10 Tips for Rocking Bathroom Wallpaper

Do you think you’re the only one having bathroom decorating problems? Well you aren’t alone. Who knew that such a small space could be so difficult to figure out. When you’re limited by the bathtub, sink and toilet, you just have to take creativity to the walls. And we all know what that means! Wallpaper! Wallpapered bathrooms are some of the loveliest bathrooms out there. They bring a flair to an otherwise drab space. Check out these 10 tips for bathroom wallpaper and see what I mean.

fun patterned wallpaper

A bold geometric pattern for bathroom wallpaper is definitely a popular choice, especially for kid’s bathrooms. It really livens the place up and negates the necessity for lots of other decoration in the room. (via Lonny)

bright floral wallpaper

Even if your bathroom is small, don’t be hesitant to go floral and feminine if that’s what makes you smile. It will definitely create a fresh space that you won’t mind spending time in. Long showers here we come! (via Decor Pad)

nostalgic styled wallpaper

Patterns on the wall make the eyes happy. If your bathroom is decked out with gold accents, choose a wallpaper that’s got some flapper 20’s vibes going for it. You’ll be pleased with the major makeover a patterned wall can do. (via Domaine)

Bathroom vertical masculine stripes wallpaper

Bachelors, don’t think I’ve left you out. If you’re wanting to create a masculine yet decorated bathroom space, look to the stripes. Whether you find them in blues or browns or reds or greens, using them to your advantage in your bachelor pad bathroom will make the space feel finished. (via Domaine)

polkadotted wallpaper

When in doubt, think spots. A pattern like this could work in a girly bathroom or a teenager’s bathroom or even the kid’s bathroom. Which means you’ll never have to change it up. (via This is Glamorous)

Bathroom black and white wallpaper

Black and white are besties and it’s easy to see why. Even using a black and white patterned wallpaper in the bathroom makes the space look so chic and put together. Accent with metallic vases and you’re done.

dark wallpaper

No bathroom is too small for wallpaper. Even the tiniest powder room can be covered in a fun pattern! Dark wallpaper will definitely make the space feel larger but you can totally choose whatever pattern is your favorite. (via AB Chao)

neutral gray wallpaper

Are you nervous about what a bright pattern might do to your serene bathroom? Go for something light like this cream and gray pattern. It’s soft color adds to the other bathroom touches without being too distracting. (via Dear Lillie)

feminine pink wallpaper

So maybe this is a little bold for you… but then again, maybe it’s not. I mean, who wouldn’t want monkeys on their bathroom wall? This brightly floral wallpaper promises to make you smile as well as give you the most enviable bathroom on the block. (via Knight Moves)

powder room wallpaper

Whatever pattern you choose for your bathroom wallpaper, be sure it compliments your bathroom decor as well as the rest of your house. Go for an eclectic pattern if those are the vibes you’ve got in the rest of your home, or something shabby chic for a bachelorette pad. The most important thing though, is that you love it every time you walk into the room. (via Lauren Liess)