Kid-friendly DIYs Featuring The IKEA Kura Bed

Lots of IKEA products are the subject of hacks and transformations. Their versatility allows them to be used in lots of different and ingenious ways. This isn’t the first time we’re focusing on IKEA hacks and DIY projects involving them. The focus now is on the Kura bed, a furniture piece that’s as practical as it is versatile.

Custom Ikea kura bed

The Kura bed is often featured in various DIY projects for the kids’ room. For example, you can check out flaxandtwine for an inspiring description showing you how to customize the bed to make it more attractive and more playful. The idea here is simple: just use peel and stick paper or vinyl to change the bed’s color. Also, cut out leaf shapes and use them as decorations for the side panels.

Colorful KURA bunk bed

On blogalacart you can also find some inspiring ideas for how you can customize the Kura bed. It’s featured here as a bunkbed and its side panels have different colors, creating an interesting and eye-catching palette. This is also a source of inspiration for décor in general. Surely you can steal some of the ideas and adapt them to your own home.

Kura bed with canopy and rich colors

Want to add some color to your Kura bed and make it look more cheerful and playful? HGTV offers a really nice idea you can use for that. As it turns out, adding a canopy to the bed can really change its look. Similarly, fabric panels can have a similar effect. Combine the two and give the bed a whole new look that the kids will love.

Kura Ikea bed tent

An alternative to the canopy can be to make a bed tent like the one featured on ikeahackers. It would perhaps be better to avoid using regular fabric for the tent since it pretty much obstructs the view completely. A better idea would be to use a crochet blanket or something similar. Maybe you can use some vintage curtains or something similar.

Kura bed into a stylish upholstered bunk bed

Turn a simple Kura bed into a stylish upholstered bunk bed. You can follow the instructions on ashleyrachelle. The supplies needed include some upholstery grade fabric, quilting batting, foam core, a hot glue gun, fabric-covered buttons, needle and thread. After you upholster the panels and are happy with the look, you can adhere them to the bed frame. From here, just customize the bed however you want.

Fire truck mae from a kura ikea bed

Some transformations are even more complex than that. For example, did you know you can turn a Kura bed into a fire truck-themed bunk bed? It’s not even that difficult. Check out ikeahackers for some instructions and ideas. Obviously, you’ll have to paint the frame red to get that fire truck look. White is the accent color. Add wheels and decorative panels to complete the look.

Girly Kura bunk bed - with wallpaper

But fire trucks aren’t really girly. If you want something a bit more delicate and feminine, have a look at this particular project from ikeahackers. There’s not a lot going on but there’s definitely something really chic and stylish about the new look of the bed. The print and colors are nicely chosen for the job. In addition to that, the bed also has some extra panels designed to make it more sturdy and safe.

Ikea Kura Treehouse

You can’t really tell what’s behind these tree house shells but you can probably guess that it has to do with the Kura beds. Sure enough, the tree houses were designed around these beds. This is not your everyday DIY project and it’s something that requires a bit more work and skill. Still, the transformation is simple enough to be done by just about anyone. Just make sure you use the right tools and have everything prepared before you start. {found on ikeahackers}.

Ikea kura bunk bed with string lights

However, if you think a tree house bunk bed is a bit too much for the space you have available, you can try a simplified version that doesn’t completely hide the bed. This design is more open and also a bit more girly. To make something similar you’ll need wooden slats, pine wood, long wood screws, a drill, some varnish and whatever else you decide to use for the customization. Start by building the frame and then fill in the gaps. {found on ikeahackers}.

Kura bed into a playhouse

The Kura bed is perfect for complex transformations like this one we found on ikeahackers. The bed and playground combo is fun and space-efficient, especially if you also has some storage on the sides. Here’s how the transformation went in this case: first the bed was assembled. Then the storage system was added along the side. Then the slide was attached and it was connected to the top and platform. After that it was time for the finishing touches like the crane and bells.

Kura bed climbing wall

Another fun feature you can add to the Kura bed to make more fun for the kids is a climbing wall. And while you’re doing that, how about adding some storage as well? You could place a small storage unit underneath the bed platform or occupy that space with a desk. In any case, the fun part is the climbing wall so make sure there’s enough free space in that area for the kids to safely and comfortably play here. {found on ikeahackers}.

Kura girl cottage house

Doesn’t this little cottage house look adorable? It’s a project we found on ikeahackers. The house is designed around a Kura bed. It’s like a shell that turns the sleeping area into a lovely private space with a door and two small windows. The interior can even become a playground the rest of the time.

