Decorating With Chartreuse Color – How To Get The Vibe Going

You know that intoxicatingly beautiful combination of yellow and green that always catches your eye but you never know how to call it so you just describe its components? That’s the chartreuse color. There are many different tones of chartreuse and they’re all beautiful and vibrant in their own way. Put a little bit more green in and you get a a very fresh color. Put more yellow and the tone is very cheerful. Given how unusual the color us, decorating with chartreuse is not exactly a piece of cake. Integrating an armchair or an area with this color in a room can be difficult but there’s always a way to make it work.

Bedding color chartreuse for summer

You might think that chartreuse is too strong to look beautiful in the bedroom but you would actually be very wrong because any bold color can look lovely if it’s not used excessively. Doesn’t this chartreuse throw blanket look wonderful here against the gray background?

Add symmetry with chartreuse chairs

If you want to establish harmony in your home’s decor, combine the chartreuse color with something warm and earthy such as brown. As it turns out, chartreuse-colored upholstery looks lovely on wooden furniture frames.

chartreuse velvet amrchair

When all the decor is neutral and clean being mainly made up of black and white elements, a touch of chartreuse in the form of a corner chair can really spice up the look.

One of the most beautiful armchairs in chartreuse

Chartreuse is a strong and very vibrant color which looks great on accent furniture. It also usually looks best on upholstered furniture since it’s difficult to get the color right with paint.

Collection of chartreuse furniture - privacy chair and sofa
Add privacy with a tall chartreuse chair

Perhaps a vibrant-colored armchair or a sofa would make your living room stand out. Consider this color if you want to add cheer to a space and to highlight a certain area without overdoing it.

chartreuse shade for sofa

There are many different tones of chartreuse to choose from. Some have more green in their composition with only a hint of yellow. The result is a type of forest green that makes a space look cozy.

chartreuse armchair with brown legs-arms

Other shades have more yellow in their composition and they get that lemony look that makes them so fresh. These lighter tones look well when combined with something darker such as brown or even black or gray.

Modern chartreuse with slim legs

Combine chartreuse with white to make a space look bright and open. Your living room would look like a sunny day if you make these two colors the main components in its decor.

Bunk beds for kids with chartreuse bedding

Purple and violet are both colors with which to complement chartreuse features. However, since both colors would be bold, you need a third one to tone them down.

Outdoor sofa with chartreuse pillows and empty bottles for table decor

Play with different shades of chartreuse and combine then with some pure green or yellow to obtain an interesting palette for the accent pillows on your living room sofa.

chartreuse coffee table

The living room coffee table could definitely become a focal point for the space if its color would be so bold and vibrant. Add a warm accent color to the space. It could be orange or some red mixed with neutrals like beige and white.

chair side cart in chartreuse

The same thing goes for side tables. Whether you use it in one of the corners of your living room, by the sofa, in your reading corner or even outdoors, a chartreuse-colored table is guaranteed to stand out so keep its design simple.

chartreuse outdoor chair from wire

Here’s another vibrant display of the chartreuse and violet combination. The design of the chair is graphical and sleek so the two strong colors suit the look really well.

Wire chartreuse outdoor furniture

A matching corner bench uses the same fresh color to stand out. Imagine this bench in the corner of a large hallway or out in a garden. It would surely fit nicely in the decor.

Dining room chairs in chartreuse

Combining classical designs and shapes with interesting and eye-catching colors is a nice strategy. This way old and iconic designs are kept alive through new and unusual colors.

chartreuse armchair

Put the spotlight on a piece of furniture if you want it to stand out or to highlight something in its design such as a unique color or an interesting shape.

Small side sofa chartreuse ottoman

Use it as a pouf, a stool or a side table and enjoy its unique look every time. What better way to make such a versatile accessory stand out that with a touch of chartreuse?

Lucite chair with chartreuse back

It is old or is it new? Is it modern or vintage? It’s hard to pick one or the other when the combination is so unusual. The forms are definitely speaking of a vintage look while the materials, colors and the small design details give the chair an unexpected twist.

Seritella Booth Moss People

The reason why the chartreuse color is to inexplicably attractive and intriguing is that we don’t often see it around us although it reminds us of something natural, organic and fresh. These moss people can offer us a hint in this sense.

Stillfried table lamp

When something has a very simple form and clean and minimalist lines, it’s the color that makes that something stand out or blend in, depending on the case. If the color is strong and bold then that something can easily become a focal point but if the color is faint and neutral then the design goes on unnoticeable just like intended and lets something else stand out.

Thomas fritsch blues and greens

There’s something quite interesting and intriguing about these decorative bottles. Perhaps it’s their intentionally rough look, the vintage flair or the array of unusual colors that makes such unique ornaments.

Acomodel cairs

Don;t let the color take all the glory. Add some pattern to the decor as well. You can have chartreuse mixed with geometric prints and repetitive patterns to obtain an unexpected look full of character.


It is a chair or is it a sculpture? Actually it could very well be both. As the light reflects in the shiny glass surface, the green and yellow tints are complemented by the brown backdrop and the result is a look inspired by nature.

andrew richard chair

Colors such as chartreuse may look very bright and striking when used indoor but they can blend in quite easily outdoors, especially in a setting such as a green garden full of flowers, lush vegetation and trees.

Combray stool

We can’t really decide whether it’s the color or the pattern that makes this pouf look so charming. It’s probably the combination between the two that results in such a lovely look, the way the darker lines create beautiful silhouettes which the lighter tones fill the gaps.

Fermob bench

Using color to breath life into a simple thing such as an outdoor bench seems like a wonderful strategy. But color alone is not enough to get you the charming look you desire. You need to also play with contrasts and to select the materials carefully.

fermob citrus wire set

Create a fresh lounge spot out in the yard or in the garden and use chartreuse as the main color. This way the furniture and accessories will stand out while also blending in at the same time.

Simple chartreuse armchair

We could think of a few quirky ways to display a chair like this one. Imagine it in the corner or an open balcony or in a bedroom next to a floor mirror. It would sit on a wooden floor and it would be complemented by a a floor lamp.

marble top dining table with chartreuse chairs

The dining room is not really the place for playing with strong colors. However, a fresh touch of chartreuse could really liven up the space. Perhaps it could be introduced in the form of comfortable dining chairs around a simple table.

chartreuse bedding decor

In the bedroom, you can easily change the decor and ambiance with colored bedding or duvets and accent pillows. So if you like change, leave the walls and overall decor neutral and simple and have fun with the little things.

3 seats chartreuse sofa

The contrast between the chartreuse sofa and the dark green walls and accent pillow is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen so far. The two color tones are linked but also very different and that’s what makes them so mysterious when put together.

Black leather sofa with chartreuse crocheted pillow

Even the smallest touch of color can change the ambiance in a room. A living room that looks formal and a bit dark can instantly become a bit more cheerful if you add a colorful throw pillow on the black leather sofa.

Hudson Market window

Let the sun touch a bold color to make it stand out even more. The best place for a chartreuse-colored chair could very well be in front of a large window. You could also add some drama to the decor by placing it in a dark corner under a floor lamp.