25 Throw Pillows: Spring Edition

Spring has officially sprung! Not only are the temperatures warming and the flowers blooming, we just celebrated the spring equinox. Now that it’s official, it’s time to put our winter decor away and pull out our spring touches. That includes your throw pillows. And while you’re refreshing the look of your couch for the springtime months, you might consider adding a new pillow or two. There are so many designs that will help you welcome warmer temperatures and flowers and dinner guests. Here are 25 throw pillows that will bring spring to your sofa.

Eyelet stripe throw pillow

Spring is the time of dainty petals and delicate lace sundresses. Capture that lovely delicate idea with these eyelet striped throw pillows. (via Anthropologie)

Blue bird throw pillow

There’s nothing like a bright throw pillow to draw the attention away from a couch you might not like so well. This yellow background with the bright blue birds is the perfect spring distraction. (via Society6)

Floral geo throw pillow

Looking for a little rose quartz on your couch? This flowery pattern in pink is the perfect touch to spring-ify your space. I would even dare to put these on my bed. (via Leif)

Folk floral throw pillow

Embroidery decor is on it’s way back. Get in the game with a folk floral design on your sofa. It’s muted tones will tempt you to leave it through the summer too. (via Urban Outfitters)

Folding fan throw pillow

When you start mixing tassels with patterns, you come up with a gorgeous design that’s fit for any living room in the world. The pink says chic while the blue and white pattern says family friendly. (via Anthropologie)

Flower fluff throw pillow

If you’re going to put flowers on your pillows, go all out and make them pop. These flowers do just that, giving your couch a 3D look for spring. (via West Elm)

Green watercolor throw pillow

I can’t resist a good watercolor pillow, can you? The green shades on this spotty beauty are reminiscent of all the greenery that is starting to show outdoors. (via CB2)

Embroidered lines throw pillow

These embroidered lines are so bohemian in style and the colors just make you think of picnics in secret leafy glades and dances around a campfire. So put on your best boho fringe and add these to your sofa. (via Urban Outfitters)

Mint knit throw pillow

In some places spring teases with sunshine and freezing cold breezes. If you live in one of those states, use this knit mint pillow to bring some pastel to your couch without sacrificing it’s warm snuggly appeal. (via Leif)

Floral pattern throw pillow

For the pattern happy living room, opt for a floral yet muted throw pillow. It certainly blends right into your stripes and dots and ikats without being too flowery. (via Anthropologie)

Oversized tassel throw pillow

How about a giant floor pillow that will invite you to read and snuggle your kids and have indoor picnics on those rainy spring days? These pillows are for you. (via Urban Outfitters)

Pink colorblock throw pillow

Colorblock anything is chic. You’ve probably noticed in past pillow posts. This one includes pale shades of pink that will not only remind you of Pantone’s choice, it will match the pink blooms you have on the table. (via West Elm)

Embroidered lion throw pillow

A lion? Why not a lion? His colorful mane will be striking on your sofa and his fierce expression will remind you to seize the day every morning. (via CB2)

Shibori streak throw pillow

Yes, we’re still loving shibori dyed textiles. These soft tones will bring interest to your couch and are a great way to add some pattern without going overboard. (via Urban Outfitters)

Rose gold throw pillow

Does it get any better than rose gold? Metallic in pink tones will match perfectly with any other pink pillows you put on the sofa and add the sparkle you’re looking for. (via CB2)

Peruvian embroidered throw pillow

Some of you would prefer a pillow that’s as bright and colorful as you can get.  This cushion will do the trick. I wouldn’t be surprised if you made it a summer throw pillow as well! (via Leif)

Striped throw pillow

How about a pillow that’s simple and rustic and French. This is the throw pillow you’re looking for. It will be a nice addition to your French rustic home. (via CB2)

Wild wonder throw pillow

Okay so this is a throw pillow cover. But when the sun is shining and the birds are singing and the breeze is blowing, sometimes you need a little prompt to be wild and wonder. (via Etsy)

Medallion printed throw pillow

Medallion patterns are a favorite. There’s something so final and conclusive about a beautiful pattern encased in a circle. This pillow boasts sunshiny yellow as well as pretty blue shades. (via H&M)

Pink cat throw pillow

Every pillow post must have a cat pillow. This pastel pink pillow is the perfect mix of spring colors and cat noses. Whether you put it on your bed or your sofa, your feline will approve. (via Society6)

Flower buds throw pillow

While flowers are sprouting outdoors, you can make them sprout indoors to with this buds pillow. It will certainly add an interesting feel to your couch. (via West Elm)

Floral painting throw pillow

Speaking of flowers, how about putting a floral painting on your couch? This pillow will help you do just that and also add a little embroidery touch. (via Anthropologie)

Black brush throw pillow

Lots of couches really just need something bold. Here’s a pattern that’s black and brushed and bold all in one. You could even probably DIY it. (via Leif)

Pink sheepskin throw pillow

It’s pink and shaggy and belongs on your bed. Because sheepskin is still a trend, thank goodness. So don’t miss out! Get this for your bed right now! (via West Elm)

Outdoor botanical throw pillow

Let’s not forget our outdoor spaces. We can finally spend time on the patio in these spring months. Dress it up with floral pink pillows like these and you’ll just make your space all the more welcoming. (via Terrain)