15 Ways to Get Your Home Poppin’ With Chartreuse

When decorating to to create a fun and unique abode for yourself, it’s essential that you consider the entire color scheme. Otherwise, you’ll have a gray living room that looks like everyone else’s. Bright colors are the eye catching secret to making a space feel like you. And if there is one color that is really on the unusual spectrum, it’s chartreuse. This bright greenish yellow has a happy feel to it, no matter what space you put it in. So whether you’re ready to embrace chartreuse with both arms or you want to try it out first, here are 15 ways to get your home poppin’ with chartreuse.

The Best Ways To Decorate With The Color Chartreuse

1. A Chartreuse Front Door

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

One great way to make your house stand out on your street is to paint your front door a nice bright color. A chartreuse front door will tell the neighborhood about the fun happy family that lives inside.

2. Hang A Chartreuse Painting

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

No matter where you put it, chartreuse is going to catch all the eyes. So you might as well make it something worth looking at with a big statement piece for your wall. It’s a great way to show it off without painting an entire wall. {found on cwbarchitects}.

3. Place Chartreuse Throw Pillows

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

Want a chartreuse option that is more spring-y and less permanent? Time to do your throw pillow research. Get the pillows or covers for your bed and your sofa to make your whole home look fresh and vivacious.

4. Expand With Chartreuse Accents

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

As you’re fluffing those chartreuse throw pillows, you might consider adding a few more chartreuse accents to bring it all together. A pouf, a print, and maybe some bright flowers will make an easy solution for a cohesive space.

5. Consider Chartreuse Window Coverings

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

Who doesn’t love a fresh set of curtains? If you’re thinking it’s time for a change, definitely consider chartreuse curtains. Buy them in a heavy fabric so they block light and retain privacy but no matter what you choose, that bright color will make them look as light as a feather.

6. Chartreuse Works For Interior Doors As Well

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

Curtains, pillows, art, they’re all places you would sort of expect to find a bright color. To achieve that element of surprise in your decor, paint an interior door in chartreuse. It will make you happy each time you visit the pantry or laundry room.

7. Repaint Your Cabinets Chartreuse

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

You know what else you can paint chartreuse? Cabinets! While you definitely need a more modern style to pull this off, chartreuse cabinets would make the liveliest kitchen for hosting, no matter what season it is.

8. Check Out Chartreuse Furniture

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

Yes, believe it or not, they do make chartreuse furniture. Just imagine walking into your living room and that accent chair in the corner is chartreuse. It would take your space to a whole new level and open up all kinds of decorating opportunities.

9. A Cute Chartreuse Patterned Wallpaper

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

When you want to make your space flow with the rest of your chartreuse home, it’s time to consider wallpaper. A statement wall in a chartreuse pattern might be just the thing that your contemporary house needs.

10. Style A Chartreuse Accent Wall

Chartreuse front door paintChartreuse front door paint

If all else fails and you really need that biggest dose of chartreuse, grab your paintbrush. Pick a room like a bathroom or a laundry room and get to it! You are sure to wake up the space and create the most unique home that’s perfect for you.

11. Purchase A Set Of Chartreuse Dishes

Purchase A Set Of Chartreuse Dishes

When you have a kitchen with open shelves, or a dining room cabinet where dishes are on display, the color and style of dishes you choose can be important to creating the look of the room. And if you aren’t quite ready to commit to some more permanent chartreuse stylings yet, consider purchasing a set of chartreuse dishes to display in your home like this set on Etsy. This will give your room a pop of color while giving you the freedom to change them with the seasons.

12. Stick To Small Chartreuse Table Accents

Stick To Small Chartreuse Table Accents

Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to a full set of chartreuse dishes either, and that’s okay, the cool thing about chartreuse is it will really pop in a room even if it is a small accent like a pitcher or fruit bowl. Just look at this lovely chartreuse bowl on Watermelon Redthen spend your time finding the perfect fruits and place to set it to brighten up your home.

13. Chartreuse Shower Curtain

Chartreuse Shower Curtain

Another place in your home that can benefit from a color like chartreuse is your bathroom. This is a great place to try out the color without having to commit—with small touches like a chartreuse toothbrush holder, towels, and of course the piece de resistance—the shower curtain! You can do for something solid to keep it simple, or try out a pattern like this one from Deny Designs which pairs the chartreuse perfectly with a dark grey.

14. Transform Your Kitchen With Chartreuse Appliances

Transform Your Kitchen With Chartreuse Appliances

You’ve seen chartreuse cabinets, furniture, and accents, and thus it should come as no surprise that chartreuse appliances are also available! They can be hard to find, and are typically sold in a more retro style, but a chartreuse fridge could be just what you need to complete that funky sixties kitchen. Check out this example on Blinds where a chartreuse fridge was used in combination with the color purple to make a kitchen that embodies the word spring.

15. Install Chartreuse Tiles

Install Chartreuse Tiles

When it’s time to update the tile in either your kitchen or bathroom, consider selecting chartreuse tiles. They come in many shapes and styles, and can be kept simple like this design in Fireclay Tile, or combined with other colors to create a beautiful mosaic design. Just be sure that any room you put chartreuse tile in has a neutral paint scheme in grey, black, white, or navy blue to offset the bright statement it is bound to make.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, chartreuse is such a special and formidable color that it can easily be used to decorate any room of your home! So whether you decide to put chartreuse into your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, you can’t go wrong when you implement some touches of this sweet color. And even if decorating with chartreuse is just a seasonal color for you, the beauty it will bring to your home for a few months each year is incomparable!