Two-Color Combination For Bedroom Walls Of Any Kind

Painting your bedroom colors that suit your style can be very important. Because the paint on your walls is the most defining part of your bedroom. It’s generally the first thing you decide and the first thing you do.

two color combination for bedroom walls

Whenever kids get a new room, painting it is the first thing they think about. This all happens for a good reason. Because painting your bedroom sets the pace for the rest of the bedroom and its design style. 

Two-Color Combination For Bedroom Walls

The best way to find the right balance in your room is to paint your bedroom two different colors. You can either choose your favorite color and find what works well with it or choose the two colors at the same time.

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If you are having trouble getting started, then consider taking a look at this list of amazing dynamic duos that you can use to paint your room. Just remember, it only starts with the paint, because you can design your entire room with just two colors.

R0se Pink And Light Gray 

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Image from Photo by Kevin Francis Design

Pink and gray is a classic combo that never ages. It is usually best to use a light to medium pink paired with a light gray. Though you can always choose the shades that you prefer for your bedroom.

This particular combo of rose pink and light gray is quite amazing. You can use it in any room, though it is very comforting in the bedroom. And news flash, pink is no longer just for girls, so if you like it then use it. 

Black And White

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Image from Weisshouse

Black and white is another classic combo that can be used as background for anything. In fact, it is perfect for a combo that involves three colors. You can add literally any other color to black and white and it will stand out.

Not to mention, it will also look good. The only color you have to be careful with is brown. Brown can work with black and white but only if you know what you are doing. So try sticking with solid brighter colors rather than a third neutral. 

Navy And Orange

Image from gracehilldesign

Navy and orange aren’t as popular as many other dynamic duos. This is because although navy is a safe choice, orange is not. A lot of people are afraid to use orange anywhere in their house, even the bedroom. 

But they really shouldn’t be. If you find the right color to go with orange, then it can be just as inviting and natural as any other color. Navy is a wonderful color to pair with orange because as it is, it is already a safe and valid choice.

Coral And Teal

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Image from Bee’s Knees Design, LLC

Coral and teal are for that person that wants a bright beach look rather than a soft beach look. It’s popular with teens because it is vibrant and allows an expression of personality. Each color works well itself but together they are even better. 

While softer coral and teal colors are available, brighter colors will give you the full effect. That said, when used in guest rooms, softer colors are recommended so you don’t overwhelm the guests, as some guests are particular. 

Yellow And Blue

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Image from heidiholzer

Yellow and blue can work in any shade. They are two of the most natural summer colors that you can find in nature. The yellow represents the sunshine while the blue represents the sky, so you can’t really go wrong.

But if you’re looking for that sweet spot, then sky blue and pale yellow are the safest. And if you’re looking for a bold choice, then deep yellow that is almost gold goes well with a more royal blue color. 

Green And Brown

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Image from Kemp Hall Studio

Green and brown represent nature itself in all seasons. So choosing a green that is the same color as your indoor plants and a brown that is closer to wood grain colors is ideal. This works well for any type of room and is customizable. 

For rooms inspired by forests, hunting, and the deepest parts of nature, this combo is perfect. For kids’ rooms, building a treehouse best works out wonderfully. So give it a try, using a loft for the treehouse. 

Emerald And Sage

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Image from Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLC

Despite popular belief, you can use two colors of different shades as an awesome color combo. One color that works exceptionally well in two shades is green. Particularly a darker green and a lighter green.

A dark color like an emerald that is rich in color works well with a softer shade like sage which brings an airy and earthy flavor to the room. These two look amazing in any bedroom, no matter the decor style. 

Periwinkle And Cream

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Image from DezinerTonie, LLC DDI, Interior Designer

If you don’t know much about periwinkle, it’s a good idea to learn. It is known as a lavender-blue color that mixes the best parts of both blue and purple together. There are many different periwinkle combos.

However, cream and periwinkle is one of my favorites. They bring out the best in each other with the cream warming the periwinkle up just a bit and the periwinkle brightening the cream up with a silver tint. 

White And Wood Grain

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Image from clbnetwork

Any color goes well with wood grain and any color goes well with white. This is a fact. But when you put the two of them together, then you are left with something that no one can say no to, it’s too pure!

It is usually best to choose a brighter white to ensure that the wood shines. If you choose real wood then you won’t have to paint the wood, you can simply use the wood as it is with a simple stain to make it shine.

Beige and Dusty Blue

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Image from bynumhomes

Beige is a trusted color that has been used for decades by interior designers. It is simple, versatile, and non-offensive. Some love it and some are just okay with it. But no one really dislikes it when paired with the right color.

A dusty blue color is a great accent to beige and can become the primary color of the room or simply the accent color. It all depends on if you prefer the blue or the beige to take over and become dominant. 

Royal Blue And Gold

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Image from bynumhomes

We touched on this previously, but it needs to be mentioned again. Nothing will make you feel more regal than royal blue and gold. The gold can be real gold accents and hardware or the gold can be a gold color.

Either works well as long as the blue is a true royal blue. Or at least mimics a true royal blue. Light blue doesn’t work as well with this combination although options like navy can if balanced correctly. 

White And Seafoam 

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Image from Erica Peale Design

Again with white! White is such a lovely and safe color to decorate with but even too much white isn’t a good thing. It can make a room feel stark and as if you’re at a hospital. So adding some color is ideal.

A safe color to add that looks great with white is seafoam. It can be the softest seafoam you can imagine. A seafoam that looks white at first glance is actually a great way to create an illusion of all white with a subconscious recognition of color. 

Pewter And Rust

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Image from Falcone Hybner Design, Inc.

Pewter is another color that doesn’t get enough attention. It is an amazing metallic color that is also often used in paints. It is in-between silver and onyx in color, giving it a very unique tone that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Although there are a lot of colors that go with pewter, but rust is one of the best brighter colors for this combo. Rust is a wonderful color that doesn’t get enough attention although it comes in many varieties. 

Red And Medium Blue

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Image from Renew Doors and Closets LLC

Red and blue have always been a great combo. But medium-blue tends to work a little better than light or dark blue for red. If you are painting a kid’s room then this is a safe choice for the indecisive little ones.

You can always change out one of the colors later because they both go so well with so many other types of colors. So find which one they favor and if they want to replace the other, then do it when they are ready!

Creating Your Own Combo

This is the best way to find your perfect combo. Use pieces like this for inspiration and then create a custom combo. You can do this by finding feature pieces that you can design your room around.

Or, you can browse paint colors until you fall in love with one. Then, take that color and try to find another color that compliments it well. From there, you have your combo and you can begin designing your dream bedroom!