DIY Paper Pinwheels for New Year’s Eve Party

Ring in your New Year with a festive handmade backdrop for your party. These paper pinwheels in various metallics are a great way to add a little glam on a tight budget. Whether you use the pinwheels to accessorize your bar or as a backdrop for midnight photos, you can customize your sizes and colors to easily decorate for your party!

DIY Paper Pinwheels for NYE

Supplies for Paper Pinwheels:

  • 8.5 x 11 inch card stock in various colors (we used metallics and blues here)
  • Mini stapler
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Scoring board and stick
  • Tape (to hang your finished product)
Materials to DIY Paper Pinwheels for NYE

Paper Pinwheels Instructions:

Step 1: Score paper for the pinwheel

Layout your paper on your scoring board. For this specific pinwheel, we turned out paper horizontally and scored at every 3/4 of an inch (0.75″). You can also score at 1/2″ or score vertically but this will change the size of your pinwheel and also change the amount of paper needed.

scoring the paper


Step 2: Fold where you scored the paper 

Fold your paper back and forth in an accordion fold at the lines where you scored the paper. Try to keep your folds as straight as possible

Step 3: Cut the last piece

Cut off the last small piece (that wasn’t quite 3/4″) of the paper.

Step 4: Push down and pinch

Push the folds down and pinch in the middle of the folds.

create accordian half circles

Step 5: Fan out inner folds toward each other

Fold the paper in half where you pinched the folds and then pull the inner folds up towards each other. Two piece from the each side should lay flat against each other.

Step 6: Staple in place

Staple these pieces of paper in place to create a 180-degree accordion half circle.

Step 7: Repeat and staple two half circles

Repeat steps 1-6 to create another 180 degree half circle. This will complete your other side. If you chose to fold at 1/2″ or vertically (see step 1), you may need to make 1-2 more folds to complete your circle. Staple the two half circle (at the folds that align against each other) in place.

Step 8: Wrap string around the openings of your paper pinwheels

Use a piece of string to pull wrap around the openings in each side of the 180 degree half circle. Pull tight and tie in place. This will finish up your paper pinwheel!

DIY Paper Pinwheels for NYE Attach on Wall

Make a few more in various colors and sizes. Use tape to place up on the walls in an overlapping pattern to accessorize your party or round out your backdrop!

DIY Paper Pinwheels for NYE Wall Accents
DIY Paper Pinwheels for NYE Closer
DIY NYE Wall art Design