21 DIY Headboards to Fall in Bed For

Are you reading this with a cup of coffee in hand? Maybe you’re wishing you went to bed earlier last night. A good night’s sleep is essential for a productive work day and most people say that the higher the thread count, the better the sleep. But if you’ve ever shopped for sheets, you also know that the higher the thread count, the higher the price tag. Instead of cutting corners or settling for mediocre bedding, you can save on your decor in other places… like DIYing your own headboard! Here are 21 DIY headboards to fall in bed for and give you the sheets for the good night’s rest you deserve.

Consider yourself a thrifty person? Next time you’re out perusing a second-hand shop, start collecting some old books. The ones with the lovely yellowed pages. Then get to hammering to make yourself the most bookish headboard you’ve ever seen. (via Design Every Day)

DIY canvas headboard

I am a sucker for a good tufted headboard. Thankfully is super easy to make one yourself! Using a canvas as the main frame, you can go crazy with a staple gun on some cushion and fabric and come out with something that’s just as gorgeous as anything you’ll find at a store. (via Lana Red Studio)

DIY pallet storage headboard

Pallets are a dime a dozen, which you probably already know if you’re a DIYer. If you’ve got a knack for woodworking, try making yourself a custom headboard with custom storage with all those pallets. It will provide all those perfect nooks and crannies you’ve been looking for. (via Pallets)

DIY painted geo headboard

Low on time and finances? Go ahead and get the more expensive sheets and use a little paint to paint yourself a headboard in an afternoon! You can use tape to make a design or just leave the color to do the decorating work. (via Ohoh Blog)

DIY tiled headboard

Isn’t that tiled headboard beautiful? Turns out those are foam faux tiles, taped to the wall and painted. It’s the ultimate affordable DIY to give your bedroom that little upgrade it needs. (via Sweet C’s Designs)

DIY chalkboard headboard

Chalkboard fanatics, listen up! By painting the space where a headboard should be in chalkboard paint or even using a beloved antique chalkboard as the headboard itself, you can have any headboard you want. Just use your artistic ability to decorate your chalkboard in a curvy headboard outline or something similar to a brass headboard like the example above. (via Poppytalk)

DIY string lights headboard

Who doesn’t love a strand of twinkly lights? Using a few hooks in strategic places, make your lights form a shape on the wall above your bed. You’ll have the sparkliest headboard on the block. (via Vtwonen)

DIY curtain canopy headboard

I’ve always loved the look of a canopy bed. But why stop on top? Let your curtain flow down the back of your bed in place of a solid canopy. Bonus, you can easily change the fabric whenever you change up your bedroom’s decor. (via Design Sponge)

DIY paper floral headboard

If it’s floral, it’s perfect, right? So why not use all those pretty paper flowers you’ve made and stored in a box and attach them to your headboard for the girliest most flowery headboard you’ve ever seen. (via Design Love Fest)

DIY woven wood headboard

Time for a little weaving… but with wood. You will love the effect this wooden headboard has on your bedroom. It’s strong and masculine, not to mention a great weekend project. (via Lowes)

DIY old door headboard

Yes I’m telling you that you should thrift more, because using an old door with a new coat of paint for a headboard is a classic idea. It will fit perfectly with the country cottage vibes going on in your home. (via Country Living)

DIY washi tape headboard

Washi tape is the best. You can use it for so many quick decor updates and this one is no different. If you’re a renter and fretting about making holes in the wall to mount a headboard, just use your favorite patterned washi tape. Problem solved. (via Design Sponge)

DIY lit phrase headboard

Folks who have a little extra time on their hands will love this DIY headboard. The light up word is totally worth the effort. So much so, you’ll want to put one in your bedroom as well as the guest room. (via Call Me Fudge)

DIY fabric headboard

Fabric is cheap and versatile. So using it to make a simple headboard is a brilliant idea. You can use a wood pattern like the one above or even something like leaves or windows or bird feathers. (via Craft Hunter)

DIY vintage window headboard

Speaking of windows, how great is this vintage window headboard? Literally just hang them above your bed and you’re done. If you want an extra pop, paint them a bright contrasting color that will make them the focal point of your bedroom. (via Liz Marie Blog)

DIY IKEA hack headboard

IKEA, how we love you. This DIY headboard is actually an IKEA hack. They took a simple IKEA headboard and glued wood pieces over it all to create a sturdy bedroom piece that will last as long as you love it. (via Sugar and Cloth)

DIY inspiration curtain headboard

Curtains as headboards don’t have to be plain. Before you hang it, cover it in inspiring quotes and favorite lyrics and encouraging Bible verses that will give you a lift each morning when you wake up. (via Decozilla)

DIY shutter headboard

Shutters are a common sight at almost every antique store. Next time you come a cross them, consider taking them home where, with a coat of bright paint, they can grace your bed above your head. (via Samantha Elizabeth)

DIY rustic pallet headboard

It’s amazing what a little stain can do for some wood. So while you’re looking for a pallet project, try this headboard out. The rustic wood will give your bedroom another dimension while making all your throw pillows look their best. (via Rice Designs)

DIY vintage sheet headboard

I thought this headboard was lovely… and then I found out it’s made from wall art and a vintage sheet. I’m not sure there is a better wall art hack than this. (via Happiness is Homemade)

DIY pillow headboard

Here’s a perfect DIY headboard for little ones! It’s pillowed front is just right so kids won’t bump their heads during their sleep. They’ll like it so much, they will probably keep it into their teenage years.