40 Breathtaking Spiral Staircases To Dream About Having In Your Home

Known for their luxuriousness and artsy nature, spiral staircases have been found throughout architectural history popping up in churches, castles, mansions and more. And now, we’re able to have them inside everyday houses as well – from the biggest spaces to the smallest. And now we’re sharing some designs that are sure to ignite your own imagination in terms of interior design. Let’s have a peek at 40 beautiful spiral staircases to dream about having in your home one day.


Stunning wood paddles staircase

This smaller, wooden-paddle design can fit inside studio apartments, townhouse and even the smallest of two-story homes because of its compact nature. But that doesn’t mean the idea couldn’t be taken to new heights in a larger space.


Red ribbon spiral staircase

We are absolutely swooning over this red ribbon design. Again, this spiral staircase was made for a smaller space and created for artistic focus as well. And it’s definitely making that happen in this home.


Contemporary simple spiral staircase

There’s a lightness about this contemporary design that makes it an easy addition to a simplistic home. It doesn’t take up too much space which fits right into a more modern, clean-cut vision and style.


Two tone spiral staircase design

Check out this ultra modern design made with a two-tone step. Black, white and red will also be a timeless, classic color trio and its incredibly unique to see a staircase wrapped up in color.


Glass Spiral Staircase Design

How does glass sound when it comes to creating a staircase? It’s chic, it’s modern and for some … it can be quite daring too. Imaging walking at a heightened level when you can see straight to the floor below.{found on completestairsystems}.


Black spiral staircase

This slick, black staircase nestled in the corners of this grand living room blends well but also acts as a striking, gorgeous foundation piece for the area. Without it, you wouldn’t get the same drama and appeal otherwise.


Mesmerizing Staircase

This design gives a translucent illusion making it quite the mesmerizing piece to add into the home. It’s great for super modern visions opposed to more traditional or family-friendly homes.


Rainbow spiral staircase design

If you really want to get inspired, then check out this rainbow staircase found inside a London home. The design may be modern but the color choice and boldness definitely reaches into a more eclectic mind.{found on dwell}.


Iron vintage spiral staircase

Here’s a vintage-flavored, iron spiral staircase that will bring you weak at the knees – or at least those in love with a bit of unique detailing and antiquity it their home decor.


Beige granite flooring with spiral staircase

And now we have a beautiful example of a more traditional foyer that includes a vintage-inspired spiral staircase in its styling. Offset by a wooden door and chandelier, this home is family-friendly but quite impressive too.


Feminine touch for a spiral staircase

There’s something quite dainty and feminine about this gorgeous spiral staircase. Although it’s not quite delicate at first glance, it’s detailing is where we’re finding the elegance and girlish charm.


Turqouise metalic spiral staircase

This turquoise design has so much to love. It’s fresh, innovative and contemporary but because of its coloring it also holds a funky, youthful appeal as well – perfect for playrooms, offices and the like.


Laced spiral staircase design

White and strikingly innovative, this design not only functions as a means to get to the next floor but also as a piece of art for the entire room. Getting a peek at what’s behind the staircase is an extra bonus.{found on farm}.


HYLA architects jalan angjin laut singapore spiral staircase

If you want to feel really luxurious, go for a spiral staircase that extends right into the pool as this Singapore home’s does. It certainly adds to the contemporary style of the entire area.{found on HYLA architects}.


Corner spiral staircase

Even if the staircase sits in the corner of the apartment, it can still make a splash. Just check out this eclectically-styled area, the spiral still bursts from the corner in a way that blends but also create even more interest.


Chic style spiral staircase design

There’s not much to say about this set-up other than divert your attention to its overall chicness and elegant touches. We love how the minimalistic spiral staircase dips right into the sophisticated and womanly home office with ease.


Freestanding household spiral staircases

This is one of the more unique features on the list, in terms of household spiral staircases. It’s a freestanding design and its situated with quite an ornate, European style.


Wooden spiral staircase design

For those inside a more traditional, family home then you may want to check out this wooden design. It’s quite modern in its shaping but it plays right into the hardwood flooring and homey vibe of the space.


Winter Cabin Spiral Staircase

There’s an easy winding inside this cabin’s staircase design. It’s rustic, it’s easy and it lends its hand to a host of different interior design styles that you may want to add it to and we love that kind of versatility.{found on joanheatonarchitects}.


