Tray Tables – The Versatile Accessory Every Home Needs

Those cute side tables most homes have right now are not exactly a new invention. In fact, tray tables have been around for ages. It all started with those folding tray tables that people used to bring in their living rooms so they could eat dinner while watching TV. They even became an alternative to family dinner tables for some. With time, they became even more functional and also more versatile. The tables that were initially made for eating in front of the TV also became a nice accessory for the bedroom and for a variety of activities.

misura lounge chair ottoman

In a lot of homes right now these have become side tables used in combination with a couch or sofa. They’re small, simple and versatile.

Sofa with built in base for tv remotes

Some sofas even integrate them in their own design. For example, this one has a nice platform base with a built-in side table which is more like a tray for beverages and things like planters and vases or other objects you might want to put on display there.

Sofa with spave for TV Remote

Such a simple addition can really change things, making the living room sofa more functional, more comfortable and better in general. But this design is actually an exception. Usually you need to get a separate side table that can offer the same type of functionality.

orange ottoman with tray table

Initially, the folding tray tables we mentioned at the beginning were made of materials such as metal, fiberglass, wood or heavy-duty plastic. These materials were chosen because they could withstand the constant use, cleaning and the heat.

Yellow tray table you can store magazine

These tables are still made today and they gave birth to a whole new category of furniture accessories. We’re talking about these clever side tables with multi-functional designs. This one, for example, doubles as a magazine rack, featuring a side storage compartment.

Sofa with a built in tray table

The modern day tray tables are designed to fit comfortably on the side of the sofa. They are popular in small apartments where floor space is limited and everyone wants to make the most of the space they have. Also, multi-functional furniture is the optimal choice in such cases.

small tray table with a modern base

A stylish little side table like this one would be a perfect accent piece for the reading corner. It could fit nicely by a comfortable armchair or lounge chair and it would be small enough for even a tiny corner.

Triangular small tray table

A nice thing about these side tables is the fact they’re small and that makes them easily portable and pretty versatile. You can easily move the table around so it can be used where needed. Also, it can serve in more than one way.

Wooden sofa tray table with a beautiful design

The modern day tray tables are often used as desks. They’re small but they’re perfect for holding a laptop or tablet so you can work on it without being uncomfortable. This also allows you to sit on the couch or sofa without having to keep the laptop on your lap.

Black sofa tray table

Such pieces of furniture are sometimes also referred to as C tables. The term refers to a side table with a cantilevered top and a matching bottom. This design makes it resemble the letter C, hence their name.

Yellow Tray table with two tops

In the living room, you can use a C table or a tray table for beverages, snacks and decorations like vases and potted plants. It’s great to have one or two of these in the living room so your guests can always feel comfortable.

Leolux over couch side

This is a really stylish side table. It has an interesting and sculptural shape and it resembles a tree or a plant with large leaves that want to take in as much sunlight as possible. The design is graceful and elegant and the color is fresh and vibrant, perfect for a contemporary decor.

Tiny coffee table can be used like tray table

There are many different ways to use a tray table or to decorate with one. In fact, you can have as many as you need. Match the side table to your coffee table for a cohesive decor throughout or pick one that complements the sofa.

Ottoman coffee table with two tray tables

C tables are not only great when used in combination with a comfortable couch or sofa. If you have an ottoman or a low coffee table in the living room, perhaps you can make use of those to create an interesting and more complete decor for the room.

Wooden round tray table with wire legs

Place the tray tables where it’s most comfortable for you to use it. For example, if you like to sit on the sofa and enjoy a snack or a cold drink while watching a movie, place the tray table within arm’s length so you can easily reach it without knocking over the items by mistake.

Mirrored trio tray tables

Get two or three side tables if one is not enough. You can cluster them together in one place or spread them around so everyone can have their own place to rest their drinks and snacks.

Modern lacquered tray table

There are several ways to comfortably use a C table. You can place it to the side of the sofa so it stands on top of the armrest or you can bring it in front of you so you can sit straight while using your laptop or when reading a book or whatever activity you prefer.

Marble top tray table

The living room is not the only suitable space for a side table or tray table. You could also use this sort of accent piece in the bedroom. In here it could serve as a nightstand.

White modern lacquered tray table

The cantilevered top makes this type of table stand out placing it in a category of its own. Although you can always add one to your home decor if you feel the need, it’s often better to just plan things in advance so you get a cohesive look.

Modern blue tray table with buterfly design

There are many different types of designs to choose from. Some are minimalistic and don’t stand out in any way. Some have sculptural designs and some impress with their interesting colors, patterns and printed designs.

Buterfly design on top

This is a really artistic design. The butterfly wings give the tables a delicate and sophisticated look while also making them look cheerful and fresh. Although small, such a piece can easily stand out and even become a focal point.

Big leather armchair with tray table

That’s a pretty interesting contrast. The armchair has a robust look, with a high backrest and an imposing and dramatic design. The side table is actually an extension of the chair’s frame, being a nice little accessory ideal for the reading corner.

Curved sofa with tray table closer

Use a tray table as an extension of your living room coffee table. This trick can come in handy when you need more space for all the drinks and snacks. In addition, you can easily take the side table and place it somewhere else to evenly distribute everything.

Black leather couch with a small round table

Some side tables have a tray top and this makes them pretty practical, preventing things from falling down or rolling down at the edge. A design like this one is also very simple and blends in easily.

Il loft side small

This is another example of a coffee table and tray table combo. You could also use this in combination with a footstool or ottoman. The possibilities are numerous and you just need to be creative to find the right look for your own home.

L shaped sofa with tray table

Sectionals are ideal for side tables, C tables or tray tables. This is a beautiful example in fact, showing how easily it is to make your living room or lounge area more comfortable and inviting without wasting a lot of space or investing a lot of money.