DIY Planter Box From Pallets

We love plants and we love pallets so this great DIY project was right up our alley. It’s simple, it isn’t very time-consuming and it’s also really cost-efficient, especially if you can find some pallets for free or at a really small price. In any case, let’s get started. First you need to gather your supplies for this stylish pallet planter. The most important part is the pallet or what leftovers you might have from previous projects.

DIY Planter Box From Pallets

1. Cut the pallet boards down to size

Cutting wood Pallets

The first step is to cut all the pallet boards down to size using a miter saw. Cut some 16’’ by 20’’ long pieces and some 1’’ by 2’’ pieces for the frame. Of course, you could also use 2’’ by 4’’ boards if you prefer these dimensions. You should always feel free to customize and adapt DIY projects.

2. Build the frame using a nail gun

Build the planter frame

Using a nail gun, put together the wood pieces for the frame. You could also do this with screws but you need to make sure you don’t split the wood so always pre-drill the holes. Make two square or rectangular frames, one for the top and one for the bottom. Then connect them with the remaining frame boards by nailing these to the corners of the frames you’ve already put together.

3. Attach pallet boards to the outside of the frame

Attach the wood board pallets

Then you need to start attaching the pallet pieces to the outside of the frame to make it strong and sturdy. You can use small nails for this part. Offset every other board to make them look as if they’re interlocking. This will add strength to the planter and it also makes the installation pretty fun and easy.

4. Install the bottom

Install the bottom of the planter

After you’ve covered two sides of the planter with pallet boards, it’s time to install the bottom. Then continue with the other two sides. You can nail these to the frame but it would be best to also add a few screws for extra strength.

5. Make a trim around the interior

Trim interior of the box

Once you’re done with the frame itself, you can use a few pallet pieces to create a trim around the interior of the planter. You can later use this space to place some decorative rocks or gravel and give the planter a cool and zen look.

6. Sand down and paint the planter

Sand the exterior

Now your planter box is pretty much all done. You just need to use a sander to make it all smooth around the edges and to also make it ready for the paint. Then apply a coat of paint and let it dry. Fill in the nail holes and cover up any cracks. You can then apply a second coat if you want.

7. Add four angled legs

Add the legs for planter

To keep the planter elevated from the ground, you can cut some pallet pieces at a 45 degree angle and make four legs. Attach them to the bottom of the planter box using three screws for each, two on the outside and one from the inside of the box. Sand down the legs and then cover them with a coat of clear polyurethane.

8. Finishing touches

Finish touch for planter box

Now your new planter is all done and you can go ahead and place your planter inside and then put some weed barrier fabric, cut out a hole for the plant to fit through and place it on top. You’ll be adding some soil around the plant for a uniform look and then the rocks around it.

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