DIY Shiny Party Coasters

If I asked you if there is anything better you can make yourself, to decorate a table than stylish coasters, I’m sure you would say no. And you would be totally right because there is nothing as effective as those little, shiny guys!

DIY Shiny Party Coasters
DIY Shiny Party Coasters with Gold Accents

The season of carnival has just started so if you are planning to host some fabulous parties any sparkly, chic decorations might be useful.The Clay Party Coasters are a perfect addition to any Party decor or great hostess gift idea for your guests, so if you are loving this idea as much as I do, have a look how to create them to rock the new year with style.

Here is what you will need:

  • clay
  • rolling pin
  • white paint
  • gold leaf
  • spray glaze
  • round bowl or large cup with a sharp rim
  • textural surface
  • sandpaper


DIY Shiny Party Coasters -Prepare Clay

1. Form a ball out of the clay then flatten it out and roll it, to the thickness of about 0,5 cm.

DIY Shiny Party Coasters - Ball
DIY Shiny Party Coasters - Press Clay

2. Press the clay to the textural surface. It might sound strange to you but I love the row external wall of my studio and so I have used it as a texture for the coasters. I simply pressed the clay into it and got the pattern on them. You can get very creative here any other texture you like (i.e wool).

DIY Shiny Party Coasters - Surface

3. Once you got your pattern on the clay, use a bowl or a large cup with a sharp rim to cut your clay into a circle shape (it should be big enough to hold glass or mugs)

DIY Shiny Party Coasters - Rount Cutter

4. Follow the instructions on the packaging and bake your design accordingly or leave it for 24 h to dry.

5. When the coaster is thick, use sand paper to polish the sides of it and remove any unwanted bumps.

DIY Shiny Party Coasters - Polish

6. Paint the coaster on both sides with a white paint or spray paint.

DIY Shiny Party Coasters - Paint
DIY Shiny Party Coasters Paint Closer

7. Immediately after painting (when the paint is still a little bit wet and sticky) apply little pieces of shiny, gold leaf.

DIY Shiny Party Coasters - Apply Gold Leaf

8. Leave the coasters for about 30 minutes to dry well.

9. The last step involved applying a coat of glaze to seal it and prevent damage while using.

DIY Shiny Party Coasters - Gift
DIY Shiny Party Coasters With Gold Leaf

Ta da!! Now you are ready to Party like there’s no tomorrow, enjoying your new drink coasters while the carnival lasts!

Happy New Year everyone!