IKEA Kura bed hack

If you want to take things to a new level, then check out the Kura forest house featured on ikeahackers. It’s basically a whole house built around the bed. It has a lot of fun features, not to mention that kids love the idea of having their own private little house where they can sleep, play and relax. You can even build the house with skylights so natural and artificial light can enter the box. Also, give it windows and a door, just like regular houses have.

IKEA Kura Castle Hack

As fun as forest houses may be, kids sometimes prefer something a little bit more fantastic, something like a castle for example. So give your little prince or princess a castle bed and make the transformation as fun as possible. Ikeahackers has a great tutorial for that. The materials needed for the transformation include some plywood, wood glue, primer, paint, permanent markers, cardboard, metal brackets, screws and bolts.

Of course, not all transformations are so complex and complicated. Still, don’t be fooled by a project’s simplicity. What better way to illustrate that than with an example? Check out the project featured on talesoffruitandcake if you want so find out all the details. The bed has some great storage compartments at the bottom which makes it pretty great for small spaces.

Kura beds with storage

And speaking of beds with storage, you can also find some inspiration in this sense on salakoska. As you can see, the Kura bed kept its look pretty much the same except for a few changes like the extra panels and the drawers which are perfect for storing lots of things like clothes, toys and school supplies.

Kura themed bed

A lot of the projects featured so far are focused on ways to maximize the functionality of the Kura bed. That’s why the bottom gets a second bed or is filled with storage options. Sure, turning this into a bunk bed is one way to make the most of the bed’s versatility. But since you’re doing that, perhaps it would also be easy enough to change the style and the look of the whole thing? You can do that with paint or with vinyl. {found on ikeahackers}.

Curtains for your KURA bed

One of the key features of the Kura bed is that it has a reversible design, meaning that you can either have the bed at the top or at the bottom. On harlowandthistle you can see how the bed would look when positioned at the bottom. This project also shows you how to change the look of this piece. The frame in this case was painted and curtains were added for increased privacy.

Nordic black and white kura bed hack

If you choose to have the bed placed at the bottom then you can cover the frame with curtains and turn the bed into a cozy tent. You can hang it from the ceiling and use the bed’s frame as s support structure. Maybe you can make things easier by repurposing things. You can also make the tent from scratch so start with lots of fabric and a sewing machine. Find out more on vtwonen.

toddler-friendly bunk bed

Have your mind set of making a toddler-friendly bunk bed for your kids? We have the perfect idea: a tutorial we found on mamageek. You’ll need a few things for the project, including a Kura reversible bed, a Kritter bed, a mattress, a Kura bed tent, Trofast frames, a step stool and some wall pockets. Of course, you can change the design however you want so feel free to improvise.

Starwars inpired Kura bed hack

You can pretty much choose any theme you want when transforming the Kura bed. For example, how about something Star Wars-inspired? Actually, it’s all about the little details. You can add some lightsaber decorations on the front panels and maybe some stickers. The rest can stay the same if you’re happy with the structure and how sturdy the original bed frame is. {found on ikeahackers}

Nordic Kura ikea hack

Speaking of themed designs, a Totoro bed would surely look lovely. We found this lovely example on babilsetchuchotis and we think it’s quite wonderful. Wondering how you can make your Kura bed look just like that? With stickers, of course. You could also paint it but you’d also need a stencil. In any case, pick the option that’s best for you.

Kids room with Kura Beds

If you want the bedroom to be able to accommodate two or even three kids without occupying the floor space with beds, then check out the idea featured on Hilladuka. Two Kura beds were used here. One of them has two mattresses and was optimized to fit under the third one which has been fitted with a shelving unit along the side.

Kura bed hack for small spaces

Depending on how much space you have available and how you want the bed to be positioned in the room, you can cut it down to size or elevate it to achieve the desired result. For example, you can raise the bed frame on a platform or you can have it supported by storage cabinets and other furniture pieces in order to maximize its functionality and to make the most of the room’s floor space. {found on ikeahackers}.

Versatile kids room with two kura beds

As you can see, the Kura bed is veery versatile and can be included in lots of interesting and practical DIY ptojects. Customize it to give the kids more private space by adding curtains or include some extra storage space at the bottom. You can even have two Kura beds stacked one on top of the other just like featured on ikeahackers.