18 DIYs for the Best New Years Eve Photo Booth Ever

Every good New Years Eve party has three things. Glitter, champagne and a photo booth. If that last one scares you, just listen for a second. While it’s awesome to hire a professional photographer to capture beautiful images of your guests, it isn’t necessary. Nowadays, everyone carries a camera around on their phone and edits their pictures into a filtered oblivion. And you know that even if you had the professional photographer, people would still snap their own shots and post them to Instagram anyway. So cut out the expense, make your own background and props and let your guests snap away. Take a look at these 18 DIYs to turn your party’s photo booth into the most Instagrammed place on the web this New Years Eve.

Christmas tinsel photo boothView in gallery

While you’re out and about getting all your New Years Eve Party necessities, pick up some colored tinsel from the clearance rack. Then just loop it on a curtain rod to make the sparkliest photo booth backdrop to ever be photographed. (via Lovely Indeed)

Giant fringe garlandView in gallery

Paper is cheap and fun and colorful. Start cutting away at this DIY to make some giant fringe streamers that will not only give you an awesome photo booth backdrop, you’ll also have a gorgeous giant decorative wall for your party. (via Oh Happy Day)

DIY emoji photo booth propsView in gallery

Every photo booth must have it’s props. Colored cardstock is a super simple way to make your favorite emoji faces for your photo booth. Face masks will certainly be a big hit but you can also make tacos and whales and whatever other emojis always seem to show up in your texts. (via Alice and Lois)

Tissue paper photo boothView in gallery

Tissue paper is probably one of my favorite DIY materials. There are so many creative ways to use it! Including this tissue paper photo booth. Just crumple and glue and crumple and glue. Bonus points if you use metallic tissue paper. (via Lovely Indeed)

Marshmallow snowflake photo boothView in gallery

Yes, this photo booth idea is from a wedding. But seriously, how sweet would it be to have a hanging marshmallow wall in your home that you could leave up all winter long! Warning, not recommended for homes with marshmallow-eating children or pets. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

DIY glitter photo booth propsView in gallery

Give me all the glitter. Seriously, whatever props you make for your photo booth this year, my advice is to cover them in different metallic shades of sparkles. Because glitter makes everyone look like a rockstar. (via Earl Grey Creative)

Balloon photo boothView in gallery

Balloons are another super affordable and simple photo booth option. Grab a buddy to help you inflate them and then be your eyes as you tape them in levels to the floor. Trust me, the hour or two will be worth it in those Instagrams. (via Apartment Therapy)

Chalkboard photo boothView in gallery

Who ever thought of painting chalkboard paint on a drop cloth? These guys. And it’s awesome because you’ll create a photo booth backdrop that can be used at every party until the end of time. All you have to do is switch up the message. (via The Homesteady)

Doily photo booth backgroundView in gallery

I like doilies. Do you like doilies? They come in packs of like a million. Just tape them up on your wall for the prettiest backdrop ever. Especially if your New Years Eve bash is a girls only shindig. (via Sarah Hearts)

Celebrity photo booth propsView in gallery

Wish you could get some celebs to your New Years Eve party? With this secret, you can. Print out some pictures of your favorite faces, glue it on some cardboard and suddenly, you’ll have Kim and Kanye crashing your bash. (via a Casarella)

Herringbone garland photo boothView in gallery

Everybody loves a good herringbone pattern, right? Choose your colors to match your party’s theme and then hang them up for a modern yet family friendly photo booth background. (via Glitter Guide)

Geo paper photo boothView in gallery

I will admit. While this paper geo wall looks like an awesome backdrop for those snaps, I will probably leave this on my wall for months. Your house will be a favorite photography spot for all your blogger friends. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

Chalkboard word bubbleView in gallery

What’s a good photo booth without some speech bubbles? Create some chalkboard beauties like these and you’ll be able to use them again and again and again, no matter the occasion. (via Lulu the Baker)

Confetti wall photo boothView in gallery

Did this post just remind you about that photo booth necessity? Don’t worry. Steal some colored construction paper from your kids and cut out a bunch of circles to stick on the wall. It will look like confetti and nobody will suspect it was so last minute. (via We Are Scout)

Sparkly garland photo boothView in gallery

Just so you know, garlands are totally acceptable instant photo booth material. If it sparkles, hang it up across a painted bare wall and you have the fastest photo booth backdrop in the business. Plus you’ll have garlands to hang around your house when the party is over. (via Paper and Stitch)

DIY basic photo booth propsView in gallery

If you don’t have the time or the money to make fancy props for your photo booth, go with straws and printables. Those lips and mustaches will be just as fun as any sparkly glittery store bought prop. (via The Budget Savvy Bride)

Gold fringe photo boothView in gallery

Looking for some extra bling without blowing your New Years Eve budget? Stock up on that gold party fringe and you’ll be pleased with the effect such a simple buy has on your photos. (via Brit + Co)

Multicolor fringe backgroundView in gallery

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what your photo booth looks like or how fancy your props are, the memories make the party. So let your hair down, put on some exorbitantly large glasses and have fun! (via The Decorista)