What To Expect When Stepping Into A Sauna

The home sauna is perceived as being a fancy feature solely for celebrity homes and huge mansions. While it’s true that it requires quite a bit of space, the sauna is not defined by all the cliches circulating around us. So let’s not let it become a misunderstood subject. Today we’ll have a closer look at what a sauna is really about and we’ll also look at a few models that stand out.

Ovola home sauna from Küng

First of all we should make the distinction between a sauna and a steam room. The main difference between them is that one is filled with dry air and the other with wet steam. This has different effects on our respiratory system. Steam rooms are great for people with coughs and lung problems, sometimes being very soothing. They’re also more hydrating for the skin.

Ovola home sauna design from Küng

While steam rooms are filled with humid air and mist, saunas are clean and clear and thus a better options if you have greasy skin or if, for example, you want to be able to read a book while relaxing inside. The Ovola model is a very stylish option, featuring a rounded glass front and being finished completely in walnut and alder wood.

Vista home saune from Kung

Some health benefits are distinctively related to steam rooms. For example, using a steam room helps clear the throat, sinus and lung congestion and provides a relief for dry throats and nasal passages. On the other hand, dry saunas are often believed to make you sweat more so if that’s your goal you should go in that direction. However, in general, both saunas and steam rooms offer similar benefits.

Vista home saune from Kung seating

In addition to such benefits, the Vista sauna also impresses with its open and lavish design which is available in an asymmetric form. The sauna is meticulously designed, featuring rimless corner glazing that allows it to offer great views from both inside and out. If you’re seeking privacy, this is not the model for you.

Wärmegrad sauna design

Both saunas and steam rooms are very relaxing, being a perfect place for anyone seeking to chill out and unwind. In addition, they’ll help you decompress after a workout which leaves your muscles tired and stiff. The heat and the steam help loosen the muscles and the fibers recover faster.

Wärmegrad sauna bed

Another benefit is the fact that saunas and steam rooms open your pores and allow you to release sweat. This flushes out any dirt or germs on the surface or below the surface of the skin.

Wärmegrad sauna interior

Check out the Waermegrad saunas to find out more about all their models and fabrication processes. The company designs saunas for both indoor and outdoor use using high quality materials and equipment. They feature a variety of options meant to make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

effegibi sauna with glass front

Other health benefits of saunas include the fact that they can help relieve joint paint and discomfort experiences by persons suffering from arthritis for example. The relief is temporary but definitely welcomed.

glass effegibi sauna

Saunas are also stimulating for the hearth, making it pump faster. In some cases, saunas can also be beneficial for people with high blood pressure. In any case, you should consult a medic before using a sauna.

effegibi sauna design

It’s also worth taking into consideration the fact that the heat inside a sauna helps relieve stiff and tired muscles and allows them to become more malleable. This basically means that you become more flexible.

modern effegibi sauna

The Effegibi saunas are made in a state-of-the-art facility and then hand-finished. They bring together old and new in a really harmonious and inspiring way. These Finnish saunas follow tradition and makes the most of the materials, designs and techniques involved.

Apartment klafs sauna design

If you’re a novice to sauna therapy you should take it easy at first. Find out first how to properly use a sauna and start with a lower temperature. Also, take someone in with you just to be sure nothing goes wrong. It’s important to drink lots of fluids if you’re using a sauna.

Klafs sauna small design

The wide range of saunas offered by KLAFS was designed to suit all tastes and requirements. It includes simple models for newcomers but also customized and more sophisticated options. The designs are defined by understated elegance, simplicity and premium quality.

Arja teuco sauna design

Saunas also offer a whole range of unexpected benefits such as weight loss, a stronger immune system, improved performance during endurance sports, great-looking hair or the fact they promote social interaction. Designs such as Arja are exquisite in order ways as well. This particular design is strikingly simple and very stylish, featuring an elegant combination of wood and glass. It uses the innovative Biosauna technology which allows it to combine the characteristics of a dry sauna with those of a steam room.

Mood sauna from jacuzzi

Other models such as Mood impress with their versatility and flexibility. This is a sauna that’s available in four different sizes. It can be fitted in a corner, against a wall inside a niche, being ideal for private relaxation. Its luxury finishes are combined with a hemlock construction which makes the sauna energy-efficient.

Smart level sauna

Saunas are of different types. One type if the infrared sauna which uses light to create heat. This technique allows the sauna to be heated without warming the air inside. The traditional saunas such as the Smart Level function on a different principle, using heat to warm the air which in turns warms the user’s body.


Spa sauna turkish bath

Modularity is a defining characteristic of the Pasodoble sauna. This model features a clean, simple and contemporary style and is formed of several modules which can be used individually or can be combined. The modules serve different functions, including a shower, an actual sauna and a steam enclosure.

Snow hotel sauna

The interior of a sauna can be modeled in a lot of ways. For example, this sauna of the Snow Hotel has a sculptural interior, with stacked seating areas that come in the continuation of the wooden floor and walls. The interior is continuous, fluid and a nice combination of function and comfort.

simple sauna design

Obviously, you can choose to build your own sauna. You can dedicate a spare room to this project or you can make it an addition to a space. The sauna can also be a separate structure in the yard or garden. Make sure to follow safety precautions and to check a few guides before you go crazy with the design and modifications.