Muted Kitchen Color Ideas That Boost Your Mood

We each perceive colors in different ways and we each have our favorites. Even though my green isn’t exactly the same as your green, it’s still a pretty color that lifts my mood. So what’s your favorite color? Would you include it in your kitchen color scheme? It’s interesting how some colors can be muted and dark and still make us feel great. A touch of gray or black can be just what your kitchen needs to look and feel right. So how about it? Does any of these kitchen color ideas tickle your senses?

White cupboards with gray shade and gold copper hood

Add a touch of gold to the kitchen decor to bring some glamour into the room. There are plenty of methods you can use. For example, look for golden hardware for your cabinetry or perhaps you can find a range hood or some other accessory that proudly showcases this color.

Geometric and modern kitchen island with a white countertop and gray base

The look of stainless steel tends to give an industrial look to the kitchen but you can pair it with pure and beautiful colors such as white, gray or black to help highlight its unique beauty.

La cornue kitchen in black

It’s safe to say black is not a very cheerful color but it can make a kitchen look very stylish. Depending on the style you choose, a touch of black can make a kitchen look masculine, elegant and luxurious.

Deep Red La Cornue Kitchen design

Some colors such as burgundy are a bit more difficult to work with. They can look a little bit outdated but you can use that to your advantage if you want to create a vintage or traditional decor.

Modern La cornue kitchen design

This is a color tone that pairs beautifully with the silver and gold accents. The shiny finish gives it flair and a lot of character, lifting the mood in the kitchen.

Turqoise color la cornue kitchen design

Turquoise is a wonderful color and it looks stunning in this kitchen. The darker accents really bring out its deep beauty and the golden details are just what the design needs to look complete and luxurious.

Earth tone colors for kitchen island from marble

Sometimes the color has to be muted in order to let the pattern or texture become the focal point of a design. Marble or composite kitchens don’t really rely on strong colors and instead impress with their unique patterns.

White kitchen design from composit

A white kitchen can really make you feel great. It looks so fresh and exquisite it’s pretty hard to stay negative with such a decor surrounding you. To really emphasize this, add some mood lighting and a subtle touch of green or blue.

Light brown wood kitchen furniture

If you want your kitchen to feel inviting and comfortable, then use wood to give it warmth. The natural grain of the wood makes each cabinet door or surface look unique and the color is always beautiful. Also, this is a very versatile look.

Concrete color for marble kitchen

You don’t have to use wood everywhere in the kitchen to make it feel cozy. In fact, a few touches here and there are enough. It’s even easier this way to create elegant contrasts which bring out the beauty in this material even more.

Half marble backsplash design

Neutral colors are a good option if you want the kitchen to be welcoming without standing out and to ultimately be a relaxing and enjoyable space. You can always add a touch of color with some accessories or decorations.

Marble countertop and half of backsplash on a red wall

The backsplash is a great way to add color to a kitchen. When everything else is neutral and toned down, the backsplash can be the thing that stands and really pops, drawing attention to it in a fresh way.

Traditional kitchen with island

The colors have to match the style of the kitchen. For example, a rustic or farmhouse kitchen needs vintage colors like smoky green, natural wood or beige. Eclectic kitchen decors let you complement these with something a bit more contrasting.

Marble kitchen cabinets with yellow backsplash and copper accessories

A modern or contemporary kitchen can easily accommodate bold colors such as orange or yellow. The combination of gray and yellow is particularly popular. The colors make each other stand out in a really great way and yellow is definitely very cheerful and bright.

Choose mirrored kitchen cupboards

There;s no need to repeat a color throughout the kitchen. There are other ways to create symmetry or cohesion. For example, if your kitchen has a floor with an interesting pattern or color, an island with mirrored surfaces can reflect that look.

Gray and wood is the perfect combination for kitchen

A country-chic kitchen is usually meant to be neutral as far as the color palette goes. You can, of course, add a touch of green through some potted herbs or plants or to play with contrasts and combinations of finishes and textures.

Red kitchen furniture

Red and all colors derived from it are strong and vibrant colors so they need to be used with care when decorating a space.

Red lower kitchen cabinets with grey composit and backsplash

So don’t try to match everything in your kitchen to your red or pink island or lower cabinetry. Tone down the colors a little bit by adding some gray, white or some other neutral color to the mix.

White kitchen with black induction cooktop

Sometimes a space doesn’t truly show you its beauty until you turn on the lights. You can have a muted kitchen decor with only a glimpse of color which turns into a spectacular decor when you highlight it with accent lighting.

Cream and white kitchen cabinets color

The lighting is actually very important and closely linked to color. A strip of LED lights under the upper kitchen cabinets can really put the spotlight on the backsplash. So take that into consideration before choose the color.

Pink of shade for lower kitchen cabinets

Soft pastels can really change the mood in a space when used correctly. You can achieve a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine beauty by combining a darker and stronger color such as brown with a soft pink or a lavender shade.

Gray lacquered kitchen countertop

Put together several different muted colors to create a symphony or understated elegance and sophistication. Play with various shades of gray on different finishes and materials, add a touch of pink, some wood accents and a hint of green and see the result.

Add a touch of color with patchwork tiles for backsplash

Make up for the lack of bold colors in the kitchen with an interesting-looking pattern for the backsplash. Combine patterned tiles to create an interesting display or a mosaic of different prints.

Red accents on a full brown kitchen

Add color to the kitchen in unexpected ways. For example, make the shelves inside the pantry a bold pink that stands out when you open the doors or use hardware that has an interesting color which contrasts with the drawer fronts.

Marble with gray and full white accents

When working with marble, you don’t really have to worry about color because the unique pattern and exquisite finish are enough to make a kitchen look beautiful and very elegant.

Dark brown cabinets with gray composit

Play with shiny and matte surfaces to create interesting contrasts and combinations. Instead of using color, you can play with all sorts of finishes and use accent lighting to highlight your favorite features.

White and gray marble backsplash with a dark bronw for lower cabinets

A color can be subtle and still stand out. You can use a dark shade of violet or a dark brown that almost looks like black and make the kitchen look interesting this way. Sometimes the barely noticeable details are the most interesting.

lacquered kitchen in dark colors

Lift up your spirit with a kitchen that looks glamorous without being opulent. Discreet and simple colors such as black and gray can really do the trick. Keep in mind that dark colors can make a small kitchen look even tinier so space is important in this case.

Wall kitchen cabinets with copper -green frames

Give the kitchen and chic industrial look by using elements such as mesh screen doors and metal features. Rely on color to tone down the rough look and to give the kitchen a stylish and refined look.