiding them, to decorate them with cute tags. The cables will still be visible and they’ll even stand out but not in a bad way.


Box cable management

The area under the desk is usually messy and full of tangled cables, wires and cords. This is why a cable organizer should be a must-have in every home and office. Plug Hub is one of the most popular models. It’s design is simple, efficient and elegant.

Wooden cable organizer

Another practical design is featured by this wooden cable organizer. It’s handmade of natural wood and you can attach it to the side of the desk, mount it on its surface or even under the desk, depending on how you wish to organize your cables.Available for $30.

Geometric shaped box around wall sockets

Another messy area is the space around wall sockets. That’s where the cables get all tangled up and the view is not at all pretty. Powerblock allows you to hide all that mess under a cover. This way you can keep your chargers and cables in one place without them becoming an eyesore.

Cablox Cable Management System

But sometimes you don’t need to hide the cables. What you need is to find a way to organize them and to keep them neat and untangled. It’s for cases like these that Cablox was designed. You can use it to fasten, shorten and bundles our cables to avoid all the mess and clutter.

Other designs and accessories

Rozetkus 3D Power Socket

This is Rozetkus 3D, a power socket designed by Art Lebedev Studio. It doesn’t hide or organize your cables. Instead, it hides inside the wall only leaving one outlet visible until you need to connect more devices. At that point you can push a button to turn it into a 5-plug socket.

Goldie CableKeep by Nice

Tired of having to keep your phone on the table or on the floor while it’s charging because the placement of the wall socket or the length of the cable dictate that? CableKeep by Nice comes with a simple and quirky solution to the problem. Not that it keeps the cable untangled but it also doubles as a dock for your phone.

Rambler Socket

Sometimes you come across a situation when a certain cord is simply just a bit too short and this doesn’t allow you to use it comfortably. Imagine sitting on the sofa and wanting to use your phone while it’s charging only to find out the cable is 5 cm too short. It’s for cases like these that Meysam Movahedi designed the Rambler Socket.

Desks with built-in cord organizers

Table system by FRISO DIJKSTRA

Instead of using freestanding cable organizers, tags and cable holders, one solution for the work area is to opt for a desk that has all these things built in. One example is the B. 05 Table System by Frisco Dukstra. It has a minimal design and a special nook for cables.

Minimalist desk system with cable organization

The design of the Desk by Bruno Fattorini and Francesca Bettoni is minimalist and clutter-free and you don’t need to analyze it very much to realize that it will stay that way. This is a desk that won’t get messy and that’s because of its clever cable management system that’s integrated into the legs and top.

chargers and cables in a special drawer

The Cartesia Desk keeps your chargers and cables in a special drawer and lets them peek through a slit in the top. And this is not the only beautiful detail about this desk. It features a set of drawers that can open in two different directions, depending on how you want to use them.

Christofer Odmark Industrial Style Desk

Christofer Odmark designed a modern desk that includes a special compartment for cords and cables. They all stay organized and packed, ready to be used and this way the space under the desk remains clutter-free.

Work Table 002 by Miguel de la Garza

Similarly, the Work Table 002 by Miguel de la Garza has openings for cables in the corners, an under compartments and a niche at the center for chargers. The table can seat six people and they can all work without having a large bundle of tangled cables behind their computers.

Wilbur is a tabletop

The minimal aesthetic of the Wilbur table top is enhanced by its functionality. And we said table top because that’s exactly what this is. The idea is that you can put together your desk by buying the top and the case separately. There are two versions for this table top, with centrical or decentrical cut outs for the cables.

Contemporary white desk with cable management space

As you can see, a lot of modern and contemporary desks are starting to include cable management systems. They’re being adapted to suit the needs of the current users and this stimulates the designers to be inventive when it comes to new ways to achieve simplicity without sacrificing comfort and function.{found on kinzo}.

Cord management solutions under $10.

Cable Drop clips

The Cable Drop clips we described in one of the first paragraphs of this article are only inexpensive. You can get them for $9.99 and they’re really practical and versatile.

Q Knot reusable

The Q Knot reusable ties come in sets of 25 and have different sizes. A set costs $8.99 and you can use them to tie cords and cables together or to keep them wrapped tight so you can store them in a drawer or a box.

DIY organizers

Cords Label Before and After

Of course, there’s also the option to come up with a solution yourself and, for example, to make colored tags for all your cables so you know which is which. A very simple idea is to use washi tape.{found on thechicsite}.

Clothes pegs cable organization

Clothes pegs are more versatile than you think. For example, did you know you can use them keep your headphone cables untangled and organized? You can even decorate the pegs to make them pretty.{found on buzzfeed}.

Desk cable management diy

Another idea is to customize your desk for this purpose. Desk grommets are very useful and practical and they require you to drill holes in the desk. Just make sure you pick the spots carefully because, once you drill a hole, you won’t be able to cover it up.{found on evocative}.

PVC desk cable management

To get your cables under control, you can use a slim PVC pipe. The pipe can be attached to the size of the desk or behind it. You can even add hinges so you can wing it up and down when adding more cables.{found on lifehacker}.

rain gutters for cable management

If you have lots of cords and cables, you can use rain gutters as cable management tools. Basically you’d have to suspend them from the underside of the desk or table. Then you can use them as a sort of tray for keeping cables contained and organized.{found on lifehacker}.

Use toilet paper for cable organization

A good solution when you want to store your cables is to use empty toilet paper rolls. You can use them as they are or you can decorate them with tape. Write down something suggestive for each cable so you can easily find the one you need when digging through the drawer.{found on onegoodthingbyjillee}.

Cozy traveler cable organization

When traveling, you need things like your phone charger, headphones and other similar things. Most of the times, they get all tangled up and you even risk ruining them if you’re not careful. A cute idea is to use a cable cozy. You can make one yourself from your choice of fabric.{found on liveitloveitmakeit}.

Leather cord roll up

Similarly, you can roll up your cords in one of these. It’s an awesome and very practical idea for those who travel so before your next trip, make sure you have of these things ready and packed. You can make it from leather although fabric could work as well.{found on brit}.