Modern DIY Succulent Wall Planter

Add some greenery to any room with this gorgeous and trendy succulent wall planter. In just a few simple steps you can create your own eye-catching (and living!) wall art.

Succulent Wall Planter

And as easy as it is to create this piece, it’s even easier to upkeep it with just a sparse watering here and there when the soil dries! Low maintenance with high style, a great solution for bringing green into your living space.

DIY Succulent Wall Planter Supplies

Supplies you’ll need for Succulent Wall Planter:

  • Wooden box
  • Plastic wrap or cling
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Super glue
  • Gardening gloves
  • Soil
  • Various succulents in different sizes and colors, multiples
  • Moss
  • (optional) Billy Balls or other accessories

Instructions to build a succulent wall planter:

Here we used a lovely box that was already finished and ready to hang on a wall. This makes this project as easy as 1-2-3, however, if you are out of luck sourcing a wall box at a store and are in need of a box (and more specifically want a hexagon box)! For this project, we did opt to leave the wood natural and unfinished as to keep our plants healthy, but we did add just a little pop of color to the edges of the box with a colorful acrylic craft paint and a simple brush. Let dry and then move on to the next step.

DIY Succulent Wall Planter Step 1

Once your paint is dry, cut a large piece of plastic wrap or plastic cling (pull and seal works great!) and add a little glue to the inside of the box. This will make the inside of your box waterproof to protect the wood from rotting long term from frequent waterings. For the project, we only sealed the sides about half way up the box because we wanted to leave the sides somewhat exposed to catch excess dirt that falls from the plants between waterings as the soil dries.

DIY Succulent Wall Planter Step 2

Next comes the fun part, getting creative with your planter layout! Lay a thick base layer of moist soil (if it’s on the dry side just add a little water to it and mix it up to make it packable in the planter). Then add in your plants. Some of the succulents you can plant directly, but if they are too long or large for the planter you and cut off the top and stick it directly in the soil. Succulents will propagate, meaning they will grow roots from where they were cut so don’t worry about them dying. Place your succulents all around the planter and fill in gaps with moss, billy balls, air plants, or other fun accessories!

DIY Succulent Wall Planter Closer

Once the planter is filled up, give the whole thing a nice spritz of water (to make sure all your succulents are well hydrated) and let dry over night. Place a nail in the wall and hang (our box had an attached hook on the back ready to go) to display your new planter!

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