Decorating With Beige and Blue: Ideas and Inspiration

Cool and calm. Refreshing and serene. Mellow and classy. These pairs describe another irresistible duo: beige and blue. For beachy vibes on the patio, serenity in the kitchen or a revitalizing master bathroom, shades of beige and blue could be your ticket to paradise. We’ve got the ideas and inspiration to help you decorate with this suave team – from powdery blue slipper chairs to creamy, beige carpets, there are tons of ways to decorate a space in an array of beige and blues! Take a gander at our favorite finds.

Beige grey interior

Light, beige furniture is easily offset by a beautiful, sky blue. Using the two colors in a completely balanced way will create an effortlessly sophisticated and breezy living room or even home office. A blue area rug, some accent pillows and several different shades of beige help to make a cozy, classy escape. But don’t worry, you can replace that sky blue with a rich, navy blue for an even more regal effect.

Country blue and beige living

Country blue and beige bedroom

Adding bits and pieces of gold accessories to beige and blue spaces will add a special, Victorian-inspired, feminine flair. This works great in bedrooms and bathrooms to which you have a womanly, vintage vision for. Keep the foundation blue-hued and then highlight and outline the area in creamy tans and brilliant gold pieces, like chandeliers and bedside stools.

Beige living room

And just like with any color combination, you can easily create an eclectic escape. Using the cool pair as the basis to your inspiration, because of the simplicity of these two shades, it’s a piece of cake to add a variety of prints and patterns to the room. Cheetah accent chairs and some beautifully patterned wallpaper, look great in the midst of the light, crisp pair.

Country kitchen dining room

Blue and beige classic modern living room

Beige and blue also look fresh and clean adorning the kitchen. Using the beige as a foundation to widen and give the illusion of a bigger space, paint your cabinets blue or add a giant blue armoire to offset all the lightness. Or paint your walls in a comforting shade of blue and then add some distressed, beige cabinets for a cozy, shabby-chic style.

Eclectic living room

Country kitchen design

Traditional kitchen1

There are so many ways to incorporate beige and blue into a room, a corner or a style. It’s all up to you how you use it, but know that this duo is classic and will also bring a lot of rest and serenity to the space.