Outdoor metalic spiral staircase

If your back porch had a spiral staircase attached, wouldn’t you love it just a little bit more than if traditional steps were attached? They’re much more delicate than chunkier versions as well and take up less space.


Stunning artful spiral staircase

Here’s another design that looks like it was a piece of art before it ever became a staircase. It’s modern but it also provides interest and texture to a cleaner, simpler room.{found on altusarch}.


Basement spiral staircase

We’re loving the easy flow of this contemporary staircase. And the cream suits the fluidity of the design, which is hard not to love – inanimate objects and accents that seem to have movement.{found on haldaneuk}.


Ornate metalic spiral staircase

The detailing of this staircase is what’s really on blast here. Its ornate metalwork is the showstopper inside this space, and we love its blend of masculinity and art.{found on weareglm}.


Black spiral staircase around bold design

Adding a spiral staircase into your home can really be a bold move and a bold feature. If you want to add drama, go with a metal or a rich color that will pop. Black is always a great idea.{found on becausewecan}.


Spiral staircase with history

If you have a staircase that’s truly from the past, make it a project for your home or renovation. Revamp them to make them useable and have the entire family enjoying its antique, vintage design.{found on knottinghillinteriors}.


Modern Spiral Staircase with Glass and Steel

Place the staircase right in the center of the room to make it a true focus of the space. Don’t be afraid to do this as long as it goes along with the vision and feel you have in mind for your home.{found on hartmanndesigns}.


Refined wood staircase

When you go with wood, you’re able to fit a variety of themes and levels of formality. With this design, you get a refined, masculine style that fits well with home offices, bedrooms and traditional living rooms too.{found on searsarchitects}.


White spiral staircase

You don’t have to go with a huge, grandiose design either. Instead, a small curve or too could be exactly what you need and what will fit inside your home. Just peek at this gorgeous, creamy staircase.


Mediterranean spiral staircase design

There’s a Mediterranean appeal conjuring up inside this design. And we love it because it mixes the easiness of traditional staircase with the swerve and fluidity of the spiral.{found on bcvarch}.


Library Spiral Staircase

If you’re lucky enough to have a library inside your home, we salute you. But if you have the extra luck of having a spiral staircase be the line between both floors of that library, then we’re in love.{found on svdesign}.


Simple metalic white spiral staircase

Just because the staircase is white doesn’t mean it’s plain. Just look at the detail of this chic design! It’s delicate but plays right into a fashion-forward and futuristic interior design vision.


Gold spiral staircase railing

One way to create a unique personalization to your staircase is to add gold. You don’t see it to often inside of home, so when you add this time of baring and banister you’ll have something completely your own.


Chrome spiral staircase railing

A steel design that creates focus and adds an architectural element to the space, this staircase is quite the scene stealer in this smaller, two-floored area. And we love the natural lighting that plays off the metal!


chic and clean spiral staircase

Although this staircase is incredible chic and clean, it’s also quite chunky which means it needs to be in a home that provides the right amount of room to let it breathe. Of course the white tone helps to increase the illusion of space as well.


Basement plaroom spiral staircase

You can even bring a bit of your kid’s energy into the styling of your spiral staircase. This iron design was accents with some colorful charm since it fell right into the playroom!


Grey spiral staircase

A personal favorite of the pack, this gray and glass design works beautiful in this contemporary space and as an innovative way to create focus and function inside a family home.


Cozy mountain cabin with spiral staircase

There’s so much to love about this cozy and spacious home. And that includes the refined way they’ve decided to connect the two, open floors in this area – which a delicate spiral staircase that blends right in with the raw, rustic styling.


Marshmallow colored staircase

This marshmallow colored stairs fits nicely inside this small, library space. We love its modern mix with Victorian details and how luxurious its addition to the two-floor room feels.


Ezzo design spiral staircase

Check out this spiral staircase made of concrete! It’s more delicate than one would think when it comes to this material but also quite chic and perfect for minimalistic styling.{found on ezzo}.


Chandelier lighting fixture for spiral staircase

This grandiose home’s staircase is quite the breathtaking beauty, don’t you think? But what really makes it special is the lighting that highlights every nook, cranny and curve of its design.